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A comprehensive stellaris cheat guide that saves you(Me) time so we don’t have to open the wiki or a file hidden deep within your computer to find information.

General Cheats


[event id] [target id] [/tr][/table]

[event id] [target id] [/tr][/table]

Command Effect Parameters
debugtooltip Shows almost all ids None
activate_all_traditions Activates all Traditions None
activate_ascension_perk Activates the specified Ascension Perk, pressing tab reveals the names [name]
activate_gateways Activates all gateways in the galaxy None
add_intel Adds [amount] of intel towards [target], default 10 [target] [amount]
add_anomaly Adds [anomaly id] to the selected celestial body [anomaly id]
add_loyalty Adds [amount] of loyalty from [target], default 10 [target] [amount]
add_opinion Increases the [source] empire’s Opinion of the [target] empire by [amount], default 40 [source] [target] [amount]
add_pops Creates [amount] of pops from [species id] on the selected celestial body, entering without ID reveals all species IDs [species id] [amount]
add_relic Grants [relic id], writing all instead of the ID grants all relics. Same relic can be added multiple times. [relic id]
add_ship Creates a fleet with one ship of [design id], pressing tab reveals the NPC ship names
NOTE: Spawned juggernauts will not be able to build, upgrade or repair ships
[design id]
add_spynetwork_value Adds [amount] of infiltration progress on [target] [target] [amount]
add_time Adds [amount] of [unit] time, valid units are days, months and years [unit] [amount]
add_trait_leader Adds [trait id] to [leader id], entering only the leader ID reveals all trait IDs for that class [leader id] [trait id]
add_trait_species Adds [trait id] to [species id] [species id] [trait id]
add_time Adds [amount] of [unit] time, valid units are days, months and years [unit] [amount]
ai Toggles the AI on or off None
play This command can be used to play as/switch to another empire. Your starting empire has an ID of 00. This command will cause the empire you switch from to be governed by AI. [empire id]
Max_resources This command gives you the maximum amount of all resources in your resource storages. None
annex Takes control of all worlds and starbases of target [target]
own Take ownership and control of the selected fleet, starbase or planet, or if none is selected takes ownership of the planet ID given as an argument. Uncolonizable celestial bodies will be created as colonies but have no capital building [planet id]
effect remove_modifier = relic_activation_cooldown Removes the relic activation cooldown allowing you to spam it. None
build_pops Adds [amount] of robot pops to the selected celestial body, only works if the empire has the technology to build robot pops [amount]
colonize Starts the colonization process of the selected celestial body using a copy of the pop with the ID given, uncolonizable celestial bodies will not make colonization progress [colonizer pop id]
create_megastructure ACreates a Megastructure in the current system, pressing tab reveals the IDs [megastructure id]
create_navy Creates a fleet using your most recent designs that uses [amount] percentage of Naval Capacity, 1 means 100% [amount]
damage All ships in the selected fleet take [amount] hull damage [amount]
debug_yesmen AI empires always agree to player proposals None
effect remove_deposit = Removes [deposit id] resource deposit or planetary feature to the selected celestial body [deposit id]
effect add_deposit = Adds [deposit id] resource deposit or planetary feature to the selected celestial body [deposit id]
effect country_add_ethic = Adds [ethic id] to the player empire, using more than 3 ethic points will remove lowest attraction ethics [ethic id]
effect country_remove_ethic = Removes [ethic id] from the player empire [ethic id]
effect create_archaeological_site = Adds [archaeological site id] to the selected create_archaeological_site, writing all creates a random archeological site(buggy don’t expect it to work) [archaeological site id]
effect force_add_civic = Adds [civic id] to the player empire, incompatible civics will remain inactive [civic id]
effect force_remove_civic = Removes [civic id] to the player empire [civic id]
effect remove_modifier = Removes [modifier id] from the selected celestial body, or empire if none is selected [modifier id]
effect shift_ethic = Shifts the player empire’s ethics to [ethic id] [ethic id]
effect destroy_colony Decolonizes the selected world None
election Starts a ruler election None
end_senate_session Passes/fails the currently voted resolution None
federation_examine_leader Triggers a Federation succession None
federation_add_experience Adds [amount] of Experience to the Federation, default 1000 [amount]
federation_add_cohesion Adds [amount] of Cohesion to the Federation, default 200 [amount]
event Triggers [event id], worlds can be selected manually but ships require [target id]] [event id] [target id] [event id] [target id]


