Pharaoh: A New Era – Granaries Storage Yards and Item Transportation

Pharaoh: A New Era – Granaries Storage Yards and Item Transportation 2 -
Pharaoh: A New Era – Granaries Storage Yards and Item Transportation 2 -

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Granaries, Storage Yards, Item Transportation

Pharaoh: A New Era - Granaries Storage Yards and Item Transportation - Granaries, Storage Yards, and Item Transportation - 6F1EC74

Your city’s possessions are stored in your Storage Yards and Granaries. Each yard can hold around 3200 items within “spaces of 400”. Each empty space can accommodate 400 items. Items are not mixed and mixed and. There are four kinds of products that your city could produce including food, raw materials, luxury items and food items.

  • Food is simple to comprehend. It can be stored in Granaries or Storage Yards, based on whether it was cultivated on your farm or purchased from traders. Granaries are used for storage of food items only. Your people can either eat the food or export it. For more information, refer to Food.
  • Raw materials like straws, clay flax and barley, uncut gemstones, wood, and copper are produced in your factories or farms or bought from traders. These materials aren’t usually consumed in the traditional sense, but more often processed by various shops, which transform them into different products. For more information, look up Industry. These items are not able to be kept in yards.
  • The final products are made from the raw materials which are purchased from shops or imported from overseas. The most basic items are beer, pottery and linen (Basic items used in housing) paint, lamps and other items (used to aid in Monument Construction), military products, and many more. These are items that have to be constructed in workshops before they are used. They can also be stored in yards.
  • Ebony Ivory, Wine and Ebony are all luxurious items. They are only used as burial items, or to give your Scribal level home with the required quality to allow you to grow. These items are typically expensive and rare. They can also be stored in yards.

Pharaoh: A new age allows you to fine-grained manage your storage on a per-user basis. Five commands are available for Storage Yards and Granaries.

  • The Accept command informs the storage facility that it is permitted to accept cart pushers who bring the goods into the building. To determine the amount of storage space the item is allowed to use by clicking the circle of color to the right of the command slots.
  • The Get command permits the item to also be stored. The building will also send two cart pushers to take the item from any other storage facility in your city that isn’t set to the Get command. The cart pushers who collect items count as acquiring destinations walkers and are able to travel off-road. Important Note – When cart pushers aren’t out purchasing goods, they are not able to transport goods inside the building to any workshop that may require them.
  • Accept None is pretty straightforward. The storage facility isn’t permitted to accept cart pushers from farms or workshops.
  • Empty will deliver 400 items to any storage facility that is set to accept or get the item. They will not take off from the road like Getters. If there is no destination, the cart pushers will stop pushing the item out of the storage facility to allow space to be made.
  • The big X eliminates all objects in the building and alters the storage command to accept none. It’s nice enough to ask whether you are certain before throwing everything away.


Troubleshooting and frequently asked questions: Granaries, Storage Yards and Item Transportation

Q. Q.

A. A. Traders are not able to access Granaries since they can only trade items that are stored in Yards.

Bazaar traders were barred from purchasing food from the Yards in the first Pharaoh game, unless it was imported. This restriction was lifted in Pharaoh, a New Era.

Q. Q. What do I do?

A. Find out why they’re stuck. There are a variety of reasons why cart pushers could be stuck however the most common reason is that the destination won’t accept their items or there’s no other storage option.

Q. Q.

A. A. This is true for both drop offs and carryouts. The red despawn square is designed for walkers who are seeking work who were spawned. It’s only available when Global Labor Pool has not been activated.

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