Fae Farm – How to Upgrade Tools and Inventory Full Guide

Fae Farm – How to Upgrade Tools and Inventory Full Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Fae Farm – How to Upgrade Tools and Inventory Full Guide 1 - steamlists.com

Fae Farm – How to Upgrade Tools and Inventory Full Guide

If you’re a farmer in Fae Farm, you know tools are your best friends. From farming to fishing and even catching bugs, tools make everything easier. But upgrading them? That’s a whole different story. Let’s dive into the details together and make it simple.

Discovering the Power of Tool Upgrades

For all your farming tasks, five key tools have got your back: the Pickax, Shovel, Axe, Scythe, and Watering Can. And the place to upgrade them? Head to Cinder the Blacksmith! She’s right by the Market Square. Let’s check out the upgrade details.

Where to Upgrade Your Axe

Here’s how the Axe upgrades work:

  • Gold Ingot: Cuts all trees and can be thrown far (needs Mana).
  • Feyrite Ingot: Cuts hard trees and can be tossed a bit (uses Mana).
  • Orichalcum Ingot: Cuts hard trees, and you can throw it further (spends Mana).
  • Iron Ingot: Good for the sturdier trees.
  • Silver Ingot: Also chops hard trees.
  • Copper Ingot: Perfect for small trees and logs.

How to Upgrade Your Pickax

Here’s the deal with Pickax upgrades:

  • All Rocks: Breaks every rock and clears a big 7×7 area (uses Mana).
  • Harder Rocks and Gold Ore: Breaks toughest rocks.
  • Harder Rocks and Orichalcum Ore: Destroys tough rocks and clears a 5×5 space (needs Mana).
  • Harder Rocks and Silver Ore: Works on tougher rocks.
  • Harder Rocks and Feyrite Ore: Smashes hard rocks and a small 3×3 area (requires Mana).
  • Rocks and Copper Ore: Perfect for basic rocks and copper ore.
  • Harder Rocks and Iron Ore: Great for the next level of tough rocks.

Scythe Upgrades: How to Get the Best Cut

Upgrading your Scythe means:

  • Cuts all grasses and you can move further while slicing (uses Mana).
  • Cuts hard grasses and move while slicing (needs Mana).
  • Cuts tough grasses in a small area (takes Mana).
  • Cuts more resistant grasses.
  • Cuts plants and regular grass.

Where to Dig Deeper with Shovel Upgrades

Boosting your Shovel:

  • Digs all and even more around (uses Mana).
  • Digs tough dirt and more nearby (requires Mana).
  • Digs hard piles.
  • Digs around and tough dirt (needs Mana).
  • Digs sand and dirt.
  • Digs compost piles.

How to Keep Crops Happy with Watering Can Upgrades

For a thirstier garden:

  • Waters a big 7×7 area (uses Mana).
  • Waters a 5×5 space (needs Mana).
  • Can water a 3×3 area (spends Mana).
  • Holds even more water.
  • Waters one tile at a time.

Bug Net Upgrades: How to Catch ’em All

Starting with the Critter Net, you can snag bugs and small critters. But want to up your game? Find Mel in West Town. Here are the upgrade options:

  • Advanced Critter Net: Nabs mountain buddies. Cost: 2,500 Gold Florins. Level 5 needed.
  • Sturdy Critter Net: Perfect for fae critters. Cost: 1,000 Gold Florins. Get to Level 3 first.
  • Master Critter Net: It’s a surprise! Cost: 5,000 Gold Florins. Reach Level 7.

Fishing Rod Upgrades: Where to Get the Big Fish

Your Basic Rod is just the start. For better fishing, see Eddy by the beach. His upgrades include:

  • Sturdy Rod: Catches magical fae fish. Cost: 1,000 Gold Florins. Needs Fishing Level 3.

Boosting Your Inventory: Room for More!

As you grow in Fae Farm, you’ll want more space. Good news? We’re working on a guide just for inventory upgrades. But for now, remember, having the right tools makes everything better. Keep farming and stay happy!

If you’re wondering about expanding your backpack, it’s a bit different. You’ll need new, bigger ones. Swing by the Market Square in town and look for Skye. She’s got the best backpacks, each adding 8 more slots. Curious about the max size? It’s a whopping 40 slots. Let’s see the costs:

  • Upgrade Two: Price tag? 2,500 Florins
  • Upgrade One: It’s 1,000 Florins
  • Upgrade Three: Going for 5,000 Florins

Alright, let’s chat about something cool: upgrading your storage. Ever been on an adventure and thought, “Man, I wish I could carry more stuff!”? We’ve all been there. But there’s some good news. By making a few upgrades, your storage game will be on point! You’ll be able to pack in more items and gather extra resources. It’s like getting a bigger suitcase for a long vacation.

Now, you might wonder, where’s the best place to get these upgrades? Well, there’s this awesome person named Skye, hanging out in the Market Square. Trust me, Skye’s the go-to for all things storage. So, next time you’re there, swing by and see what they have to offer. Boosting your backpack’s space? Totally worth it.

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