Titanfall® 2 – Getting Started With The Kraber

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Titanfall® 2 – Getting Started With The Kraber 1 - steamlists.com
A Simple guide on how to use, and git gud, with the Kraber for beginners.



Hello there, my name is Alu, at the time of writing this I am a Generation 9 pilot and my Kraber is G8.3 and I’d like to think that I know what I’m doing when it comes to using this bolt action rifle. Whenever I’m in game, at least once a day someone asks “How do you use this weapon?” Well, I’m here to help teach you through I learned myself. 

The Grind

If you’re going to use the Kraber, you’re going to die. a lot. When you first pick up this gun, you’re going to be at a severe disadvantage, the rest of the lobby is going to be running SMGs and Rifles, and here you are one of maybe two people in your match running the Kraber and you cant hit anything. 
But this first step is crucial, you NEED to stick with this gun for at least three to four days and you need to grind with this gun, otherwise there is no point and you’re just wasting your time. The point of this is to both get used to how the weapon handles, its rate of fire, the way the projectile flies that sort of thing. 
Trust me, it’s going to be alluring to go back to the CAR or your R97 after three matches of getting stomped in a row, but if you can put away your pride and dedicate yourself to this gun for a few days, then by the end of the week you will notice a significant improvement, I know I did. 

Your Playstyle

You need to change your playstyle drastically. You’re not using an SMG, you’re using a bolt action sniper. If you go running into a firefight maybe you could pop off a sick no scope, but in a two on one close range firefight you’re going to get your butt kicked. 
You need to learn to keep to medium and long range so that you’re not constantly dying. Don’t try to pull off sick no scopes and quick scopes because they wont work for you yet (keyword, yet), instead pick your targets from afar, preferably a pilot who is unaware as to the fact that a Kraber is scoped in on them, and engage when you feel ready. 
De-training yourself from your normal balls to the walls playstyle is going to be hard, but it’ll put a significantly less amount of stress on you when you’re trying to pick your shots, which leads us to our third point. 


Third. Aiming. If you’re just beginning to learn how to use this weapon, don’t be afraid to target Grunts, Spectres, and Stalkers. All three of these NPC are fodder, but practicing hitting your shots on these bois is invaluable to learning how to become one with the Kraber. 
The more NPCs you kill with a kraber, the faster you get used to this gun and how it functions. And the good part is, plenty of times these NPC are stationary so if you want to practice mid-air quick-scope shots then you have the perfect fodder to do so. 
You also need to learn to lead your shots. This is mostly self explanatory, but like I mentioned earlier this weapon is a projectile weapon, that means it has an arc, and travels a certain distance over time in exchange for it being a one-hit-kill monster. 
Leading your shots is actually rather simple, If you’re at a longer range, simply predict where your target is going to be and fire. At longer ranges pulling something like this off is harder, but my advice is don’t be afraid to take that extra second to properly aim before firing. 
If you’re at Medium to Close range, you might have to do the reverse, instead of leading your shots, wait for your target to run (or fly) into you scopes reticle, Or, if you’re sliding and flying, wait for your reticle to be on target before firing. Keep in mind, doing this is significantly more risky because you have a much smaller window of opportunity to land your shot. 
My last bit of advice in terms of aiming is to go for body-shots. The kraber is a one hit kill no matter what body part it hits, and the head is significantly smaller than a torso, don’t feel obligated to go for head-shots 100% of the time. 


Four. Attachments. Attachments are mostly preferential, there is no true combo that will make you a god at sniping. However, I can’t speak for everyone when I say this, one mod I HIGHLY recommend would be the Gun Ready mod, which allows you to ADS faster. If you’re going for quick-scopes this mod could be your best friend. 
Personally I also recommend sticking to a factory issue scope, Unless you’re camping in a secluded, high part of a map (why tho?), the zoom function on this scope is not going to be all that beneficial for you, and you’d be much better off simply learning how to manage with just the stock scope. 

Concluding Statments

Keep in mind, none of these are rules, they’re recommendations. you don’t always have to engage from long range, if you feel confident enough to get that sick up close sliding no scope, go ahead and do so. If you prefer the Variable Zoom to the Factory Issue scope, that’s fine as well. This guide is simply meant to give new players a starting point for using a very difficult one-hit-kill weapon. But what I can say for certainty is that once you start using and getting good with projectile weapons, its hard to go back to SMGs and Rifles. 
That’s all I have for now. Remember, it’s going to suck for the first few days, but grinding it out is going to do you a world of wonder. Have fun! 

Written by Alu_Pahrata

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Titanfall® 2 – Getting Started With The Kraber; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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