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Wall World – New Player’s Guide 1 - steamlists.com

This guide will explain everything you need to know about Wall World – New Players.

A guide with some basic information that helps players that are lost.

Diamond Dust

Mining blocks yields diamond dust, which is a currency. It is the white stars that fly towards you while you mine.

These are used to make permanent upgrades between runs.

These are powerful tools that will greatly increase your chances for success.

You will find more dust per block the further you go, so don’t be discouraged by slow progress.

You can easily earn 30k dust per run in the later stages. You will be able quickly to complete the permanent progression system.

Personally, I was able to complete the first page in less than 12 hours.

The Map

The map is always built up the same way, but the number of caves that spawn is random and their content is difficult to determine.

We start in the middle, and we can go up or down.

Each “Region”, is separated by a wall made of clouds. You will trigger an additional wave if you cross them. These enemies become more difficult the further you go.

I have simplified the names of the regions:

u3 Up 3

u2 Up 2

u1 Up 1

0 We begin here.

d1 Down 1

d2 Down 2

d3 Down 3

Some elaboration:

0 We begin here. All caves will have white crystals. One cave will always be small with green crystals. There will always be a loot area with ore, green crystals, and so on.

Not all minerals can be found everywhere. For more information, see the ressource section.


There are 9 resources you can get.

I don’t know the official names so I just give them a nickname.

Ore. Purple ore is the most basic resource required for almost all upgrades. It can be found in every cave alongside other materials. The more you move from the middle, you will find more ore per node.

White. This one comes from the simplest caves in regions 0 to 1. These are used to make more basic upgrades, right after the pure ore ones. You should not mine less than you need as this could prevent you from upgrading your tech.

Green. Region 0, 1 and 2 – This material will be your main source for healing. You can use 3 to heal your Spider for 15% every time you wish, even during combat. It is also necessary to upgrade your mining tool. One small green cave is always found in the region 0.

It’s now time to get serious. It is up to you to decide if you want to go down or up. You will have different options depending on which material you choose.


Bismuth. Region u1, u2, u3. This is required for the split beam upgrade, and the last motion speed upgrade.

Pink. Regions u2 and U3. Caves look like frost.

Square. Region u3. Caves look like the matrix.


Black. Region d1, d2, d3. This is required for power up upgrades to your mining beam.

Red. Region d2 & d3. Caves look red.

Circle. Region d3. Caves look like magma.

Loot cave

Each region will have at least one Loot cave. They are home to 4-6 rare materials as well as some ordinary ore. You will also find a small interactable with them that provides some lore.

Rarely, they may also contain a Key.

Upgrade chips

You can add a small computer chip to any of your tools. It is located at the bottom of each upgrade tree.

These are only valid for the current run.

They can be found in caves throughout the country.


Blueprints are available in regions 1 and 2.

They are found in caves that look like Upgrade chips.

These upgrades unlock additional spider upgrades, which can be purchased with dust between runs.

These are extremely powerful and should be actively sought.


The boss will appear three times. When the timer reaches 0.

Boss Phase 1

Your boss won’t try to stomp all over you. You will find it difficult to escape the boss’s clutches if you don’t have any upgrades. You can use your dust to increase your movement speed and jump ability to make it easier.

While you will need to take some hits initially, you can still beat him by outhealing his damage. Make sure to get as many green crystals as you can.

Once all 2 of his purple balls are destroyed, the boss and all other enemies will vanish.

Homing Missiles will always target bosses so they help a lot.

Boss Phase 2

The boss now shoots and spawns more difficult enemies. It will end here in the first few runs, but don’t be disappointed.

If you find them, you can increase your chances of success with drones and turrets. They provide the firepower you need to get through.

Boss Phase 3

This is the end. No matter what you do, the Boss will immediately kill you.

You may be able to find a solution if you continue to explore the problem. (I have not yet been able to overcome this, but i wanted to let you know since so many people are curious about it)


Caves also have keys.

They are required to defeat Boss Phase 3

Once you have all five keys, head straight up to the top in u3.

One was found in the very bottom of a loot cave. (Last cave before the water). I don’t know if it was just random.


Combine the transition from one region to another with one of the Boss encounters. (Trigger the cloud wave just before the timer reaches 10:00.

All enemies, including the wave that spawns out of the cloud transition, will vanish once you have finished the boss.

You can transport additional resources using your vacuum. You can stack resources and then rightclick to drag them behind you. This allows you transport up to 30+ additional resources to the spider for every trip.

This will make it easier to find large amounts of resources.

You can keep one small enemy alive in area 0, so that the wave timer does not run out. This is something I don’t like, but it can be useful if it helps. This will likely be fixed, so be careful.

I hope you find The Wall World – New Player’s Guide interesting. If you find any errors, or have suggestions for improving the content, please let us know in our comments box. We will make every effort to correct them as quickly as possible. Relax and enjoy your day!
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