Undertale – How To Beat Undyne the Undying- Genocide Mode Undyne Guide

Undertale – How To Beat Undyne the Undying- Genocide Mode Undyne Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Undertale – How To Beat Undyne the Undying- Genocide Mode Undyne Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Are you trying (and failing) to kill Undyne the Undying? Are you slowly going insane because of how ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ hard this bossfight is? Has your keyboard suffered from your rage? Well then, this is the guide for you! This will hopefully help you kill Undyne the Undying without going absolutely insane.



So. You, like many other players, are stuck on Undyne the Undying. And, either because you’ve finally gone crazy enough to seek help with this incredibly difficult fight, or because you’ve just given up at this point, you’re reading this guide. Well, look no further, because here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to defeat Undyne the Undying without absolutely losing your mind. (Yay!) 

What You’ll Need

Before you start fighting Undyne, you’re gonna want to make sure that you’re prepared. I usually use the Old Tutu (found behind a Waterfall in, well, Waterfall) and either the Torn Notebook (bought from the turtle vendor thingy) or the Ballet Shoes (found in a bush). 
If you’re a beginner, I would suggest using the Torn Notebook. It may not do as much damage as the Ballet Shoes, but it increases the amount of time you’re invincible after an attack. 
If you’re more experienced and want to get through the fight quickly, use the ballet shoes. 
I always stock up on Cinnabunnies (bought from the Snowdin vendor) and Astronaut Food (found in a box near the Glad Dummy fight). I would suggest saving your better food for the Sans Fight, but if you’re really struggling, use a Snowman Piece or two. They aren’t too much better than the Legendary Heroes, so it’s not too much of a loss. 
And, other than a ♥♥♥♥-ton of determination, that’s all you’ll need to fight Undyne. 

First Attack

The first attack isn’t too difficult when you look at the fight as a whole- But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Below you will find the arrow keys you’ll need to press to get through this attack: 
(u is up, d is down, r is right, l is left) 
It starts of sort of slow with three spears flying at you from above. A spear will then come flying at your right side. It’s a fairly easy attack to master- Once you’ve done it a couple of times, you should develop a sort of muscle memory for it. 

Second Attack

This attack is, in my opinion, significantly easier than the first attack. Spears will fly at you from your left and right sides. You just need to block them accordingly. As long as you aren’t high on caffeine or any other type of drug, you should be able to beat this attack perfectly after a few tries. 
Below you’ll find the keys necessary to press- Just in case! 
(l is left, r is right) 

Third Attack

This attack is a bit tricky if you’re not used to/expecting it. Spears will move slowly towards you, and you’ll need to react quickly to block them. There isn’t so much a strategy to this attack as there is skill. You just need to get used to the setup and learn how to evade the attacks properly. This took me a bit to master, but it is by no means impossible. 

Fourth Attack

This, unlike the previous attacks, is a red-soul attack. This is probably what you’re most used to in Undertale. Instead of having a shield, you will need to move your soul to avoid the spears. 
Undyne will spawn spears inside the box. They will fly at you, and you will need to avoid them. You may recognize this attack if you played through the Pacifist route before deciding to commit mass murder. It’s just a slightly quicker version of Pacifist Undyne’s first red-soul attack. 
Again, this mostly relies on skill. Luckily, it’s not too difficult, so by your fifth or so try, you should be dodging the spears without fail. 

Fifth Attack

This is another red-soul attack and, like the last one, it’s shared with Pacifist Undyne’s set of attacks. Spears will spawn below you in either the left, right, or middle area of the box. I always use the left and middle boxes. You move out of the way when you see an arrow spawn below you. One of her easiest attacks. You should get the hang of it after two or three tries. 

Sixth Attack

You may have noticed that in all of the previous green-soul attacks, the spear about to hit you will turn red. Yeah, throw that idea out of the metaphorical window, because this attack is the one attack that does NOT follow that rule. Instead of paying attention to the red spears, this is the pattern you will have to follow: 
(l is left, u is up, r is right, d is down) 
Press the arrow keys rhythmically. 
Like most of the green-soul attacks, this one relies mainly on muscle memory. It’s one of the most annoying green-soul attacks, but is by no means the hardest. You should get acquainted with the general pattern of it after a few tries. 

