Phasmophobia – Gameplay Tips – Cursed Possessions Guide

Phasmophobia – Gameplay Tips – Cursed Possessions Guide 1 -
Phasmophobia – Gameplay Tips – Cursed Possessions Guide 1 -

Welcome to the next biggest update in Phasmophobia! I will be going over some of the new changes and features. This guide will be updated whenever new information is available.
As a side-note, if you want to take information from this guide to use in your own guide, please credit me somewhere in your guide! Plagiarism is bad. And yes, I know the game icon is from an outdated version of the game but who cares.

So what does the update add?

Some new items that will help you find the ghost easier… or generally just make your investigation harder, depending on how you use them.
As of me writing this on 12/10/2021, a few minutes after the update came out, descriptions may be vague and need updating. You can help me out by correcting any of my mistakes in the guide! Because of this, the guide is still a heavy work in progress.

Music Box

The music box is an item that plays music, which is kind of obvious given it’s name after all. Sometimes I hear ghosts singing in game so I imagine this music box will cause a ghost to manifest for a ghost event or ghost photo opportunity.

Pinned Voodoo Doll

Also called the “Tortured Voodoo Doll”, it’s an upgraded version of the voodoo dolls you sometimes find laying around the map.
When used, it allows you to force the ghost to do an interaction of some sort in-front of you, be it turning a light on or closing a door. Be warned, as it drains sanity every time you use it. The only use this would have in my opinion would be against ghosts that don’t do any form of interactions.

Ouija Board

The old classic returns. There isn’t much to explain about this one apart from the fact that:
1; it can respond to new questions
2; you can ask it how much sanity you have
3; you must say goodbye to it once you are done using it and
4; you can no longer fail questions on it.
If you used it before, you know how it works, so there’s no need to go over it again.

Haunted Mirror

A mirror. No, it doesn’t teleport you home if you look into it; this mirror allows you to see where the ghost is located. Think of it as an advanced Ouija Board, but you can ONLY use it to locate the ghosts room. Goes without saying that this too, will also drain sanity.
Honestly, I’d avoid this one unless you are playing on Asylum or Prison.

Summoning Circle

This is one of the only Cursed Possessions that I know so far that the mission briefing radio guy (I call him Damian) will mention being on the property.
Light the candles in the summoning circle to summon the ghost for a free Ghost Event and Ghost Photo; but it’ll immediately hunt after a few seconds of standing in the circle. Use with extreme caution.

Tarot Cards

10 cards that have random abilities; some bad, some good.
A commenter mentioned that one of the cards can revive players… while the other just flat out kills you.

Written by omi

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Phasmophobia – Gameplay Tips – Cursed Possessions Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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