Starship Troopers: Extermination – How to Use Rocket Launcher

Starship Troopers: Extermination – How to Use Rocket Launcher 1 -
Starship Troopers: Extermination – How to Use Rocket Launcher 1 -

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A weapon to end bug infestations on Valaka Stay tuned to discover more about the Federation’s new weapon!

Fed ED delivers the latest news direct from the front!

Starship Troopers: Extermination - How to Use Rocket Launcher - Fed ED brought the latest news from the front ! - 8AD2F11

FED NET will be broadcasting live on planet Valaka. This mining colony is targeted as the Arachnid tries to undermine its industry and war effort.

Deep Space Vanguard’s brave men, women, and children are there for the bug to prevent it from spreading.

The only thing which can match our soldier’s bravery is the new Rocket Launcher. The bug may have a number of them, but they cannot match the ingenuity that mankind has!

Sergeant Blue said, “With this thing, you can easily make various shrimp dishes with just a little rocket stuffed into their butt. Shrimps are the bug that lives in the sea.” We haven’t managed to contact him, but as a citizen we know he’ll be there on the frontline. Good Luck, troopers!

Terran Command now takes us high above the Earth’s orbit to learn more.

Rocket Launcher: The ins and outs


Starship Troopers: Extermination - How to Use Rocket Launcher - The In and Out of Rocket Launcher - C818128

The M56 is a powerful weapon that can shoot down armored bugs or clear a horde with just 3 rockets. Each trooper can carry up to 15 warheads with the Magazine Bandolier perk.


Terran Command thinks our troops will successfully carry their mission out so the launcher won’t come in standard loading. If they feel the situation is critical, the launcher can be delivered to the site.

Always be on the lookout for Repairing The Generator or Defend the Beacon mission, both in Green Color. Even though they may seem tedious, upon completion our troopers receive a Rocket Launcher.


A trooper with the designation HUNTER of Brimstone will have the highest priority when picking up a launcher. However, if no troops are on combat duty near the launcher, an operator should be able to pick it up. In the unfortunate situation where neither of these two are present, a Bastion may be used.

IMPORTANT: Ours troops are required to switch from their primary to secondary before initiating a sequence so that they can keep theirs primary gun.


+Hunter must bring its own Ammo Fabricator to replenish their warheads on the site.

+Utilizing Jet Boost, they can reach high ground, ideally, an Air Control Tower, which can withstand a bug attack and provide the height advantage needed to rain down missiles on the approaching Bugs.

+Ours Scientist has made sure that the Warhead Pack is enough explosive to destroy Warrior insects, but to maximize the advantage of the launcher, it should only be used for Gunner bugs Tiger Elite, and Grenadier Bugs, as they are a severe threat against Valaka’s Industrial Infrastructures.

HUNTER should provide fire support to their brother and sister as they are reportedly ambushed by Bugs on the way to the zone of extraction.

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