Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – All Restored Relics in Game – Act Guide Information

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – All Restored Relics in Game – Act Guide Information 2 -
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – All Restored Relics in Game – Act Guide Information 2 -

The present treatise serves as a comprehensive guide detailing all of the restored relics available in Crusade mode within the context of the game. Our focus shall be on providing a detailed overview of the equipment that may be obtained from each relic. However, it is important to note that certain relics may not be appropriately rewarded or adequately and may necessitate the use of the Toybox to obtain them. Additionally, some items may not perform precisely as described in their corresponding tooltips. Owing to the profusion and abundance of items available within the game, the tooltips have been truncated and condensed to a certain extent while preserving their fundamental essence and salient features.

It is worth bearing in mind that while restoration of these artifacts is only feasible in Act 3, certain artifacts that are exclusively accessible in Act 3 can nonetheless be obtained during the antecedent Act 2. Similarly, some Act 5 relics can only be procured through restoration in Act 5, not Act 4.

Our ardent hope and commitment is to continually update this guide to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available. As such, we humbly request our esteemed readers to kindly notify us of any missing relics or additional information they may possess.

Without further ado, we shall now examine the plethora of restored relics available in the game and the equipment that may be acquired from each.


Act 3 – Unholy Symbol of Rovagug – Handaxe, Battle Axe, and Great Axe

Next up in Act 3 is the Unholy Symbol of Rovagug offers a choice of Handaxe, Battle Axe, or Great Axe. The effects of these weapons are the same across all three types.

  1. Provides a +2 bonus to the Radiant trait. Whenever a critical strike is confirmed, the wielder can absorb a portion of the target’s magical essence and banish one unrelated spell of up to level 5 in the process. This ability makes the Unholy Symbol of Rovagug a formidable weapon that can effectively neutralize the magic of even the most powerful adversaries.
  2. Provides a +2 bonus to the Corrosive Burst trait and a +3 bonus to attack rolls when performing an attack of opportunity. Additionally, the critical threat range is doubled, making it more likely for the wielder to land a critical hit. If the wielder successfully lands an attack of opportunity, the target must pass a fortitude saving throw (DC 17) or become paralyzed for one round. However, the wielder is vulnerable to attacks of opportunity from their foes, who must pass a Reflex saving throw (DC 15) or suffer 2d6 acid damage.
  3. Provides a +2 bonus and possesses the unique ability to immediately release the wielder from being stunned, paralyzed, staggered, petrified, or entangled while simultaneously dealing damage with the weapon. Moreover, the critical threat range for this weapon is an impressive 18-20, making it a highly versatile and effective weapon in any combat scenario.


Act 3 – First Retriever – Shirt and Padded Armor

Here’s a list summarizing the Padded Armor and Shirt options available in Act 3’s First Retriever:


  1. This attribute pertains to mobility ability checks, which are subject to a penalty of -5 while also providing a resistance of 30 to electricity. If the wearer is struck by a non-slashing weapon or becomes staggered from the first attack in a round, they must pass a Reflex saving throw (DC 20) or suffer a penalty of -2 to all checks and two fewer attack attempts for one round. This attribute can greatly impact a character’s ability to move and attack effectively in combat and should be considered when making decisions on equipment and strategy.
  2. This attribute pertains to spells cast from a spellbook, which receive a +10 competence bonus on Lore (Nature) skill tests, treating it as one level higher. This attribute can greatly enhance a Druid’s ability to cast spells and interact with the natural world, making them a powerful force to be reckoned with.
  3. This attribute pertains to the ability to polymorph into any creature, which enhances the wearer’s attack and damage rolls with limbs, granting them a +4 enhancement boost. Additionally, when a melee strike from the creature strikes the wearer, the creature takes 1d6 piercing damage. This attribute can greatly enhance a character’s combat abilities, allowing them to deal more damage and survive longer in battle.


Padded Armor:

  1. This attribute pertains to a type of armor with certain advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it incurs a penalty of -2 to attack rolls and constitution. On the other hand, it provides a boost of +4 to the constitution and a resistance of 30 to electricity. If the wearer sustains any electrical damage, the object becomes charged with electricity, adding 1d12 electric damage to strikes for the following round. Moreover, casting spells with the electric descriptor quickens the user, allowing for faster spellcasting.
  2. Dexterity gains a +3 bonus and a +2 morale boost.
  3. This attribute pertains to armor that bonuses +3 to saving attempts against nausea and fear. Additionally, it affects spell attacks, where the target must succeed on a Will saving attempt (DC 19) or suffer from nausea for one round.


