Titanfall® 2 – How to glitch the Gauntlet?

Titanfall® 2 – How to glitch the Gauntlet? 1 - steamlists.com
Titanfall® 2 – How to glitch the Gauntlet? 1 - steamlists.com
Well, I found out by accident yesterday and it was sooo funny to play around outside the Tutorial-Map.
I think this is actually more or less well known about but I’m gonna write a Guide about it anyway 😉


Just to say hello xD

Well here I am, writing yet another guide… 
This one is one I’m just writing for fun because I found out about this by accident yesterday… 
It really is funny. You can just walk across the Tutorial Map and have your fun time, you can even go underneath the mao if you wish but this is all stuff, you’ll read here. 
This won’t be a long guide. 
Have Fun!Titanfall® 2 - How to glitch the Gauntlet? 


To get things started, just load up the Gauntlet (the Training-parkour). If you’re asked if you want to play the whole tutorial just click “Gauntlet practice only” because you won’t need the tutorial I guess and if you do, I’ve done a Guide on the tutorial-movement too xDD 
After loading you’ll be by the parkour. You’ll need to take some grenades off the wall, and it must be the normal frags because the arc-grenades will slow you down, instead of giving you a speed-boost. 
Anyone who red my movement guide could now say: “Wait, didn’t you tell us, not to boost ourselfes with grenades, because they would kill us most probably?” 
Well……. yes you are right about that but this isn’t the multiplayer and grenades won’t kill you that easily. In fact, it would be hard to die to a grenade if you have a bit of movement. 
So to start, you’ll have to throw the grenade, so that it is located a bit before the gauntlet’s entry. 
Don’t let it be too close to it because it would just make things harder. 
Now, run, slide and jump (<– in exactly that order), so that the grenade explodes right behind you and boosts you right into the Gauntlet. 
(To be honest, to explain a simple grenade-boost is surprisingly hard… maybe just go search a vid on grenade-boosts) 
If it worked, you’ll notice it. There won’t be a timer at the side of your screen and none of the grunts spawn. Now just run through the gauntlet to the end, if you turn around and go back, it will fix everything. 

So now what?

If you’ve done everything above right, you are now in the start room of the Gauntlet again except, that there isn’t any glance of our cpt. Lastimosa and where normally the gauntlet would start, there now is just a whole. 
If you jump down, you’ll be respawned in the glitched-Gauntlet. 
Jump out and turn to the side, to wallrun back and climb up the ledge. From there on you are practically free to do what ever you want. You are ontop of the map now. If you jump down and touch the ground, you’ll be respawned in the Gauntlet. You can stand on most of the floating stone-thingys but not everone, some are not solid. Just experiment a bit but be careful, if you run back to the shooting-range for example and die there, you’ll be respawned back in the shooting range. 

Funny things… maybe?

So now, that you are not longer bound to the little tutorial-area, you can practically go wherever you want. 
You can take grenades to boost you over the map and get to places, you couldn’t get to before but 
Grenade-respawns turn buggy in this state. At some point you might not be able to pick any of them up. 
With the help of grenades, you can even get to this positionTitanfall® 2 - How to glitch the Gauntlet? 
(Just run to the start of the tutorial. there will be an invisible wall and that is where you just need to boost you up with grenades. You can walk in the air there but if you go too far away, you’ll fall off.) 
If you boost yourself right, you can even get ontop of the very start of the tutorial. If you run to the end of the building there and look down, you’ll be surprised because there actually isn’t any ground there. Just a hole in the map. 
I was curious if I would die and jumped… 
I didn’t in fact, I though for a short moment, that I would just fall for eternity but than I landed on something… 
Well to be honest, there is an invisible floor underneath the map. If you go down there, you’ll only be able to get out of there by restarting the mission OR be climbing up a more or less invisible wall. (This wall isn’t invisible but looking at it may look like a fatal engine error cuz it just looks so weird xDD) 
You can’t run away from the map though, there seem to be real invisible walls, which aren’t even wallrunable…Titanfall® 2 - How to glitch the Gauntlet? 

Yup thank you for reading xD

I am really not that good at describing how to do things… sorry and that paired with my bad english skills oof I’m really sorry you had to read this (If anyone reads this xD) 
Thank you sooo much for reading and if you had your fun, maybe leave an award..? I’d really appreciate it 😉 
Even if you don’t, I hope you still had fun! 
Keep the game alive everyone and let’s just enjoy as much of it as we can xD 
(maybe even wait for TF3? xDD ok sorry) 

Written by Blumenwagen

This is all about Titanfall® 2 – How to glitch the Gauntlet?; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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