Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice – Prayer Bead and Gourd Seed Locations

Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice – Prayer Bead and Gourd Seed Locations 1 -
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice – Prayer Bead and Gourd Seed Locations 1 -

Welcome to this post. This post will provide information regarding the Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice – Prayer Bead and Gourd Seed Locations, and we hope you will find this material helpful.

Ashina Outskirts (5 Seeds, 3 Beads)

Prayer beads


  • After defeat at the Outskirts Wall Gate Path, General Naomori Kanarada dropped this item.
  • Chained Ogre dropped them after defeating them at the Outskirts Wall, Stairway.
  • Tenzen Yamauchi loses it in Outskirts Wall – Stairway.
  • In the temple’s attic, in a box where you will first meet the Tengu Ashina. To go to the attic, you must first climb up the rafters. Gyoubu Oniwa must be vanquished before you may visit this location.
  • Blazing Bull dropped him following a defeat at Ashina Castle Gate.


Gourd seeds:


  • Stop at General Naomori Karada, just after the “Outskirts Wall – Gate Path”, for Sculptor’s Idol.
  • Situated shortly after Chained Ogre and just past “Outskirts Wall – Stairway”, Sculptor’s Idol can be found nearby.
  • Purchased from 1,000 Sen, located just steps away from Gyoubu Oniwa’s fight.



Ashina Outskirts, after setting ablaze (1 Bet)

Prayer beads


  • Dropped by Shigekichi of Red Guard upon defeat, he can be found in the courtyard just past the stairway gate in Outskirts wall – Stairway.


Hirata Estate (3 Beads)

Prayer beads


  • Shinobi Hunter of Misen, upon defeat in Bamboo Thicket Slope, dropped this item.
  • Juzou the Drunkard dropped her after she was defeated in the Main Hall Courtyard.
  • In a chest near the Hirata Auditor Chamber Sculptor’s Idol. The Bandit Soldier & Bandit archer patrol the pathway in search of the hidden wall.


Hirata Estate – second memory (2 Beads)

Prayer beads


  • Lone Shadow Masanaga is the Spear Bearer. Here you will find the 1st Memory’s dying Owl.
  • Juzou and the Drunkard rematch.


Ashina Castle (5 Seeds, 1 Bead)

Prayer beads


  • General Kuranosuke Mizumoto was defeated at the top of a stairway leading up to Ashina Castle and dropped this statue. Shinobi had recently overrun Ashina Castle. If you miss it, you can buy it for 2200 Sen at an Offering Box near a dilapidated temple.
  • Lone Shadow Longswordman surrendered it after defeating Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi in the Ashina Reservoir Well. Seven Ashina Spears also dropped Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi after their defeat at Ashina Reservoir.
  • In the Upper Tower, Jinusuke Sze was defeated and dropped off by Ashina Elite at Ashina Dojo. On his right, you will spot a concealed wall between two sets of armor behind Blue-Robed Samurai.


Gourd Seed


  • Just before the “Upper Tower – Antechamber”, a sculptor’s idol is found in a chest.


(1) Seed of a Dilapidated Church

Gourd Seed


  • One can be purchased at Fujioka the Info Broker for 2,000 Sen once he arrives.


Ashina Castle, after it was overrun with Shinobi (3 beads).

Prayer beads


  • Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear Bearer dropped the Spear-Bearer after defeat at Great Serpent Shrine. Only before Ashina was set ablaze. For 2200 Sen, you can buy it at the Offering Box located near the Dilapidated Temple if you miss it.
  • Lone Shadow Vilehand drops it after defeat in the Ashina Dojo.
  • After defeat in the Upper Tower, the Chained Ogre drops you. Jump down from Antechamber Sculptor’s Ill, where two Samurai (one old lady) are walking.


Ashina Castle – After setting ablaze (2 beads).

Prayer beads


  • Dropped from Seven Ashina Spears Shumemasaji Oniwa following defeat in Ashina Reservoir.
  • Dropped by Ujinari Moizou, Red-Eyed Ashina Elite – Ujinari Mizou, in the hidden Dojo below Isshin Ashina’s Room. This is the same area that had 3 Nightjar Shinobi in it before Genichiro Ashina defeated it. It also had 1 Nightjar Shinobi as well as 1 Lone Swordsman Shinobi. Shinobi overran Ashina Castle.