Act 3 – Phylactery of Stevanius – Ring and Scythe

Let’s look at the Phylactery of Stevanius in Act 3, where you can obtain either a Ring or a Scythe.


For Ring:

  1. You have a potent talent, thanks to the Ring. Your HP is recovered twice as much as your character level once daily whenever it drops to 0. Furthermore, the ring calls 1d4+2 skeleton undead champions for two minutes to surround you.
  2. It has a unique kind of strength to offer. A portion of your spirit has been joined to the ring, giving you a +4 bonus on saving throws made in opposition to compulsion, death, mind-affecting effects, emotions, confusion, and dread. You’ll suffer a -2 disadvantage when making saves against poison, elemental, paralyzing, and movement-impairing effects. Gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls and change the damage type of a target creature for 1 round by taking damage equivalent to half your level in health as a free action. Please let me know if you discover that this choice performs a standard action rather than a free one since that is what has been reported to have happened.


As for the Scythe:

  1. This attribute pertains to equipment that offers a +2 boost when used with the Bleed property. Additionally, it has a unique ability to focus on the pulsating beat of a single creature and sense nearly any heartbeat within a 15-foot radius. This ability can be helpful in various situations, allowing the user to detect hidden or invisible creatures that rely on a heartbeat to function. Furthermore, when the user or party members use the Rapid Shot feat to strike, they do so without suffering a -2 attack penalty and instead receive a +2 damage bonus. This can greatly enhance the effectiveness of ranged combat and provide an advantage in battle.
  2. This attribute pertains to equipment that offers a +2 boost when used with Ghost Touch. Ghost Touch allows the user to interact with incorporeal creatures, bypassing their incorporeal defenses. Furthermore, this scythe can tear the enemy’s soul whenever it misses a blow, inflicting 1d12 harmful energy damage. This can be a powerful addition to a character’s arsenal, allowing them to deal additional damage even when their attacks miss.


Act 3 – Crest of the Fallen Knight – Belt, Shortsword, and Chainmail

In Act 3, you can obtain the Crest of the Fallen Knight, which offers a choice of Belt, Chainmail, or Shortsword.



  1. The Belt enables a monk to cover the target’s heart and lungs in a thin green veil for one ki point. The creature is made more vulnerable and has a -2 AC disadvantage. Until the battle’s conclusion, all bludgeoning damage it sustains is multiplied by 1.5 unless it succeeds on a fortitude saving throw (DC 19).
  2. It enables you to envelop yourself in the corroded unseen fire. All of your fire spells cause an extra 2d6 unholy damage while it is active. You lose your vulnerability to cold and holy damage but acquire immunity to fire.


For the Shortsword

  1. It gives a +2 boost and can cause a wound covered in emeralds. The struck target from this shortsword must succeed on a Reflex saving attempt (DC 18) or experience a -2 penalty to reflex saves for 5 minutes. This creature is vulnerable to an additional 3d6 piercing damage on all critical strikes. It should be noted that this impact cannot be applied more than once.
  2. It provides a +2 boost and has an ethereal flame that it can glow with. You can use this flame once daily to charge both of your hands-on weaponry for ten minutes. Any of these weapons also inflict an additional 3d6 unholy damage with each hit.


For the Chainmail

  1. It gives Fortitude saving throws a +2 advantage and a +2 sacred bonus. All party members can receive a +1 boost to AC in exchange for the wearer taking a -2 penalty to AC. An adversary who attacks the wearer while this effect is in effect must succeed on a Reflex saving throw (DC 17) or take 3d4 piercing damage.
  2. It provides a +2 bonus and can partly absorb chaotic or evil creatures’ magic. The wearer receives a +2 profane bonus to attack, damage rolls, and caster-level tests to overcome spell resistance for the following rounds when such creatures use magic to attack the wearer. When this effect expires, the wearer’s initial strike will have a -4 penalty to attack, damage rolls, and caster-level checks to break through spell resistance (if needed).


Act 3 – Chillboar’s Hide and Tusks – Shortspear and Spiked Light Shield

For the Shortspear:

  1. On each hit, it provides a +2 bonus and takes water from the victim. As a wizard of level 12, every fifth hit instantly casts the Cold Ice Strike spell in the enemy’s direction.
  2. Gives the Speed properties a +2 boost. The next strike against the affected creature delivers an additional 3d6 sonic damage each time the wielder uses the Cleave or Vital Strike feat. Please note that this choice might be null when moused over in Crusade mode.


