Titanfall® 2 – Master Difficulty Tips and Tricks

Titanfall® 2 – Master Difficulty Tips and Tricks 1 - steamlists.com
Titanfall® 2 – Master Difficulty Tips and Tricks 1 - steamlists.com

Titanfall® 2 – Master Difficulty Tips and Tricks

How to Ace as a Pilot on Master Difficulty

Nailing the Movement
The game’s movement is tricky, but you’ve got this! My top pick is slide hopping, but the cloak ability is super handy when things get tough. It helps you slip away and gives you some healing time.

The Weaponry Game
Alright, let’s talk guns. Shotguns are your best bet here. They take down grunts in 1-2 hits and stalkers in 2-3 hits. In the game’s early part, the EVA-8 shotgun was my go-to. Later on, I switched to the Mastiff shotgun.

Some Quick Advice
Turn on those friendly stalkers! They’ll fight for you and can’t be used against you. Remember to keep moving, but have a plan for where you’re heading.

Titan Tips for Master Level: What to Know

Getting Titan Movement Right
For titans, movement is key. Use dashes to dodge stuff or hide. It’ll help you last longer out there.

Fighting the Right Way
Facing scorch titans? Stay away and shoot from a distance. Watch out for northstar titans’ long shots and quickly deal with ion titans. In many fights, the Tone titan is your friend. But try out different titans; they all have something special.

Pick Your Battles
Slow and Steady
If there’s a bunch of Titans, go slow. Let the computer-controlled titans fight each other. You can save your stuff and watch the action. But, in the last part of Trial By Fire, we’ll talk about a different strategy.

Go, Go, Go!
Sometimes, you’ve got to speed things up, like after BT throws you in The Beacon or in some parts of The Pilot’s Gauntlet. Zooming past can be a good move.

Shortcuts to Save Time
Dodge the Dome
Want to skip the dome in Into The Abyss? Follow these steps. It’s a bit tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it. And trust me, it’ll save you time!

Rush through Trial By Fire’s End
At the end of Trial By Fire, you can skip a chunk by running fast in your titan. Use your dashes right at the end. With a bit of practice, it becomes super easy.

Wrapping Things Up
I hope these tips helped! If they did, a like would be awesome. Your feedback keeps me going. Have you got any more advice? Drop them in the comments. If it’s good, I’ll add it to the guide and give you a shoutout.

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