Wall World – Boss Mechanics

Wall World – Boss Mechanics 3 - steamlists.com
Wall World – Boss Mechanics 3 - steamlists.com

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Overview: Experience the mysterious Wall World from your huge robotspider: mine for essential materials, upgrade your equipment to fight off waves of enemies and discover unique biomes in between battles. Will you be able to survive and uncover its secrets?


Boss Mechanics

The screen has an alarm clock at the top. The boss will strike you once the timer is at zero. The attack is divided into three phases. (See below.) The boss must be destroyed by the very beginning of the two phases. The boss will run away from the boss and then turn on the following timer after all boils have been eliminated.

To get rid of the boils, precision is the key to success. Long-range weapons like missiles or stake throwers are highly advised. The enemy can continue to spawn and attack, so completing the attack phase will eliminate all enemies. The goal should be to kill boils. However, you shouldn’t be focused on suicide flyers or other enemies.

The boss will use a slap on the tentacle to attack you. He will draw an area of red and attack you. The attack causes severe damage to the spider, and you must be sure to avoid it at all cost. You’re out of luck if you don’t have spider upgrades. However, having a spider’s movement speed can make it easier to avoid these attacks. While the upwards/downwards dash enhancement can be used to avoid the tentacles, cooldowns and casting time make a pure speed more attractive. The boss may also employ fireballs during phase 2.

Phase 3: The boss will remove the eyeball of a laser beam from you and take your life. . To avoid this fate, you must ascend to the top using all the keys that are not confirmed.

Phase 1 & Phase 2

Wall World - Boss Mechanics - Boss - 1F2220D

Phase 3

Wall World - Boss Mechanics - Boss - 070819C

Beating the Game


You must possess the five crypto keys to pass the third phase and win the game. This will open the gate on top of the map, right above the high-tech zone. The crypto keys are located deep in caves within different zones.

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