Starfield – How to Romance and Mary Sam Coe

Starfield – How to Romance and Mary Sam Coe 1 -
Starfield – How to Romance and Mary Sam Coe 1 -

Starfield – How to Romance and Mary Sam Coe

Ready to win over Sam Coe’s heart in Starfield? Let’s get started. You’ll want to wrap up the main quest named “The Empty Nest” first. Finishing this quest lets you have Sam Coe as your trusty companion. Together, you both can dive into a thrilling mission in Akila City on the hunt for a priceless Artifact. And, good news, once this mission’s done, Sam can become your main sidekick.

Now that Sam’s got your back, you’ll want to grow that bond. How? Simply adventure together. Dive into quests. Explore the amazing galaxy you’re in. Keep in mind, though, Sam’s got this hidden ‘affinity’ score. It’s kind of like a friendship meter. You might not see the score, but if you see messages pop up on the top-right of your screen saying things like “Sam Coe liked that“, it means your bond’s getting stronger!

Want to make Sam really like you? Try this: When quest givers don’t offer payment, don’t push for it. Be extra nice to Cora Coe (Sam’s daughter – she might become your stepdaughter!). And, show your support for the Freestar Collective. Sam’s a big fan, and it’d mean a lot if you stand by their aim to break free from the UC.

Of course, there are don’ts too. Doing things that get messages like “Sam Coe disliked that” isn’t good. So, maybe skip on doing bad stuff or picking on innocent folks.

As you journey on, your game’s activity log might ask you to “Talk to Sam Coe.” Don’t miss out on these! Chatting with Sam gives you a peek into his life and sometimes even a chance to use the [FLIRT] option. It’s a fun way to boost that ‘affinity’ score.

Through your talks, you’ll hear stories. Like about Solomon Coe, tales of Cora’s childhood, Sam’s old smuggling days, and some concerns Cora has for her mom. And oh, after all these deep dives, you unlock the quest “Matters of the Hart.”

Guide to “Matters of the Hart” with Sam Coe

Once you’ve talked about Lilian’s (Cora’s mom) safety with Sam and Cora, hustle over to Neon to check in on her. When you land, have a chat with Jaylen from the Freestar Rangers. They’ve got the lowdown on Lilian’s case. A quick look at Lilian’s desk might show you a clue leading to a locked apartment. And inside that apartment? Sad news – you find Lilian’s informant, no longer alive. A Datapad inside lets you know Lilian’s undercover at Victor Compound with the Syndicate.

Your next move? Head to the Victor Compound. But watch out! Before getting there, you’ll get a radio call from Sam. And then, it’s rescue mission time. Lilian needs an escape. Fight off any Syndicate Gangsters you come across and find Lilian.

Got Lilian safe? Great! Head back to your ship for a chat between her, Sam, and you. Lilian spills the beans on her mission against the Syndicate big boss, Valerie Mosquera. You’ll want to track Valerie down. But first, get her shipment records from a ship named the Dumas. Heads up though, they’re not friendly! Battle it out and get the “Message to Dumas” Datapad. This points you to Valerie’s weapon stash on Andromas III. Once there, deal with the Syndicate ships and have another chat with Lilian and Sam. There’s some drama, but all’s well in the end. Lilian leaves, and Sam asks for a meet-up near a statue in Akila City.

What’s next in the tale?

Find Sam Coe at the set spot in Akila City. Here’s where you can have a heart-to-heart. If you’re feeling it, pick the **[ROMANCE]** choice. This seals the deal on your relationship with Sam and wraps up the “Matters of the Hart” mission.

So, you’ve wrapped up “Matters of the Hart”? Great! Your next step is to keep exploring until the objective “Talk to Sam Coe” pops up in your activity log. Now, here’s the deal: Sam feels that to move ahead with your relationship, Cora’s blessing is crucial. Time to have a chat with Cora! The good news is, it’s not a tricky talk. Cora will just share how pleased she is about your choice to marry Sam. Simple, right?

Once you’ve had that conversation with Cora, it’s back to Sam you go. When you meet him, there’s this [COMMITMENT] dialogue option. Click on it! Spoiler: It’s where you pop the big question. And guess what? Sam’s all in! He’ll then ask you to meet up at the Coe Estate in Akila City. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

How to Kickstart the ‘Commitment: Sam Coe’ Quest

When you make your commitment, it activates the “Commitment: Sam Coe” quest in your log. Your next adventure? Head to the Coe Estate. But it’s not just a simple visit. You’ll bump into Jacob Coe first. After that, it’s a swift journey across the city. Why? You’re bringing in Lilian Hart and Cora Coe for the ceremony! Once everyone’s gathered, all you need to do is strike up a conversation with Sam Coe. And voila! You get to start the wedding festivities and, well, get hitched!

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