General Cheats Continued

Command Effect Parameters
finish_research Finishes all active research None
finish_special_projects Finishes all special projects None
finish_terraform Finishes all terraforming processes None
force_integrate Integrates [target] empire into the player’s empire, will not work if on integration cooldown [target]
force_senate_vote Ends the current senate recess None
free_government Toggles allowing player to change governments without the time limit None
free_policies Toggles allowing player to change policies and species rights without restriction, including policies previously disabled None
influence Adds [amount] of Influence, default 5000 [amount]
instant_build Toggles instantly finishing constructions and upgrades
WARNING: This also applies to enemy AI so only use while paused
intel Gives sight of the entire galaxy None
invincible Player ships will not take damage None
observe Switches to observer mode, use the play command to revert control
WARNING: If the game is unpaused in observer mode the AI will take control of the player empire
planet_ascension_tier Changes the ascension tier of the selected celestial body to [amount], can go above regular values [amount]
planet_class Changes the selected celestial body to [celestial body id] [planet class id]
planet_happiness Adds a modifier with [amount] Happiness to the selected planet, default 100 [amount]
planet_size Changes the Size of the selected celestial body, can go above regular sizes but above 78 will move the celestial body backwards [size]
random_ruler Replaces the empire ruler with a new random one None
remove_trait_leader Removes [trait id] from [leader id], entering only the leader ID reveals the name for all current traits. [leader id] [trait id or index]
remove_trait_species Removes [trait id] from [species id] [species id] [trait id]
research_all_technologies Instantly researches all non-repeatable technologies. Add 1 for space creatures and crisis techs too. Add a second number for [amount] of repeatable technologies. [boolean] [amount]
research_technology Instantly research [technology id] [technology id]
skills Adds [amount] of skill levels to every leader under player control, default 1 [amount]
skip_agreement_cooldowns Toggles allowing the change of subject terms of agreement without cooldown None
skip_federation_cooldowns Toggles allowing the change of federation laws without cooldown None
skip_galactic_community_cooldowns Toggles allowing the proposition of resolutions from the same group without cooldown None
techupdate Re-rolls the current available tech choices None
unity Adds [amount] of Unity, default 500 [amount]
unlock_edicts Unlocks all edicts None
branchoffice Create or take control of the branch office on the selected world None
minor_artifacts Adds [amount] of Minor Artifacts, default 5000 [amount]
menace Adds [amount] of Menace, default 5000 [amount]
imperial_authority Adds [amount] of Imperial Authority, default 10 [amount]
add_subject_xp Adds [amount] of specialized subject experience to [target], default 10 [target] [amount]



event [event id]
event=Triggers [event id], worlds can be selected manually but ships require [target id]


