TModLoader – Tips How to Fight Boss

TModLoader – Tips How to Fight Boss 1 -
TModLoader – Tips How to Fight Boss 1 -

Recommend Strat for the Eater of Gods in the loader Mod Calamity Mod (Work newest version)

Very ineffective information about how bosses are.

Hello today, I will show you how to bet the bosses

Here’s some information about the boss.

He is a boss just before the Dragon of Jungle (boss before supreme Calm and ex mech)

He is very difficult and you need to have some skill to beat (.

– The boss drops very nice loot, so it is recommended to beat him before you start the game mode

His music is great and jamming

TModLoader - Tips How to Fight Boss - very impotant infomatin on how boss is - FCE00B2

Preparation for fight of boss

Now i will show you how to prepare for the fight of boss

Step 1: Get the gear you need to prepare for the role that you have chosen (summoner, warrior or magician, or) rouge

You can farm the boss prudence and poltergeist previously mentioned as well as (dragonfly, Avoid cease, Stormy Wave, sign) to get gear

Step 2: Get the item of summon () Cosmo-wormy) by crafting it at ancient manipulator

Step 3: Create an area with the wood platform (, or any other platform (you chose)).

Step 4: Get potion of buff (to obtain wraith, induration and rage, regenerate,)

Congrats that you are prepared to fight the divine being devourer

Boss battler and fighting

To win the fighting, you will need to follow the steps of the guide after summoning the worm of destruction

He has also (2 – phase

phase won (1)

Step 1: After summing, watch his place to know where he was (this crucial information is critical to avoid the location of his head)).

Step 2: Avoid his head and begin to attacked with your gear.

Step 3: During fighting, he spawns small worm minion () Cosmo-worm guard) which attacks the player (. You) need to watch out for them and dodge like a normal cosmic devourer

Step 4: Hit him until he flies in portal (to the next phase starter)

phase in middle (This phase is outdated because it got removed but I keep it in the guide pantry Personnel Ta La set Da Des des all him ALL 04 25 24A darin dar Dec

After he fly in portal, he start to spawn previously bosses(the sentinel) these include:

1. Sign

2. Stormy morning

3. Cessation of the Voider

To proceed (, kill all of them. They are weaker than the normal) form.

phase too (2)

After killing the tree sentinel, the devouring worms of goddess returned from his portal. He is now (larger. He may now look more frightening (he is now)).

He is more dangerous than before, so take steps to avoid being in danger.

Step 1: Locate his position again so that you can dodge him (. This is a critical information)

Step 2: After the dodging, attacked him (again and then target his tailing (his) being segments).

Step 3: After some damage has been inflicted, he will become transparent and make purple lines on your screen (. Don’t worry your screen may not be broken it is his atick.)

These lining are an indication that the (bullet-pathing (is not in line with purple color to avoid these attack)

Step 4: Continue to dodger until his total HP (hit points) are at zero percent (0%


This is all about TModLoader – Tips How to Fight Boss; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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