Starship Troopers: Extermination – Structure and Objectives of Arc mode

Starship Troopers: Extermination – Structure and Objectives of Arc mode 1 -
Starship Troopers: Extermination – Structure and Objectives of Arc mode 1 -

Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about Starship Troopers: Extermination – Structure and Objectives of Arc mode Following this guide each steps.

This is a quick overview of Arc mode’s structure and goals. This is intended to help beginners.

This guide will break down the four phases, and their objectives and briefly discuss the infestation levels.

Phase 1: Landing

This is the shortest and easiest phase to miss. You have two tasks to complete:

Build the mobile HQ

2 – Prepare the area for the Arc Drop.

Phase 2: Resource acquisition

This is the meaty part of the round. You are given three major objectives.

1 – Defend your Arc

2 – Acquire ore

3 – Acquire gas

Let’s elaborate on each. We will briefly discuss ore and gas, then add an extra segment for common information to both.

1. Defend the Arc

To do this, you must secure the perimeter and build up your defenses. Soldiers must man strategically placed locations and build appropriate defenses to intercept bugs on their way to the Arc. As the level of infestation increases, this job will include hunting down bug artillery which strikes your base. This will force you to either leave the base, or re-task members of your resource team.

2. Acquire Ore

The blue canister is Ore, which comes from ore refineries and provides resources to builders for refortifying the base. It is loaded onto the mobile HQ. This is a valuable resource, but it is not critical.

3. Acquire Gas

Gas canisters are yellow and come from gas refineries. They provide fuel for the Arc. This is your most important resource, as when you load 7 canisters into the Arc, the next phase will begin. Loading the last canister requires caution and communication between your team’s builder.

Canisters & You

Canisters are made in refineries. Once the device is built, you must activate the terminals for 30 seconds and then protect it. The refinery will stop the process if it is damaged too much. You can create 4 canisters until the refinery enters a 240-second cooldown, forcing you to aid in other areas. Support infantry can carry canisters and are therefore ideal members of resource teams.

Phase 3: Defense of the Base

You’ve now loaded the last gas in the Arc, and activated the scan. You are given a single objective.

1) Defend the Arc

Here you can judge the effectiveness of your ore resource team, your soldier’s skills, and your builder’s designs. You can help in any way you can. Repair, revive, kill or cover friendly units. You must hold your line until the scan reaches 100 percent, at this point, the Fleet will step in.

Phase 4: Extraction

Congratulations are in order or will be, if you manage to get home. You have completed the scan, and now you only have one goal:

1) Extract your team

As soon as this phase begins, try to travel with friends. Sprint to the shuttle, marked with a shuttle symbol on the map. Cover each other as you sprint.

You will be greeted with a flyboy and your friends in the back. Ammunition is also available. Grab some ammunition, head outside, and start covering any friends en route to exit before lifting off.

Infestation Level

As you spend more and more time on the map, your level of infestation will increase. As the level increases, new threats and hordes will appear. The grendier and Tiger Elite are just a few examples. The faster you can complete a mission, the better. But only if your defenses are prepared.


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