Stellaris – All command and script id

Stellaris – All command and script id 1 -
Stellaris – All command and script id 1 -

*note to self* remember to update this one
Command: max_resources
This gives max resources of energy, minerals, alloys, unity and special resources
energy 1000
minerals 1000
alloys 1000
food 1000
unity 1000
influence 1000
physics 1000
society 1000
engineering 1000
minor_artifacts 1000
resource consumer_goods 1000
resource volatile_motes 1000
resource exotic_gases 1000
resource rare_crystals 1000
resource nanites 1000
resource sr_zro 1000
resource sr_dark_matter 1000
resource sr_living_metal
resource acot_sr_dark_energy 1000 (ONLY ACOT MOD)
resource acot_sr_stellarite 1000 (ONLY ACOT MOD)
resource acot_sr_light_matter 1000 (ONLY ACOT MOD)
resource sr_iodizium 1000 (ONLY ACOT MOD)
resource sr_solar_energy 1000 (ONLY ACOT MOD)

Change star
script: effect solar_system = {set_star_class = {<star class>}
example: effect solar_system = {set_star_class = “sc_neutron_star”
Instantly_build facilities
Command: instant_build
*note* this affects the AI and each day tick is 1 instant build, so it is recommended to pause after each day tick




This is all about Stellaris – All command and script id; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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