ID Major event Notes Required selection
anomaly.95 Voyager 1 Can start the Solar Coordinates event if the Sol system exists somewhere in the galaxy Ship
anomaly.186 Limbo With the right technology and AI policies you can resurrect them as a new colony or as a new empire Ship
anomaly.3085 The Prince Event with small but permanent opinion effects Ship
anomaly.4051 Echoes from the Deep Grants the Improved Working Environment edict and positive modifiers Ship
anomaly.4081 Abandoned Sensor Array Grants the Extensive Sensor Searches edict Ship
anomaly.4105 Fumes Lie Thick Grants the Improved Energy Initiative edict Ship
anomaly.4136 Translating Settlers’ Texts Grants Master’s Teachings: The Greater Good edict None
anomaly.4141 Translating Explorers’ Texts Grants Master’s Teachings: Philosophical Mindset edict None
anomaly.4151 Translating Traders’ Texts Grants Master’s Teachings: Diplomatic Trust edict None
anomaly.4166 Translating Warriors’ Texts Grants Master’s Teachings: Warring States edict None
colony.3005 The Doorway Creates a Dimensional portal on the planet Planet
colony.3007 High-energy Dimension Modifies the Dimensional Portal Job Planet
colony.3008 The Null Void Modifies the Dimensional Portal Job Planet
colony.3009 Mirror Mirror Modifies the Dimensional Portal Job Planet
colony_mod.101 Titanic Life Study: Success Allows the recruitment of Titanic Beast armies Planet
country.1 Sublight Exploration Probes None
country.50 Habitable Worlds Survey None
country.53 Alien Specimen Procurement None
country.200 Radical Cult None
country.250 The Hunt for the Hyacinth None
country.1000 Wanderlust: Rogue Scientist None
country.1100 Mass Extinction Through the Ages None
crisis.199 Prethoryn Scourge Immediately spawns Prethoryn invaders. Use “crisis.10” to initiate the crisis’ natural progression None
crisis.50 Rise of the Sentinels Doesn’t require the crisis but will add its sound effects None
crisis.71 Sentinel Fleet Donation Doesn’t require the crisis or the Sentinels None
crisis.105 Long live the Queen! Spawns the Domesticated Prethoryn Queen Ship
crisis.1000 The Unbidden Starts the unbidden crisis. None
crisis.1100 The Aberrant Doesn’t require the Unbidden None
crisis.1200 The Vehement Requires the Unbidden None
crisis.2000 The Contingency Skips the Ghost Signal events. Use “crisis.2005” to initiate the crisis’ natural progression None
crisis.2400 Cybrex Return Doesn’t require the crisis None
fallen_empires_awakening.1 Sleepers Awake Must select a Fallen Empire with the play command beforehand or YOU will awaken None
fallen_empires_tasks.1 A patronizing or machine Fallen Empire sends a random gift None
galactic_features.301 Fallen Empire mothballed fleet Ship
galactic_features.401 Space Storm Hits Galaxy None
galactic_features.403 Space Storm Dissipates None
galcom.16 The Birth of the Galactic Community Option to instantly create or join the Galactic Community None
nomad.1 The Nomads Will not spawn if a Sentry Array is completed None
precursor.98 Vultraum Home System Located Spawns the Vultraum Home System None
precursor.598 Yuht Home System Located Spawns the Yuht Home System None
precursor.1098 First League Home System Located Spawns the First League Home System None
precursor.1598 Irassian Home System Located Spawns the Irassian Home System None
precursor.2098 Cybrex Home System Located Spawns the Cybrex Home System None
story.107 Amoebas Pacified None
story.207 Crystals Pacified None
action.96 Birth of the Galactic Market None
akx.8888 Horizon Signal Ship
leviathans.3103 Dreadnought Repaired Ship


Events Continued

ID Major event Notes Required selection
war_in_heaven.1000 War in Heaven Will awaken two fallen empires if none awakened None
utopia.3000 Enter the Shroud Works even if still on cooldown None
utopia.3021 Avatar (army) None
utopia.3190 The Chosen One None
utopia.3304 Whisperers in the Void Option to form a covenant None
utopia.3305 Composer of Strands Option to form a covenant None
utopia.3306 Eater of Worlds Option to form a covenant None
utopia.3307 Instrument of Desire Option to form a covenant None
utopia.3308 End of the Cycle Option to form a covenant None
utopia.3320 The Reckoning Requires accepting the covenant in the previous event to work properly None
syndaw.1000 Machine Uprising None
fallen_machine_empire.1 Ancient Caretakers Awaken Must select the Ancient Caretakers with the play command beforehand or YOU will awaken None
marauder.85 Mercenaries Become Available Must be triggered multiple times for each Marauder empire None
marauder.500 The Drums of War Must select a Marauder Empire with the play command beforehand or YOU will become the Horde None
distar.172 Neural Symbiosis Option to get the Brain Slug Host trait for some pops and leaders Ship
distar.232 Junk Ratlings Creates the Ketling species if the Junk Ratling systems exist None
distar.236 Junk Ratlings Creates the Ketling Star Pack empire if the Ketling species exists None
distar.260 Wild Eukaryotes Creates a pre-sapient species with the Docile Livestock trait on the world Planet
distar.1001 Paradise Lost Creates a nearby system with the a Gaia World and a Stone Age civilization None
distar.1081 Azizians Option to enable the recruitment of Azizian armies on a random owned world None
distar.2050 Alien Entity Spawns the Enigmatic Cache in the galaxy None
distar.3014 The Nivlac (unfriendly) Creates an empire with a permanent -100 opinion modifier None
distar.3016 The Nivlac (friendly) Creates an empire with a permanent +100 opinion modifier None
distar.5006 The Voidspawn The selected celestial body is turned into a cracked world from where a Voidspawn hatches Planet
distar.11000 Spawn L-Cluster Spawns a sealed L-Cluser None
distar.3014 The Nivlac (unfriendly) Creates an empire with a permanent -100 opinion modifier None
distar.13000 The L-Cluster (L-Drake) Doesn’t require the L-Cluster but will open every L-Gate as well None
graygoo.1 The L-Cluster (Gray Tempest) Requires the L-Cluster to work None
graygoo.100 The L-Cluster (Dessanu Consonance) Requires the L-Cluster to work None
graygoo.400 A Quiet Stroll Encounter Grey Ship
ancrel.4000 Whispers in the Stone Creates the Whispers in the Stone archaeology site Planet
ancrel.6130 Zarqulan’s Chosen Allows colonizing Holy Worlds and gives +150 permanent opinion from Holy Guardians None
ancrel.10050 Secrets of the Yuht Unlocks the Initiate Yuht Cleansing Process decision None
ancrel.10004 Arcane Deciphering (Auto-Forge) Unlocks a Fallen Empire building None
ancrel.10006 Arcane Deciphering (Dimensional Fabricator) Unlocks a Fallen Empire building None
ancrel.10007 Arcane Deciphering (Affluence Center) Unlocks a Fallen Empire building None
ancrel.10008 Arcane Deciphering (Nourishment Center) Unlocks a Fallen Empire building None
ancrel.10009 Arcane Deciphering (Class-4 Singularity) Unlocks a Fallen Empire building None
origin.5605 Teachers of the Shroud Unlocks the Shroud Beacon starbase building None