Seventh Attack

Five or so spears will fly at you from above. Then one will attack from your left side. Then five or so spears will fly at you from above. Then one will attack you from your right side. Very repetitive. One of the easiest green-soul attacks, in my opinion. 
(u is up, l is left, r is right) 
This one shouldn’t hit you after your first two or so tries. 

Eighth Attack

This is when the fight introduces you to yellow spears- Or, as I like to call them, pieces of ♥♥♥♥. I hate yellow spears. I never got the hang of them and just resorted to remembering the arrow key combinations. This attack, though, is the easiest yellow spear attack. You alternate between left and up, and when the yellow spears decide to ♥♥♥♥ you over, you switch over to right and down. 
(l is left, u is up, r is right, d is down) 
Again, this is the easiest of the yellow spear attacks. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with it. 

Ninth and Tenth Attack

This attack repeats itself twice. A circle of spears will spawn around you. Move slightly up and to the left to avoid them, then escape downwards when you hit the wall. I didn’t have too much trouble with this attack, but some of my friends despise it. Follow my instructions, though, and it shouldn’t be too difficult. 
Don’t be annoyed if you don’t get it the first few times. Again, it’s mostly muscle memory. It won’t be long before you’re dodging the spears easily. 
I see these attacks as a sort of segue into the more difficult half of the battle. I would suggest healing after the first round of spears- You’re gonna need all of your health for the attacks coming up. 

Eleventh Attack

I hate this attack. With a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ passion. I never got the hang of it, nor do I think that I ever will. But who knows. Maybe it’ll be different for you. There’s a bunch of yellow arrows flying at you with no distinguishable pattern. It’s just not very fun. My advice for you? Try to memorize the arrow key pattern and go by that. 
(l is left, d is down, r is right, u is up) 

Twelfth attack

This one is pretty easy. When the normal spears come from the top or bottom, just pretend there are two of them. I didn’t have too much trouble with this one. 
(l is left, d is down, r is right, u is up) 

Thirteenth Attack

This attack is also pretty easy. You block the normal spears, then go in the opposite direction immediately after you block them. Again, this attack didn’t give me much trouble. 
After this attack, it repeats the third attack. It should be fairly easy, since you’ve already done it.. But make sure to be fully healed for the fourteenth and fifteenth attacks. 

Fourteenth Attack

This attack is oh-so-slightly easier than the fifteenth attack, and it’s still hard as hell. Spears will spawn in a straight, hexagonal shape, then rush towards you full-force. Move in a circular pattern and DO NOT STAY STILL. The spears stay in place for a little over a second before rushing towards the middle and obliterating whatever’s there. 
It’s important to keep the circular pattern going. If you take damage once, it’s very likely you’ll take damage again. It’s sort of like a perfect-or-null attack. 
If you took any damage here, I would strongly advise you heal yourself up to full health.. Trust me, for the fifteenth attack, you’ll need it. 

Fifteenth Attack

This attack is BY FAR the hardest one in the fight. Remember the ninth and tenth attacks? It’s basically that, but the rotating that the spears do is unpredictable- In other words? You’re ♥♥♥♥♥♥. Move through the gaps when you can, but if you ♥♥♥♥ up here, it’s not the end of the world. Everyone does- It’s nearly impossible to do this attack no-hit. 
All I can say is good luck.. You’ll need it. 

After The Fifteenth Attack

After the fifteenth attack, the attacks just repeat. Get as much damage in as you can until either Undyne or you dies. Congratulations! You now know everything that I know about fighting Undyne! 
I wish you the best of luck on your genocidal journey. I don’t know if I’m allowed to self-promo here, but I do have a twitch account- My username is sweetisbored_- And I would appreciate a follow. 
Thank you for checking out my guide! 

Written by OkSrsly5678

This is all about Undertale – How To Beat Undyne the Undying- Genocide Mode Undyne Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!


  1. Thanks for the guide. I needed the help. I made it to attack 15, i have attack 1-10 Memorized. 1,2,4,5,6,7 don’t really give me a lot of trouble. The rest do though. Thanks again

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