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Undertale – All Inaccessible Room Info 1 - steamlists.com

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Full Guide for Undertale rooms that are normally inaccessible by normal means. Sans Undertale is also a good guide image.



Undertale is a game where the player has to move through a set of rooms in order to advance. (obvious, right?) During the development process, some rooms are created and then scrapped. This could be due to inconsistencies of the rooms or because they were only test rooms.

We will still go through each one.

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This is true for the majority of these.

Room 123 “room_water_prebird

This room was supposed t be located at Waterfall.

It was located between Farm and Shop (room_water_farm & room_water_shop). The name suggests it was intended to be just before the small bird carrying Frisk over the gap. The room has a thin s*rip of land surrounded on both sides by water. The protagonist can speak to two NPCs that are hidden in the grass. Both are at each end of tall grass.

Left End Dialogue

This bug crawls into the girl’s net every time she moves it.

Excuse me… Yes, that’s you with the striped shirt.

Can you do something for your friend …??

Yes, I am your friend… The one with the creepy smile behind you.

Hmmm? Where’s your friend?

Right End Dialogue

I’m catching insects. But the underground does not have many…

I always catch the same one.

Achoo! I caught a cold, not a bug.

This is one of only a few rooms in the world that has not been Dogchecked. We’ll discuss that in a moment.

Room 264 “room_gaster”.

Room 264 has a unique look, almost as if it were meant to be a background for W.D Gaster. The room has white text that is shaking in Wingdings, with robotic sounds. It is likely Gaster who wrote this entry when he was still the royal scientist. Entry 17 – to be exact. The text displayed on the screen can be translated to read:



The Darkness Keeps Growing

The Shadows Cutting Deeper






What do you think?

The game crashes once the last text line is completed. This room is not dogchecked.

Room 267, “room2”,

Room 267 displays three Froggits. The screen will turn red, and the sound of the enemy’s defeat will begin to play. After a few seconds, the game crashes.

Room 271 “TESTROOM

TESTROOM is a room where you can test the dialogue in mid-battle. It shows three vertical boxes. A text appears saying ” * TestMonster, its cohorts are near!” In the vertical dialogue box, you will see the following phrases:

La, la. Time to wake up.

Though…. It’s still a tad shaky.


The dialogue ends after the last section. Strangely, the bolded word is usually in red.

In the demo version of Undertale, if you had a bad save file, this room would be replaced by room 326.

Room 272 – “room_water_redacted”

This room contains an NPC the player can interact with. The NPC simply says “[redacted]”, making others believe that this is a sprite of W.D Gaster. The room is filled with “Premontion”. When leaving this room through the southern exit, the player will be taken to the Sound Test Room.

Room 273 & 277: “room_water13”, “room_water16A”, and “room_water13A”

This room contains a narrow, long path that leads into a large area covered with tall grass. The protagonist will find Bridge Seeds on the grass. He can use these seeds in order to reach a path on the right side. The exit leads into room 274, while the bottom crashes the entire game.

This room was originally used to connect “room_water12,” “room_water14,” and “room_water13.”

277 is nothing but a blackscreen. You cannot interact, move or do anything.

Room 274 & 275 – “room_overworld” & “room_overworld3”.

I put the two rooms in one section as 275 has only a single door that leads into 274.

Room 274 contains 3 red, pillar like structures that can be interacted, but crash the game. The game appears to try to load lines of texts, but there is no file. It is possible for Flowey to fight his first battle. But it is extremely glitched. If Flowey is dead in a prior run, Toriel will speak the first dialogue.

Room 276 – “bullettest”

This room was designed to test projectiles used in Undertale battles.

The room is an altered version of the first encounter between Toriel and Froggit. Toriel will appear and scare the Froggit if it is not killed. The game then returns you to the previous room. The SOUL is stuck at the center, with no edges to the attack area. The SOUL shoots out red triangular beams, which sweep across the screen to the right and turn green.

If the saved file is edited and then launched, the battle will simply restart instead of returning you to the previous room.

Room 287 “room_spritecheck”.

The name indicates that the room was used to test all the sprites of the game.

Strangely enough, after Undyne The Undying’s load, the sprite that is in the middle stops cycling, but the other sprites continue. You can go to the Joystick Configuration Screen by pressing space.

Room 296 “room_fire4”

296 is a path with steam vents that runs along it. It was created using Hotland sprites. The protagonist is able to reach these vents through the wall. This room plays “Another Medium”. Going right or down can crash the game, but sometimes loading the Omega Flowey Boss fight.

Undertale’s prologue was also read in dialogue boxes.

Room 297 & 298 – “room_fire10_old”, or “room_fire10A_old”.

Room 297 features Hotland sprites and conveyor belts that line the path the protagonist must follow to reach the other end. The exits at the top and bottom of the room do not work, and falling leads to 298.

Room 298 contains two platforms that conveyor belts can link. One platform is located at each end. The Echo Flower in the middle of room 298 says “Error!” The door to room 297 is on the left of the room. A bowl of dog food is at the other end.

Room 299 – “room_tundra_placeholder”

Room 299 has an ice-puzzle and uses Snowdin Sprites. When the ice is touched, it pushes back the protagonist. There is no exit or anything at the end of this puzzle.

Room 300: “room_ruins12B_old

Ruins sprites give the room a similar appearance to where Frisk receives the Monster Candy. The Monster Candy in this game is Rock Candy. You can only hold one Rock Candy at a time.

