Rocket League – How To Maximize Your Profits With Drops

Rocket League – How To Maximize Your Profits With Drops 7 -
Rocket League – How To Maximize Your Profits With Drops 7 -
In this guide I will show you what you can do with the drops you earn to be able to make the most profit you can from them. I will explain when I personally think it is the best time to sell your non crates, or trade them up, and I will share data that I’ve calculated along with everything in-between.


What Are Drops?

Drops are the new way of earning non crate items. It used to be that every time you leveled up, you received a random non crate, usually an uncommon or rare, sometimes a very rare. There are 6 different kinds of drops: 
Uncommon Drop: 
Rocket League - How To Maximize Your Profits With Drops 

    Possible Drops:

  • Uncommons 
  • Rares 
  • Very Rares

Rare Drop: 
Rocket League - How To Maximize Your Profits With Drops 

    Possible Drops:

  • Rares 
  • Very Rares 
  • Imports

Very Rare Drop: 
Rocket League - How To Maximize Your Profits With Drops 

    Possible Drops:

  • Very Rares 
  • Imports 
  • Exotics

Import Drop: 
Rocket League - How To Maximize Your Profits With Drops 

    Possible Drops:

  • Imports 
  • Exotics 
  • Black Markets

Exotic Drop: 
Rocket League - How To Maximize Your Profits With Drops 

    Possible Drops:

  • Exotics 
  • Black Markets

Black Market Drop: 
Rocket League - How To Maximize Your Profits With Drops 

    Possible Drops:

  • Black Markets


How Do I Get Drops?

There are multiple ways you can get drops. Here are all of the different ways: 

  • Rocket Pass Free Tiers 
  • Weekly Challenges 
  • Season Challenges 
  • Season Challenge Rewards


Rocket Pass Free Tiers:

One of the easiest ways to receive drops is with the Rocket Pass Free Tiers. These are obtained WITHOUT buying the pass and all you have to do is play to level up. There is 1 drop every 5 tiers until tier 70, and then 1 drop every 10 tiers until tier 110. The first 8 drops are Uncommon, the next 4 are rare, and the last 6 are very rare. That’s 18 drops you get from the free tiers. 

Weekly Challenges:

Another easy way is to complete the weekly challenges every week. Once a week, there are 3 new challenges to complete (6 if you have premium), and 1 of the challenge’s rewards is a rare drop. There are 16 weeks in Season 2, so that’s another 16 rare drops you can get each season. Make sure to get on at least once a week to get these drops, because they will not be obtainable once the new challenges come out the next week. These challenges are also relatively easy to beat, so it’s easy to just grab quick once a week if you don’t play that much. 

Season Challenges:

The season challenges are similar to the weekly challenges; however, these challenges take a lot longer to complete as well as you have the whole season to complete them. Each quarter of the season, the next set of challenges will become open, and you can always go back to previous quarters to finish up any challenges you missed. There are 3 challenges that the reward is a drop per quarter, and they are rare drops. So that’s another 12 drops you can get.  

Season Challenge Rewards:

The season challenge rewards are exactly what they are called: when you complete 22 out of the 24 total free season challenges, you get a reward! The reward is a rare drop, and very rare drop, and an import drop. You’ll have to wait till the end of the season to get this reward, because in order to achieve enough free challenges, the 4th quarter of season challenges has to be opened up first. 

When To Sell & When To Trade Up

In this section, I will explain what the best thing to do is with the items you get from the drops you receive. You have 2 options: You can sell the items, or you can trade up the items (or you can just keep them :D). I will explain when it is the best time to trade up and when it is the best time to sell them. I recommend using the website to find prices for your items. 


If they are unpainted: Trade them up. 
If they are painted: Sell them. 
If your uncommons are not painted, I would suggest to trade them up to rares, because there are not very many people willing to buy unpainted uncommons. However, if your uncommons are painted, I would suggest to you to sell them. There are collectors that you can find who will buy painted uncommons 10-20 credits each. Always make sure to check your prices beforehand though, some painted uncommons are expensive, like black Dieci. 


Unless you get something like tw Wildcat ears: Trade them up. 
Again, always check your prices beforehand, but there aren’t very many good things you can get from trading up to rares, and not many people actually buy rares for a good price, so your best bet is to trade them up. 

Very Rares:

Most of the time, unless a good painted item: Trade them up OR sell them. 
As you can see, this is where things get a little bit interesting. So many people buy and sell very rares, and that’s because of what you can get by trading up very rares. The top 3 most expensive cars (tw Dominus, tw Octane, and tw Fennec) can be gotten by trading up. However, everyone needs to realize the numbers before you go off and try to trade up and find yourself wasting good very rares for junk. Here’s the numbers that may be useful to anybody who wants to trade up: 
I tried to get these numbers as close as possible to the real answer but it’s a close estimate. 

  • There are currently 106 non crate imports that can be obtained. 
  • 86 of the current 106 non crate imports are painted (some don’t have all 13 colors). 
  • Including color variations, there are around 1,200 different non crate imports. 
  • The percentage of getting a specific import is 0.943% 
  • The percentage of getting a specific import painted (in any color) is 0.038% 
  • The percentage of getting a specific import painted (in one specific color) is 0.004%

So in reality, the chances of you getting a tw Octane is 0.004%. That’s a chance you might want to take, or you might not want to. However, your chances of getting something you want are higher depending on what you want. Let’s say you want a tw Octane, tw Dominus, or tw Fennec, then your chances will be x3 higher, or 0.012%. Let’s say you don’t care what the color is of any of those 3, then your chances would be 0.114%. The numbers are pretty low but can be reward-able if you hit the jackpot. If you want to keep it safe, you can sell non crate very rares for 20-30 credits each. 


Unless you get items worth big bucks: Trade up. 
Again, check the prices for anything you get, but if all you get is a bunch of stuff not worth anything then I would recommend trading up. The price of non crate imports is 30-40 credits, which 5 of them would be 150-200. The price of non crate exotics is around that same price, 150-200, so you might as well trade these up, because you are not losing much profit if at all, and you might get an expensive exotic. Not any risk at all to trade up imports for exotics. 


Depending on what you want to do: Trade up OR sell them. 
This is another point where you can decide yourself what you want to do. We’ll use 150 credits as the average price for non crate exotics. If you have 5 of them, that would be 750 credits worth. Here’s the numbers for trading up to black markets: 

  • Current number of black markets that can be obtained from trading up: 42 (cannot get Buffy-Sugo or Stripple Gait) 
  • Out of 42 black markets, 12 are worth more than 750 credits. 
  • The percentage of getting a black market worth less than 750 credits: 70.45% 
  • The percentage of getting a black market worth more than 750 credits: 29.55%

That’s a pretty high number to be able to make a profit, however it could backfire just as well. You can spend 750 credits to get a solar flare, or you could spend 750 credits to get a dueling dragons. This is one of the biggest make or break deals. 

Black Markets:

Do what you want: Sell them or keep them. 
You can’t trade up higher than a black market, so this is the end of the line for trading up. You can always sell it or keep it for yourself. 


There it is for you! I hope that this guide has helped you understand what drops are, how to get them, and how to utilize the drops you get in the most profitable way. If you have any questions, feel free to add me and send me a message. Comment below what you think about this guide or if you have any feedback you’d like to give. Thanks guys, hope you enjoyed this one! 

Written by HorizonerTi

This is all about Rocket League – How To Maximize Your Profits With Drops; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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