Titanfall® 2 – How to Fix Launching Issues: Use Origin Instead of EA App

Titanfall® 2 – How to Fix Launching Issues: Use Origin Instead of EA App 1 - steamlists.com
Titanfall® 2 – How to Fix Launching Issues: Use Origin Instead of EA App 1 - steamlists.com

How to Fix Titanfall 2 Launching Issues: Use Origin Instead of EA App

Did you know a lot of people aren’t happy with EA Games? They’re seen as more focused on money than good games. They even closed some awesome game studios. It’s tough for game lovers to see this.

But here’s the deal: even with all the negative talk, EA Games is still making a lot of money. Yep, it’s a funny world.

Now, to the main point. Both Origin and EA App can be tricky, but the EA App seems to have more problems. Some even call it “***cancer***” because it has so many bugs. Imagine, games like Titanfall 2 can’t start well. Even Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (2017) mods won’t work. So, if you’re done with the EA App and want to return to Origin, I’ve got you covered.

How to Make the Switch

1. Clear Out the EA App

Start by getting rid of the EA App. If you don’t have it, move to the next step. But if it’s on your computer, delete the “__Installer” folder in the game’s folder. Do this for each game that uses Origin or the EA App.

2. Get Origin Back

I used to have Origin. Then, I had to move to the EA App. But I found a way back! Download Origin Full It’s very important to get this exact version. Find it here: [insert link]. When installing, uncheck the boxes like “share hardware specs” and “keep Origin and games updated.” Also, you might want to uncheck “run Origin when Windows starts“. After you install, log into Origin and choose to stay logged in.

3. Make Sure the EA App Doesn’t Update

Don’t install the EA App again. Close Origin. Find the “local.xml” file in the Origin folder. Open it with Notepad or another text editor. Add these lines at the end before :

<Setting value="true" key="MigrationDisabled" type="1"/>
<Setting key="UpdateURL" value="EA.sucks/" type="10"/>
<Setting key="AutoPatchGlobal" value="false" type="1"/>
<Setting key="AutoUpdate" value="false" type="1"/>

Save it. Open Origin and go to settings. Turn off “Automatically start Origin” and “Origin Helper Service“. I also turn off “Origin-In-Game“. You might want to do that, too.

Great job! Now you’re back on Origin and can play without EA App problems. But remember, EA Games sometimes makes mistakes. So, keep an eye out!

Let’s Make This Guide Better Together

This guide was made quickly, so it might not have everything. But I heard many of you are having EA App troubles. So, I really want to help out. Let’s make sure everyone knows about this. And maybe, just maybe, EA will listen and make things right.

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