Sons Of The Forest – How to Heal? Guide Tips

Sons Of The Forest – How to Heal? Guide Tips 1 -
Sons Of The Forest – How to Heal? Guide Tips 1 -

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How to Heal? Guide Tips



Items that restore health are in short supply at the beginning of the game. Caves or boxes and other storage options may hold medicinal supplies; however, due to the presence of the tribes, these supplies might be in danger. Another issue is that aloe vera’s cultivation isn’t widely used, but you may find it growing near rivers and other types of water sources the inland.

You will require Firweed in order to prepare the recipe for the potion for healing. These items are likely to spawn in huge clusters in various places across the map. If you can locate the area close to the point where the plane crashed below the mountains, you will find a significant number of objects of this type there.

When you’re exploring the woods and in the surrounding area, you’ll, more or less, see the ‘E’ interactivity button popping up everywhere. Just take everything you can from the bushes. You will eventually get to “full,” which means you’ve reached your maximum capacity limit. Because the painkillers won’t do the trick and will run out quite quickly, and in addition to the fact that they’re harder to find, you must make potions and medicines for future use.


The can opener

Your helicopter will always fall in the same area at the start of a new game. If you look up the mountain and follow that tiny stream, it will take you to a frozen lake at the top. If you look around the lake and into the small ice cave, you will find a few items to collect in the ice cave.

One of them is a can opener, which allows you to open tinned cat food, which is usually stored in cases, boxes, and other interesting areas. The early game food issue and your food storage needs for the winter will be helped by this.

This tool is extremely helpful when you’re looking for cans. In this case, you won’t have the ability to open them, and you’ll have less food actually to use.

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