Wall World – Weapons & Upgrades

Wall World – Weapons & Upgrades 5 - steamlists.com
Wall World – Weapons & Upgrades 5 - steamlists.com

Welcome to this post-Welcome to Wall World – Weapons & Upgrades. This guide contains gameplay, information, basic builds, solutions guidelines, and more.


The player begins with a machine pistol and can acquire more guns by exploring the map. The guns can be found in remarkable caverns accessed via a narrow tunnel at the top of the hill in some caves. Based on their location, the guns are classified into Tier I Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.

The next section will provide comments on each weapon.

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Machine Gun

The primary weapon. It is effective against small groups of weak flyers and can be upgraded. However, it is weak against larger enemies and the boss. This weapon is able to handle everything until the 2nd boss phase. However, it is a large investment (i.e. upgrades past the 3rd row) is not recommended due to the presence of other guns that are stronger. A tier.

Bomb Thrower

It was found in Cubic, Starter or Sponge zones [unconfirmed]. Difficult to hit moving targets or targets that are far away. C tier.

Stake Thrower

It was found in Cubic, Starter, or Sponge zones (unconfirmed). It can be upgraded to have excellent long-range DPS and is perfect for focusing on weak points or the boss. A fully charged shot straight up will kill all melee units above the spider. Then it will fall down and destroy all melee units below. It’s not as effective against massive air units, however. S tier.


It is found in Cubic, Starter, and Sponge zones. It is capable of killing units up close, such as melee units, but its lack of range and its low turning rate make it worse than the machine gun in many situations. D tier.

Laser Machine Gun

It is located in the Ice zone. It is very precise in terms of accuracy, damage, fire rate, and range. There’s no reason to use another weapon if you have it. SS Tier.


Found in a High-tech zone. UNTESTED.

Singularity Generator

It was found in the Blood zone. UNTESTED.

Cluster Grenade Launcher

Found in Magma Zone. UNTESTED.

High-tech/Energy Ice/Amethyst Cubic/Cubes Starter/Diamond Sponge/Pearl Blood/Cells Magma/Bones


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Permanent Upgrades

There are two pages of upgrades that are permanent. The second page is a blueprint-only upgrade. You won’t have any of them when you begin. Be aware that blueprint upgrades require one blueprint per upgrade tier. The points you use to purchase these upgrades are earned through mining in caves during a run. Mining in the more difficult areas will earn you more points.

Below is a picture of the tiers for these permanent upgrades.

Wall World - Weapons & Upgrades - Permanent Upgrades - D147249

Wall World - Weapons & Upgrades - Permanent Upgrades - 26DD2D5

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