The Spiked Light Shield also has two options:

  1. For spells with a cold descriptor, it provides a +2 bonus and an extra +1 bonus damage per die rolled. The enemy must succeed on a Fortitude saving throw (DC 20), or they become susceptible to cold damage and take 50% more damage until the end of the fight.
  2. It offers a +2 advantage on saving throws against sound-based effects and a +2 bonus with 20 Sonic resistance. The wielder of this shield must succeed on a Reflex saving throw (DC 19) for Sonic damage to echo from an attack, inflicting 3d6 Sonic damage to all enemies within a 10-foot radius.


Act 3 – Faultless Daybreak – Heavy Flail, Scalemail, and Light Shield

Heavy Flail:

  1. There is a +3 enchantment bonus on a critical strike and an additional 1d10 holy damage. 2d10 is dealt with if the ratio is x3. In that case, 3d10 is given.
  2. A radiant effect gives you a +3 enchantment boost. An enemy within the area of effect receives a “Burst with Light” effect whenever the wielder confirms a critical strike. The creature takes 2d6 positive energy damage over two rounds, and each round’s effect requires a successful Will saving attempt (DC 20). The damage is reduced in half if the save is effective. If the affected entity fails a save, nearby creatures take half the damage.



  1. With a +3 enchantment bonus, the wearer can raise a fallen friend three times per day for 2d3 rounds. The ally, however, dies once more after the impact wears off.
  2. The Mithral Light Shield’s Option 2 has the same impact as the +3 enchantment bonus. Every adversary within 30 feet of the wearer must succeed on a Fortitude saving throw (DC 20) to avoid being blinded for 1d4 rounds and taking 4d6 positive energy damage. The blindness is removed, and the damage is reduced by half if the save is effective.


Mithral Light Shield:

  1. Each shield bash the war priest makes while equipped with his Sacred Shield delivers an extra 1d6 holy damage. To avoid being marked, an opponent hit by the shield must succeed on a Will saving attempt (DC 18). A will-o-the-wisp (CR 8) will emerge for 10 minutes and attempt to heal and aid your characters if a marked creature perishes. The shield also increases the holy harm dealt to undead creatures by 2d8 points.
  2. Every enemy within 30 feet of the wielder of this shield must succeed on a Fortitude saving throw (DC 20), or they will be blinded for 1d4 rounds and take 4d6 positive energy damage whenever an enemy critically strikes the wielder of this shield. The blindness is removed, and the damage is reduced by half if the save is effective.


Act 3 – Wicked Dope – Quarterstaff and Banded Armor


  1. When casting a spell on an ally with fewer than all of their hit points, the wielder of this +2 quarterstaff gains rapid healing 5 for 1d3 rounds.
  2. If a spell is cast three times in succession, the wielder of this +3 quarterstaff empowers and maximizes the next spell they cast.


Banded Armor:

  1. The user of this +3 banded armor gains ferocity, enabling them to continue fighting even after their hit points fall below 0. They stagger, lose one hit point per round, and eventually perish when their hit points drop to a level below their constitution score.
  2. Every time the wearer of this +4 banded armor is struck, they receive fast healing 1 (stacks up to 10) until the end of the battle.


Act 3 – Dirty Squealer – Belt and Amulet


  1. Constitution is given a +2 enhancement boost. When the wearer is struck, the attacker must succeed on a Reflex saving throw (DC 20), failing which will result in a -10 penalty for 1 round on damage rolls.
  2. Strength gains a +2 enhancement boost. The exploding head effect is applied to an enemy for 1d3 rounds whenever the wearer is mounted, or their mount confirms a critical strike against an enemy. The creature under this influence begins to hear loud noises, which results in a -2 penalty to attack and damage scores as well as AC.



  1. Every time you cast a grease magic, all creatures nearby are subject to a Reflex saving throw, failing, which results in 5d6 acid damage.
  2. An ear-piercing scream spell’s damage no longer has a maximum of 5d6. Instead, it causes damage equal to (1d6 + 1 per two caster levels). For two rounds instead of one, creatures who fail the saving throw against it become stunned. Using the sonic descriptor, the amulet raises your powers’ DC by 2.


Act 3 – Stone of Ghostly Pathways – Ring, Circlet, and Sai


  1. The enemy has been pushed 10 feet away and rendered prone for one round whenever the wearer is engaged in defensive combat and successfully lands the first strike.
  2. Every level six and under summoning magic is enhanced as if using the Maximize Spell feat. The wearer’s attack rolls against strangers also receive a +1 insight advantage.
  3. When activated, a nearly transparent silver lining that connects the entire group within a 30-foot radius is created. This creates an unbreakable bond between all members, allowing them to work together seamlessly and effectively. Furthermore, while this effect is in force, each group member gets an extra attack of opportunity each round. If an attack of opportunity scores a critical blow, the enemy is stunned, providing an additional advantage in combat. Additionally, when one of the party members is knocked out, a three-round battle with a giant spider is summoned to fight alongside them. This can be a valuable asset in combat, providing additional support and allowing the party to recover and regroup.