Room 301 – “room_tundra_rollsnow”

This room has the same snowball as the Ball Game in Snowdin but there is no place to push it. Instead of pushing the ball into a hole, you can roll it around to make it gradually grow in size.

Room 302 “room_water7_older”.

An early design of the room just before the second Undyne encounter, the game crashes if loaded UNLESS the file “obj_waterpushrockgen” is edited or deleted. This room features a single Echo Flower. It reads, “Sitting in front of rushing water… It makes me feel relaxed.” There are also a few torch-like items that explode when the player interacts.

Room 303 – “room_meetundyne_old”

The name implies that this room was meant to be the first Undyne experience. Two NPCs and an Echo Flower inhabit this room. The Echo Flower repeats the last dialogue of the previous NPC the protagonist spoke with. When Papyrus presents his daily report, a cutscene is also played. This dialogue is the same version as the final cutscene. Monster Kid’s dialogue is delivered even though he is not present in the room. The right exit will take you to room 304.

Dialogue of NPC 1 – :

Snowdin will be our first stop.

You just came here, right?

How is it…?

Dialogue of NPC 2 – :

Hey, it’s been a while since I saw you.

It’s great to meet new people.

Both NPCs will also have dialogue following your encounter with Undyne.

You should return back to Snowdin.

I… I don’t…

Room 304 and 305 – “room_water_mushroom” and “room_monsteralign_test”

This room has an NPC you can chat with. His dialogue is very similar to Ragel; he talks of being unable explore because he has his feet firmly planted on the ground. The NPC is not finished as it uses a placeholder sprite for the Ficus Licker. The right exit leads to room 302, the bottom exit leads to room 303.

It’s crystal. You’ve probably never seen a crystal like this one before.

[When you interact with the NPC in a room]

“You… Did you come from outside?”

“People like you are so rare…”

“Please! Stranger!”

“Tell me what’s outside …?””

Is everyone else like you? “How awful.”

[If protagonist says No]

“Huh? “SURFACE”? What do you understand?

If the protagonist says yes

“I just meant outside of this room.”

If you haven’t noticed, the mycelium that has bound me have ascended to the earth.

“Please! Stranger!”

“I will make this simple.”

“I have spent my entire life in one place, in one room.”

“But I’ve always wondered what lies inside that room to the left.”

“I’ve been dreaming of changing my scenery for a long time.”

“No… Changing my LIFE!”

“Please. “Go and tell me what is inside.”

What are you still waiting for?

“Oh! You’re back!”

[Unobtainable: intended for leaving or returning]

How is the room?

“Oh, I’m relieved!”

[If you say Different]

“That is all I need for my fantasies to continue.” Thank you, stranger.”

“My mind has gone wild!” I haven’t felt this way for a long while …” [Talk again]

“So, it’s the Same.”

[If a protagonist says the same]

“The same…”




“Please leave.” [Talk again]

305 has a Memoryhead in black that disappears.

Room 306 & 321 – “room_battle”, “room_empty”,

Room 306 contains the battle scene. This room is not a battle scene, but it does contain a monster.

Room 321 is what it says on the label. It’s a big void.

Room 326 “Room_of_dog

Technically, the room isn’t actually inaccessible. But you’re not supposed see it on an ordinary install of a game.

Remember those Dogchecks in Room123? This is where it would show if the room was Dogchecked.

Dogcheck has a range ( 0-3, 81-238, 242-265, and 336-indefinite) of values that allow the player to enter any room if it is within these numbers. Dogcheck would display this screen if a player attempted to enter an inaccessible room.

If the save file ever becomes invalid, it will be a 326 error room. It is a black background with the Annoying Dog centered in the middle. He could be sleeping or walking, but the sprite means nothing.

In this room, mus_sigh_of_dog and mus_dance_of_dog are played. The player has no choice but to close the game.

You will know that you have reached this screen if, on the Save File screen, there are two dashes next to the location portion and not a location.

Room 327: “room_quizholder”.

327 is a screen with Mettaton (the quiz show host) and Alphys. The player can’t do anything.

Now we get to the interesting stuff. Rooms that were probably far along in their development when scrapped.

Room 328 – “room_friendtest”

328 was used for testing the scene before Asriel Dreemurr’s battle in the True Pacifist Route. It uses all of the final dialogues, and final battle sprites, for each character. Random sprites are displayed and scrolled during the scene. These include the sepia pictures of Asriel, which Temmie had created. The game crashes when Flowey says he’ll keep you “here forever”.

Room 329 – “room_bringitinguys”

Room_bringitinguys is used to test how the monsters encourage you before the Asriel fight. The main cast of the movie is not here.

Room 333 – “room_asrieltest”

This room was utilized to use the ‘Gods of Hyperdeath’ transformation of Asriel. He moves like he does in his final fight, shaking his heads indefinitely. After a couple of minutes, he starts flying in his rainbow-arc pattern just like he does in the real battle. He will not attack. Trying to make him do this crashes the game.

Room 334 “room_afinaltest

This room was used to test Asriel’s “Angel of Death animation”. Asriel will not attack if the soul is free to move around.

Room 335

This room has no name and two different results are based on version.

Until v1.05:

It crashed as it was trying to load the name screen.

After v1.05 & Playstation Ports:

Loads into Dog Shrine room.



Undertale – All Inaccessible Room Info is described in this guide. If you notice anything that needs to be fixed or updated, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll correct it as quickly as possible. Today, may it be a good day for you. The author and creator the fish man inspired this post. Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to save us to your bookmarks; we update new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with us frequently for more posts.

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