Rocket League – TOP 10 annoying things.

Rocket League – TOP 10 annoying things. 1 -
Rocket League – TOP 10 annoying things. 1 -
In this guide I will talk about the top 10 most annoying things in Rocket League. If you agree with some of the topics that I will talk, don´t forget to give a tip.


Top 10 most annoying things in Rocket League

1- Saves not counting 
It normally happens when you do amazing defenses but the game prefers to ignore that and give a goal to the opponents 
2- Weird ball bounces 
Imagine making accidentally a pinch with the adversary and scoring in your own net… 
3- Smurf opponents 
One of the most annoying things is to play against GCs when you are actually diamond and you lose only because they are smurfing in new accounts. 
4- Boosted teammates 
The objective of having a teammate is to have someone that can help you, but instead of that sometimes the game becomes harder and harder when you have a teammate stealing your boost every time. 
5- Rigged matchmaking 
When Rocket League created matchmaking for competitive the purpose was to be a balanced way to put players playing together. In spite of that, the matchmaking is really rigged nowadays. 
6- Broken demos 
Being demolished every time by toxic players is one of the most irritating things in rocket league. 
7- Ghost hits 
Is it your ping responsible for the ghost hits or are you just bad? 
8- Lucky kickoff goals 
Losing a game against a player that is worst that you, only by kickoffs is one of the worst things that can happen in Rocket league. 
9- When you won and div down 
No one actually knows why this happens, but the game basically only likes to make you play more time. 
10- Toxic players 
The worst nightmare that you can have. Playing against toxic players can damage your mental health. 

Written by dimischi

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Rocket League – TOP 10 annoying things.; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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