Add_ship Ship IDs

add_ship [Ship ID]

Ship ID Ship
NAME_Constructor Construction Ship
NAME_Prototype Science Ship
NAME_Dagger Corvette
NAME_Ravager Destroyer
NAME_Derelict Cruiser
NAME_Spearhead Battleship
NAME_Seeker Alien corvette
NAME_Starfang Alien destroyer
NAME_Sword Alien cruiser
NAME_Divine_Glory Alien battleship
NAME_Corsair Pirate destroyer
NAME_Black_Earl Pirate cruiser
NAME_Pirate_Galleon Pirate battleship
NAME_Ancient_Mining_Drone Ancient Mining Drone miner
NAME_Ancient_Combat_Drone Ancient Mining Drone corvette
NAME_Ancient_Destroyer Ancient Mining Drone destroyer
NAME_Cracked_Crystalline_Shard Crystalline entity
NAME_Wraith Unbidden destroyer
NAME_Phantom Unbidden cruiser
NAME_Revenant Unbidden battleship
NAME_Predator Aberrant destroyer
NAME_Assassin Aberrant cruiser
NAME_Huntress Aberrant battleship
NAME_Obliterator Vehement destroyer
NAME_Annihilator Vehement cruiser
NAME_Eradicator Vehement battleship
NAME_Protector Nomad destroyer
NAME_Nomad_Cruiser Nomad cruiser
NAME_Dagger Corvette
NAME_Cloud_Entity Void Cloud
NAME_Small_Space_Organism_Zebra Space Amoeba
NAME_Great_Space_Organism Space Amoeba Mother
NAME_Tiyanki_Bull Red Tiyanki Space Whale
NAME_Tiyanki_Cow Blue Tiyanki Space Whale
NAME_Tiyanki_Calf Calf Tiyanki Space Whale
NAME_Tiyanki_Hatchling Hatchling_Tiyanki Space Whale
NAME_DS47 Space Probe
NAME_Cleanser Neutron Sweep colossus
NAME_Enforcer Global Pacifier colossus
NAME_Reaper World Cracker colossus
NAME_Dimensional_Horror Dimensional Horror
NAME_Grand_Dragon Ether Drake
NAME_Stellarite Stellar Devourer
NAME_Spectral_Wraith_450THz Red Spectral Wraith
NAME_Spectral_Wraith_520THz Yellow Spectral Wraith
NAME_Spectral_Wraith_650THz Blue Spectral Wraith
NAME_Shroud_Avatar Blue Shroud Avatar
NAME_Corrupted_Avatar Red Shroud Avatar
NAME_Adopted_Amoeba_Centenarian Space Amoeba Centenarian
NAME_Persistent Vol ship
NAME_AH4B Battleship AH4B
NAME_Progenitor Tiyanki Matriarch
NAME_Reclaimer Scavenger Bot
NAME_Voidspawn Voidspawn
NAME_Nanite_Dragon L-Drake
NAME_Nanite_Interdictor Nanite cruiser
NAME_Nanite_Mothership Nanite titan
NAME_Yojimbo Caravaneer destroyer
NAME_Gunslinger Caravaneer cruiser
NAME_Lessenger Alien corvette
NAME_Herald Titan
NAME_Shard_Dragon Shard
NAME_Crisis_Star_Eater Star-Eater
NAME_Sky_Dragon Sky Dragon
NAME_Bulwark_Battlewright Battlewright construction ship
NAME_Scholarium_Arctrellis Arctrellis science ship
NAME_Crystal_Nidus Crystal Nidus
NAME_Drone_Home_Base Home Base Ore Grinder
NAME_Sentry Sentinel station
NAME_Artist_Enclave_Station Artisan enclave station
NAME_Curator_Enclave_Station Curator enclave station
NAME_Trader_Enclave_Station Trader enclave station
NAME_Hive_Asteroid Asteroid Hive
NAME_Void_Dwelling Marauder Void Dwelling
NAME_Nanite_Factory Nanite starbase
NAME_Tradestation_Tungle Caravaneer Citadel
NAME_Mercenary_Enclave_Station Mercenary enclave station
NAME_Salvager_Enclave_Station Salvager enclave station
NAME_Shroudwalker_Enclave_Station Shroud-Touched Coven enclave station


