tModLoader – [Eng]RPG ModPack

tModLoader – [Eng]RPG ModPack 6 -
tModLoader – [Eng]RPG ModPack 6 -

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div class=”SteamLists_Top”>Terraria has all the components of an RPG, but the most important thing is missing – classes. We will change this, at the same time turn the game itself upside down and add more than a thousand new items and change the mechanics beyond recognition.



The assembly will use a large number of mods, so first you need to upgrade tModLoader to the 64-bit version.

In the 64-bit version, the 4 GB RAM limit will disappear and we will be able to install all the mods (loading may take a long time due to their number).

List of mods:
tModLoader - [Eng]RPG ModPack

tModLoader - [Eng]RPG ModPack


Class system:
Apacchii’s Classes Mod + Absolute RPG

At the start of the game, we will have a “Class Picker” in our inventory (you can give yourself a HERO`s mod if you don’t want to create a new character), with the help of it we make ourselves a token of the required class and add it to accessories.
The class is upgraded by killing bosses:
Slug, Devourer\Brain, Skeletron, Wall of Flesh …
After killing the boss, you can buy an upgrade from the Merchant for 20 gold.
Boss Checklist will help in order to study new bosses and mini-bosses, and what is important, tell you how to summon them. (The little book near the “Settings” button).
tModLoader - [Eng]RPG ModPack
Absolute RPG gives us non-class semi-passive pumping of different parts of survival and combat, everything is intuitive there.

Almost all mods affect it in one way or another, but especially Recipe Browser, Magic Storage and Combined Station.

Recipe Browser[/ ] completely replaces the Guide function and is analogous to the terraria wiki. Hover the cursor over the item – pressed the button – we learned from what it is drawn and what it is involved in crafting.
tModLoader - [Eng]RPG ModPack

Magic Storage will allow you to create a whole warehouse system and have access to all things through one chest (Heart of the Vault).
Briefly about how it works:
Create the Heart of the Vault – connect it to the Vault Slots (you can improve them later) – put the Crafting Module next to it (you stuff all your workbenches into it).
More details –

With the help of the past mod, we were able to put all our things together, but what about a dozen different crafting tables? I took care of that too.
Combined Station gives you an incredibly useful ability to collect workbenches, anvils, furnaces … into one Combined Work Bench. Perhaps my favorite mod. The Guide or the same Recipe Browser will tell you exactly how to put everything together.


Mods have an impressive number of customizable buttons, below will be a list of MANDATORY for a comfortable game. The more buttons you can use, the better. On the top right, I advise you to choose the “Overhaul (Recommended)” style.
AbsoluteRPG: Open Stats
pinkymod: Open Lore
ApacchiisClassesMod (all)
RecipeBrowser (all)
TerrariaOverhaul (all)

Overhaul configuration:
If you don’t want your wooden house to inadvertently go to the Burning Man festival:
Global settings – Gameplay settings – Fire system – Torches set fire to blocks: No
The system of the quality of items and repairing them (this is pretty hard):
Global Settings – Gameplay Settings – Item Durability – Enable Item Durability: No

Thanks for reading.
I tried to put together an interesting assembly and write as simply and clearly as possible about its features. I will be glad to your assessment\wishes\constructive criticism.

tModLoader - [Eng]RPG ModPack

This is all about tModLoader – [Eng]RPG ModPack; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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