Abandoned Dungeon (1 Bead)

Prayer Bead


  • Sold by Dungeon Memorial Mob, 1400 sen


Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo (3 Beads, 1 Seed)

Prayer beads


  • Dropped by an Armored Warrior on defeat atop the mountain, just past the Shugendo Sculptor’s statue.
  • Dropped by Long Arm Centipede Sen Un after defeat in the Temple Grounds
  • You can jump from the Temple Grounds Sculptor’s idol into the pond containing 2 Treasure Carps, and then dive. This skill is only available to those who have acquired the Mibu Breathing Technique.


Gourd Seed


  • In front the Senpou Temple’s immortal monk, in front of the first building that’s full of crickets.


Sunken Valley (4 Beads, 1 Seed)

Prayer beads


  • Turn to your left from the UnderShrine Valley Sculptor’s idol and walk up the hill gently. Grapple across the gap to the ledge and kill both Riflemen. Double-jump to climb up the wall beside them. Hug the wall, and then shimmy around on the ledge. To find the prayer bead, you can drop down on the other side.
  • Dropped by Snake Eyes Shirafuji at defeat near Sunken Valley Idol
  • Dropped by the Long-arm Centipede Giraffe after defeat in Gun Fort
  • After defeating the Long-Arm Centipede Giraffe (or Long-Arm Centipede Giraffe), there is a gap in the floor to your left. Follow the left path until you reach the chasm. Follow the two grapplehooks to the right until you reach the first platform. Look to the right and up for the next grapple position to the next platform. Turn left and walk across the platform to reach the final grapple point. This item will be in the middle of the mini centipedes, poison geckos and on the ground.


Gourd Seed


  • You can continue forward from the “Undershrine Valley” Idol until you reach the fourth rifleman along the path. If you get to the poison Lizard and the part that you hug the wall, then you’ve gone too much. Near the rifleman, there is a climbable rock. Climb up the wall to find two more riflemen. One of these riflemen will require you to grapple up. After defeating the rifleman there is a wall you can climb. You will find the gourd seeds near a small building up there.


Ashina Depths (8 beads, 1 seed)

Prayer beads


  • Dropped by Snake Eyes Shirahagi after defeat in the Poison Pools.
  • Just before you reach the Ape’s Den, pass the Snake Eyes Shirahagi guarded fog gate. Look up and to the right. There will be an entry point for grapples. Follow the path until you reach the place where you must crouch. Continue past the first overhang. Stand up, turn left, then jump up on the ledge. Follow the path and make several wall jumps to climb the wall. Look up towards the statue’s head, and grab it. The item will be located on top of statue’s head.
  • Tokujiro was the Glutton who dropped Tokujiro after defeating in the Misty Forest.
  • Two were taken by the Headless Ape when they defeated you in the Ashina Depths. Before you can fight this boss, first defeat the Guardian Ape of the Sunken Valley Passage.
  • Dropped by O’Rin, the Water upon defeat at Mibu Village
  • The Water Mill Sculptor’s Idol leads you through O’rin of the Water’s Arena, over the bridge, to the house. To the right of the house’s staircase, you can crouch beneath an opening. Look up to the left side of your house and interact with the revolving floors. Go outside and reach the 2nd Floor. This item is located in the Shrine, surrounded with Spirit Emblems. Video Location
  • In a chest located at the bottom of Lake Mibu Village. This skill is only available to those who have received the Mibu Breathing Technique.


Gourd Seed


  • It is located in the middle Mibu Village, near the orange glowing tree. Multiple enemies guard this area.


Fountainhead Palace (3 beads, 1 seed)

Prayer beads


  • After defeat, Sakura Bull of Palace dropped it. Turn left after you reach the Sculptor’s Idol, past the courtyard filled with flute-playing Nobles. Run down the length the palace. About half-way down the palace’s length, you will see the Sakura Bull.
  • It is located at the bottom end of the Great Colored Carp Pool. The lake contains a pit that houses 2 headless and a giant, glowing skeleton. The skeleton is where you will find the prayer beads. To retrieve the prayer beads, you don’t need to kill headless.
  • Dropped by Okami Shizu, the Okami Leader Shizu after defeat at Sakura Tree. This enemy shoots lightning at your attempts to enter the Lake upon reaching Fountainhead Palace.


Gourd Seed


  • In a chest in room last of the palace by the “Palace Grounds”, the Sculptor’s Idol.

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