Wall World – Basic Gameplay & Full Map

Wall World – Basic Gameplay & Full Map 1 - steamlists.com
Wall World – Basic Gameplay & Full Map 1 - steamlists.com

Hey there, welcome to this post, This Wall World – Basic Gameplay & Full Map Guide was written to be of use to you, and we genuinely hope that it is.

This is a detailed WallWorld guide. If you’re stuck on something or want to learn something new, there’s lots of material to help you on your next game.

General Tips

Combat Tips

The first tip is to unhook from the wall and move during combat. If you have spider speed enhancements and you are able to escape all projectiles with a range. You can also boost the speed of your spider’s movement to allow you can move up and down the wall, which effectively crushes melee units.

When deciding which enemies to shoot at, you must be able to limit the source of damage as quickly as possible. Sometimes, you need to let weak enemies attack you, while you concentrate on the bigger threats. The massive flying spawners are the lowest priority and suicide bombers are the most important.

Boss Mechanics

The screen has an alarm clock at the top. The boss will strike you when the timer hits zero. There are three phases of this attack. Once all boils are destroyed the phase will be finished and the boss will hide and turn on the next timer. For more information on the boss fight, refer to the section on bosses.

Cave Tips

SPEED is the key to staying ahead of the game during a playthrough. You want to minimize downtime between tasks. If you have only one enemy left, launch an attack with a missle, and then immediately start going into the cave to mine. The enemy will die and the timer for the wave will begin once you’re in the mining process and will increase the amount of you can mine for before coming back.

Continue mining until your vacuum is full so you don’t waste time waiting for the wave to come. Make sure to start cleaning when you reach the other side so that the remaining resources are closer. On the way back to the spider, ensure you carry a utility module or mining the sides you missed earlier. To save time you can vacuum juggle several resources back to the spider. (See below.) You can also vacuum the materials by dropping them close to the spider.

It is possible to keep an weak enemy to slow down the timer of waves. This upgrade to the shield is worth it, but it is not worth taking health damage to delay the delay.

Resource Juggling

For the best results, move your mouse upwards and downward. Sometimes, if you’re only managing a handful of resources, it’s difficult to keep them all under control. As you can see in the GIF, trying to manage too many resources could slow your speed.

Wall World - Basic Gameplay & Full Map - Introduction & General Tips - D423E77

Routing and Upgrade Path

Optimizing your upgrades means fitting as many upgrades as possible into your exosuit while minimizing damage caused by waves. At first, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to concentrate completely on the mining industry However, as time passes, you’ll be able to be extremely shrewd. If your first mine is a moss cave, go out of the mine and search for diamond caves. You must mine 6 cobalt to get the plasma cutter, return to the mine and obtain the upgrade. Return to the first trip after you have reached 16/4 or when the wave has begun.

To upgrade your plasma cutter, you must clear the first diamond cave. You can continue clearing caves in your starter biome, or go to higher-tier biomes. The degree of vigor you’re taking in skipping mines and testing your exosuit before others depends on the number of permanent improvements you’ve made.



The player starts in the starting zone. Cave nodes on the wall are home to different biomes, based on the player’s location on the map. In general, as you get further away from the center the enemies will get more difficult and the rocks are more difficult to mine. Some clouds form at the transition between zones.

If you cross the clouds, extra enemies will appear to attack you. If the enemies appear outside of a wave, then the wave’s timer will not stop counting down. If a wave is in progress, then enemies from the cloud will join the wave enemies. The wave will be considered complete once both wave and cloud enemies have been defeated. To make the most of this technique, try to keep one wave enemy alive and then activate the cloud enemies, to ensure that you aren’t overwhelmed by a double wave, and also leaving you with a complete timer for the wave, so that you can start the next mine later.

The emerald biome is randomly replaced with some of the diamond biomes in the starter zone. Similar to the way, some caves in the non-starter zones will have the biome of one tier lower, e.g. Instead of sponge caves in L1 zone, diamond caves will be used.

Wall World - Basic Gameplay & Full Map - Map - DCB75F5


Wall World - Basic Gameplay & Full Map - Zones/Resources - B4CA2C4

Depth Biome Resource
Upper 3 High-tech Energy
Upper 2 Ice Amethyst
Upper 1 Cubic Cubes
Ground Rocky Diamonds
Special* Mossy Emeralds
Lower 1 Sponge Pearl
Lower 2 Blood Cells
Lower 3 Magma Bones

Wall World - Basic Gameplay & Full Map - Zones/Resources - B5DEFFC

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