Rocket League – How to install mods

Rocket League – How to install mods 1 -
Rocket League – How to install mods 1 -

In this guide I will teach the how to install mods in Rocket League

Modding Rocket League

To mod Rocket League, we are going to need to install a mod manager. We are going to use a program called Bakkasmod. to do this download it here – [] . after downloading it, you may see a message that says that it was blocked or that it is not safe for your computer. make sure you keep it anyway. set it up like you would any other downloaded program. next, lets play rocket league. while in the menu, we can press f2 to view the bakkasmod menu. there are a couple different sections, but today we are going to be talking about plugins, AKA mods. to get mods go to this – []  website and and search for a mod such as CinderBlock’s aimbot mod click on it and click install. the website will tell you what to do next. finally, lets use our mod. go back into rocket league and press f2 to open the bakkasmod menu go to the plugins section and look for plugin manager inside of that, look for the mod you installed and make sure that the box beside it is checked. (to disable the mod, simply uncheck the box) now we can go into free play to test it. (keep in mind that many mods including the aimbot mod only work in offline play).
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