Archaeological site IDs

effect create_archaeological_site = [archaeological site id]
effect create_archaeological_site = it_was_aliens_site (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = ancient_battle_site (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = asteroid_vault_1 (asteroid planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = zroni_digsite_1 (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = zroni_digsite_2 (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = zroni_digsite_3 (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = zroni_digsite_4 (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = zroni_digsite_5 (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = zroni_digsite_6 (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = city_of_bones (relic planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = mutation_vats (nuked planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = planetary_mechanocalibrator (relic planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_hidden_lab_a (frozen planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_moon_bump (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_echoes_inside (barren planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_target_from_orbit (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_shot_into_the_ground (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_cut_to_fit (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_deja_vu_dig (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_trench_world (barren planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_ebb_and_flow (molten planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_sky_glow_hymn (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_warmer_climates (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_phoenix_collective (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_grand_herald (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_hive_coral (ocean planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_orbital_rain (ocean planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_fossilized_jellyfish (ocean planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_popular_rock (asteroid planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_strange_flows (molten planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_command_center (asteroid planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_hunting_ground (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_zarqlan (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_minigalaxy_1 (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_minigalaxy_2 (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_star_petal (gas giant planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_robot_debris (asteroid planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = site_freighter_crash (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = endless_expanse_digsite (frozen planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = endless_expanse_digsite_2 (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = rubricator_digsite (non habitat planet)
effect create_archaeological_site = oracle_digsite (non habitat planet)

Relic IDs

add_relic all(ID) = add all relics

Relic ID
Blade of the Huntress r_ancient_sword
Cybrex War Forge r_war_forge
Ether Drake Trophy r_dragon_trophy
Extradimensional Warlock r_unbidden_warlock
Head of Zarqlan r_severed_head
Isolated Contingency Core r_contingency_core
Javorian Pox Sample r_pox_sample
Khan’s Throne r_khans_throne
Miniature Galaxy r_galaxy
Prethoryn Brood-Queen r_prethoryn_queen
Psionic Archive r_zro_crystal
Scales of the Worm r_worm_scales
The Defragmentor r_the_defragmentor
The Galatron r_galatron
The Last Baol r_the_last_baol
The Omnicodex r_omnicodex
The Rubricator r_rubricator
Ether Drake Trophy r_dragon_trophy
The Surveyor r_surveyor
Vultaum Reality Perforator r_reality_perforator
Yuht Cryo Core r_cryo_core


Written by Masked-Spectre

This is all about Stellaris – Cheats Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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