Sons Of The Forest – Full list console commands and cheats

Sons Of The Forest – Full list console commands and cheats 1 -
Sons Of The Forest – Full list console commands and cheats 1 -

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Here are the codes and commands for all consoles.

How do I open the console in Sons of the Forest with no modifications or programs

To load any save game to load a save game, enter “CHEATSTICK” and then press “F1”. Try again if you aren’t successful.

List of console commands and cheats for Sons of the Forest

save Quick Game Save

godmode on Enable God Mode (Immortality).

godmode off: Disable God Mode (immortality).

buffstats: Restore your KP and quench your thirst and refuel the strength of your hero

regenhealth: Restore health and vitality of the hero

addallitems Get all items

removeallitems Clear inventory (removes nearly every item)

additem [item name]: Add a new item to your inventory Examples of item names include chainsaw and shovel

spawnworldobject [item name]: Put the object on an even surface. Examples of the names of objects include: rock and stick

instantbookbuild on: Create everything in the workbook

instantbookbuild off Disable construction, as described in the workbook.

forcerain heavy: Change the weather to rainy

forcerain sunny: Change the weather to sunny

showhud off Hide HUD

showhud on Show HUD

season summer: Change the year to summer.

season autumn: Changes the time of year to autumn

season winter: Transition from summer to winter

season spring: Change the year to spring

superjump on: Initiate the super-jump

speedyrun on enables rapid running

speedyrun off – Stop the fast-running

superjump off – Disable Super Jump

cavelight on: Turn on the lights around your hero

cavelight off: Switch off the lights around your hero

createlight: Add light source to the world of open

settimeofday [1-24]: Change the timing in the game

settimeofday morning– Change to early morning

settimeofday night: Change to the nighttime

locktimeofday morning – Switch to the morning

Cheats: Monsters and NPS

addcharacter robby 1: Rest one Kelvin (Kelvin’s partner)

addvirginia: Sleep Virginia (Virginia’s companion)

aishowthoughts on Map AI thoughts/paths

aighostplayer on: Enemies are unable to see the protagonist (stealth mode off)

aighostplayer off: Enemies are able to see the protagonist (stealth mode off).

aipause: All creatures and monsters even their companions stop moving

aidisable All monsters and creatures, including their friends begin to move.

aigodmode on Enable God Mode (Immortality), for Companions

aigodmode off: Disable God Mode (immortality) for your companions


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