Stellaris – How to translate any mod

Stellaris – How to translate any mod 2 -
Stellaris – How to translate any mod 2 -

Hey there, welcome to this post. This guide will tell you everything about Stellaris – How to translate any mod. Follow this guide step by step.

Software to help translate mods for Paradox games


ModTranslationHelper is designed to help with the localization of mods for games by Paradox Interactive but can be used to process any data stored in the “value” key format in .yml and .txt files.

To work, you need to:

Find the location where the game you want to translate is installed. The path must lead to the localization folder (where the folders are English, Russian, French, etc.).

  • Standard path for Crusader Kings 3: ../Steam/steamapps/common/Crusader Kings III/game/localization\.
  • Specify the location where localization is stored (Example: ../Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/1158310/2507209632/localization)
  • If you are updating the translation and already have a previous one, the directory with the previous version should be specified. The program will scan the old files and use the translated lines to build the new version.
  • The translation directory is the folder in which all files created due to the program will be placed.

Stellaris - How to translate any mod - In order to work, you need to: - E66EB4D


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