tModLoader – Guide How to Obtain a Dirt Block – Complete Walkthrough

tModLoader – Guide How to Obtain a Dirt Block – Complete Walkthrough 1 -
tModLoader – Guide How to Obtain a Dirt Block – Complete Walkthrough 1 -

I am a sophisticated gentleman and I will reveal the ACTUAL process to obtain a Dirt Block in “Terraria”


This process is only for the big brained folks and not for the teeny weeny small brained common plebeians. This is a 100% guaranteed process to help you obtain your very first Dirt Block in Terraria.


First Step:

Locate your Personal Computer and find the POWER BUTTON. Once you have found the POWER BUTTON, press it, and wait approximately 10 seconds before your Personal Computer activates.
(this step can be skipped if your Personal Computer is already active via leaving it active)

Second Step:

Now once your Personal Computer is active, log in to your Personal Computer by imputing your CREDENTIALS on the log in screen. Once you have done that, you should be on your Personal Computer’s DESKTOP.
(the log in process can be skipped if your Personal Computer is on it’s POWER SAVING SCREEN. To get your computer off of the POWER SAVING SCREEN, move your Personal Computer’s MOUSE to “wake up” your Personal Computer. Once your Personal Computer is awake, you should be on the screen where you last abandoned it.)
Learn to pronounce
plural noun: credentials
a qualification, achievement, personal quality, or aspect of a person’s background, typically when used to indicate that they are suitable for something.


Third Step:

Once you have accessed your Personal Computer’s DESKTOP, locate the application “Steam” on your DESKTOP by navigating your CURSOR using your Personal Computer’s MOUSE. Once your CURSOR is overlapping the application “Steam”, LEFT-CLICK twice on your MOUSE while your CURSOR is still overlapping the application “Steam” to open the application. This should activate “Steam”, and the application will fully open after automatically logging in with your “Steam” CREDENTIALS.
(this step will be inconclusive if you do not already own a STEAM PROFILE.if you do not have a STEAM PROFILE, look for another tutorial that guides you to obtaining a STEAM PROFILE and come back to this step.)

Fourth Step:

Once “Steam”has opened, locate the TOOLBAR at the top of the application. Once you have located the TOOLBAR, locate the LIBRARY BUTTON on the top-left side of the TOOLBAR. Once your CURSOR is overlapping the LIBRARY BUTTON, a panel will drop down from the LIBRARY BUTTON. LEFT-CLICK the “HOME” BUTTON on the same panel to access your STEAM LIBRARY. When you’re’n the STEAM LIBRARY, locate your GAME COLLECTION on the very left of your STEAM LIBRARY. Search for the game “Terraria” in your GAME COLLECTION and LEFT-CLICK “Terraria” to open it’s HOME PAGE. Once you have opened “Terraria’s” HOME PAGE, locate and LEFT-CLICK the PLAY BUTTON on the left of “Terraria’s” HOME PAGE to open “Terraria”
(this process is tangible even without INTERNET access, but it’s not recommended to. If you do not have INTERNET access or you do not own “Terraria”, look for another tutorial to guide you through those processes. If you have watched the guides, come back to this step to continue.)

Fifth Step:

Once Terraria has opened, you will be directed to Terraria’s HOME SCREEN. Once you are on Terraria’s HOMESCREEN, locate the SINGLEPLAYER BUTTON, and LEFT-CLICK while your CURSOR is overlapping the SINGLEPLAYER BUTTON. Once you have LEFT-CLICKED the SINGLEPLAYER BUTTON, you will be directed to the CHARACTER SELECTION SCREEN. On the CHARACTER SELECTION SCREEN, locate the NEW PLAYER BUTTON at the bottom of the CHARACTER SELECTION SCREEN, and LEFT-CLICK the NEW PLAYER BUTTON. This will allow you to create a new CHARACTER. On the CHARACTER CREATION SCREEN, you are free to customize a your new CHARACTER’S appearance, name, and DIFFICULTY by using the buttons provided on the CHARACTER CREATION SCREEN. Once you have chosen your optimal CHARACTER settings, LEFT-CLICK the CREATE button on the bottom-right of the CHARACTER CREATION SCREEN to generate your new CHARACTER. Once your new CHARACTER has been generated, it will show up in your CHARACTER SELECTION SCREEN. Now that you have successfully created a new CHARACTER, locate and LEFT-CLICK the green SELECT CHARACTER BUTTON on the bottom of your customized CHARACTER to use that CHARACTER. Repeat this whole process if you have not generated a NEW WORLD because theNEW WORLD CREATION process is very similar to the CHARACTER CREATION SCREEN.
(you do not have to go through the lengthy CHARACTER CREATION SCREEN process if you have already generated a CHARACTER beforehand. this is the same with the NEW WORLD CREATION process. Though you still are required to LEFT-CLICKthe SELECT CHARACTER and SELECT WORLD buttons to continue.)

[FINAL] Sixth Step:

After going through the CHARACTER CREATION PROCESS and WORLD CREATIONprocess and selecting both your CHARACTER and NEW WORLD, it is time to obtain that gosh darn DIRT BLOCK I’ve been writing about for 3 hours. Once your NEW WORLD has finished generating, your selected CHARACTER will SPAWN in the WORLD. Chances are you’ve already SPAWNED on top of some fresh DIRT, but if you haven’t, use your A and D KEYS to MOVE left and right, while using the SPACEBAR or the W KEY to jump over any obstacle that may be obstructing your path to the nearest DIRT BLOCK. If any ENEMIES are prohibiting you from harvesting your DIRT BLOCK, use your COPPER SHORTSWORD by pressing the 1 KEY to select and hold your COPPER SHORTSWORD, and LEFT-CLICKING to stab anything in front of you. If there are not any ENEMIES near you and you are standing on top of DIRT, press the 2 KEY to hold your COPPER PICKAXE and hold LEFT-CLICK while your CURSOR is overlapping a DIRT BLOCK to mine and pick up a DIRT BLOCK. Make sure the DIRT BLOCK has entered your INVENTORY by standing in a radius of the DIRT BLOCK, if you are close enough to the DIRT BLOCK, it will be sucked in to your INVENTORY, thus obtaining it.


now try obtaining the Dirt Rod to fulfill your dirty needs
Thanks for reading and Have fun!


Written by glizzyman

Hope you enjoy the Guide about tModLoader – Guide How to Obtain a Dirt Block – Complete Walkthrough, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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