Pharaoh: A New Era – Food: Hunting Agriculture and the Nile

Pharaoh: A New Era – Food: Hunting Agriculture and the Nile 3 -
Pharaoh: A New Era – Food: Hunting Agriculture and the Nile 3 -

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Food: Hunting, Agriculture, and the Nile

Pharaoh: A New Era - Food: Hunting Agriculture and the Nile - Food: Hunting, Agriculture, and the Nile - EDBDF23

Your city won’t make it very far if there is no food. Your people live at the levels of huts and forage in the fields for their food. If they want to move up to the level of civilized living they’ll have to eat something. Your people are responsible for their food.

There are four main sources of food in Pharaoh The New Era hunting, fishing, farming (and even ranching) and imports.

  • Floodplain farming requires you to place the farm on a valid square on the banks of the Nile. The Nile flows over its banks each year leaving behind a lush alluvial soil that is ideal for farming. The areas on the map are designated by the deep brown soil. To supply workers for a farm in the floodplain, the farm must have access to a Work Camp. Work Camps will employ peasants at any farm that’s not being cultivated, as long as the Nile does not flood. Once the Nile floods then the harvest is moved to the closest storage.
  • Meadow farming is conducted on regular land that is marked by flowers. Even though they have lower fertility than floodplains meadow farms offer a stable source for food that is not dependent on the Nile’s wishes. Meadow farms can be connected to irrigation and require access to roads as do floodplain farms. Meadow farms harvest their harvests once or twice per year depending on the kind of food they grow and then store them in the closest storage.


  • The ranching process is carried out by building cattle ranches. They function like industrial workshops. They also take in straw and product Meat (not exactly the identical to Game Meat) in a 1:1 ratio.

The Nilometer can be accessed by clicking the triangular tab directly beneath the year bar and the city name in the upper center of the UI.

Pharaoh: A New Era - Food: Hunting Agriculture and the Nile - Food: Hunting, Agriculture, and the Nile - E584DCF

In this case the Perfect floods occurred between July and August. It is important to plan accordingly since the Inundation can last as little as two months or as long as four months.

Troubleshooting and frequently asked Questions All about Food

Q. Q. What kind of animals are permitted to be hunted?

A. Antelopes birds, Ostriches, and antelopes. Hippos and crocodiles, as well as hyenas as the crocodiles, are considered predators that cannot be hunted.

Q. How do I water my farms?

A. Floodplain farms can be irrigated by irrigation ditches constructed from the Food and Farming panel placed directly on the floodplain. If at least one irrigation ditch tile that has access to water is in contact with a portion of the farm, the farm is considered irrigated.

Water Lifts are needed to raise the water levels in the plains that surround Meadow farms. Water Lifts are placed on a two-segment segment directly at the edge of the water, or on a two-segment boundary between the floodplain soil and regular land. The Water Lift must be connected to the floodplain with the help of irrigation ditches.

Q. What is the definition of fertility, and how does it affect the effects of irrigation?

A. By clicking left on a farm, the info pane will tell you whether the farm is well-irrigated or not, as well as what its current measurement of fertility is. Fertility acts as an amplifier for the effort your workers put into the farm. For example a farm with 50% fertility produces crops at a half rate of a farm that has the highest fertility of 99. This is assuming both farms have equal numbers.

In Pharaoh The New Era, Irrigation increases the fertility level of the farm by a predetermined amount, typically around 40-50%. This differs from the previous Pharaoh where the amount of irrigation fertility bonus was contingent on how much of the farm’s edges were touching the irrigation ditches. This MAY be a bug. Irrigation is especially useful for meadow agriculture, which tend to have low fertility.

Q. Q. How does the annual Inundation affect floodplain farms as well as their fertility?

A. Floodplain fertility on farms is currently bugged. Floodplain farms under the original Pharaoh were afflicted with a decline in fertility every year. However their fertility was restored by the Inundation. Particularly the more water covered a farm was, the more fertile it was. Floodplain farms under Pharaoh’s Old Era do not gain fertility from farming or inundation. This is a serious nerf to Osiris.

Q. Q.

A. Grain farms output two products including straw and grain. The production of straw is not dependent on fertility or the time of cultivation. A grain farm will produce 100 units of straw every harvest.

This means that meadow farming with its biannual harvests is more efficient than floodplain agriculture in terms of straw outputs. Even if you’re producing very little grain, you’ll still receive your full straw allowances.

Q. Q. How is it possible to build irrigation ditches under roads, and not create roads over them?

A. This is an issue. In original Pharaoh this could be done in any order. If you are planning to construct an overpass for an existing ditch in Pharaoh: A New Era you’ll need dig the ditch first, or remove it. Then, you will build the road and then replace the ditch.

Q. Q.

A. This is an issue. Pharaoh The New Era currently shows that certain people who walk to destinations, like cart pushers and laborers aren’t drowning in the floodwaters. The majority of random walkers appear to drown.

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