  1. Gives summoned elementals 50 extra hit points and a +2 enhancement boost to Wisdom.
  2. Gives the enhancement benefit of +2 to Charisma. The wielder may try to subjugate outsiders three times per day. The outsider creature must succeed in a Will saving attempt (DC 22), or it will be subordinated until the battle is over. The wielder’s AC against hostile creatures also receives a +1 insight boost.
  3. This attribute pertains to equipment that offers a boost of +2 to Intelligence. Additionally, affected enemies must succeed on a Reflex saving throw (DC 20) each time the wielder performs a spell on them or become entangled in a web for 1d4 rounds. While entangled, the enemy must attempt to escape the trap each round, taking 1d6+3 bludgeoning damage. However, it is essential to note that this ability’s effects do not compound when used more than once.



  1. Provides thundering talent as well as a +4 enhancement boost. Until the conclusion of combat, the wielder of this SAI receives a +1 bonus to damage rolls for each hit they score with it. This advantage is invalidated if the wielder is struck. Up to +5, the benefit may be stacked.
  2. It grants a +3 enhancement bonus, has the speed ability, and when it hits summoned creatures, it also gives an extra 1d12 piercing damage. When this weapon confirms a critical strike against an outsider, the outsider is subject to the plane distortion effect for 1d4 rounds unless they succeed on a Fortitude saving throw (DC 25). During this period, the wielder is completely hidden from the affected outsider.
  3. Provides a keen aptitude and an enhancement bonus of +4. This SAI causes a new living adversary that the wielder sneak attacks to become infested with little spiders. These spiders eat through the flesh of the adversary, dealing 1d6 damage per two levels of the wielder. Until the battle’s conclusion, the enemy’s saving throws are also subject to a -2 penalty. Multiple uses of this ability do not have cumulative impacts.


Act 3 – Voracious Jumble – Flail and Club

Flail and Club (same effects for both):

  1. Deals 2d6 of (bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing) damage per strike with a +3 enhancement bonus. The enemy must succeed on a Fortitude saving throw (DC 20) each time it attempts to attack after a critical hit, or it cannot do so for one round. It lasts for 1d3 cycles.
  2. The wielder can never become unprepared, thanks to the speed enchantment and the +2 enhancement boost. After killing an opponent with this weapon, the wielder becomes immune to all eye effects for 1d4 rounds. (Although you can select a club, this choice still displays as a flail. It’s not obvious if this will appear as a flail or a club.)
  3. Violent enchantment, +3 enhancement boost. When the wielder strikes an enemy without a weapon, the enemy must succeed on a Fortitude saving throw (DC 21) or have their claws or other natural weapons deformed, taking a -6 disadvantage to damage over time when using natural weapons. An enemy holding a weapon should succeed on the same saving throw but will have a -2 attack disadvantage for one round if the wielder hits them.


Act 3 – Attractive Impulse – Gloves, Metamagic Rod, and Light Crossbow

Light Crossbow:

  1. +3, When the wielder strikes an enemy for the first time in a round, the enemy’s awareness and love for all life awaken. The enemy begins to question whether using force is the best course of action, and as a result, attack scores will be penalized by -1d4 for one round.
  2. When an item strikes an enemy with a +3 unholy bonus, their armor is pierced for 1d3 rounds, and they must succeed on a Will saving attempt (DC 20).


Metamagic Rod:

  1. With this rod, you can change up to six spells each day so that they have a dominant person effect on the target in addition to their main effect.
  2. You can use this rod to change up to six spells daily so that the damage they inflict now has an unholy energy type. Additionally, the changed spell is maximized as if by the maximize spell feat. Greater rods are compatible with powers up to level nine.



  1. The enemy loses its mind and receives a -1 penalty to intellect, wisdom, or charisma whenever the wielder confirms a critical strike with any bow.
  2. The target of every melee touch strike the wielder makes must succeed on a Will saving attempt (DC 20), or else they become engulfed in agonizing lust. Any critical strike against the affected enemy makes them even crazier and renders them immobile for one round.


Act 3 – Branch of the Last Ash (Sakoris Map) – Heavy Pick and Bardiche

Both options for Bardiche and Heavy Pick have the same enchantments.

  1. Bonus for an increase of +3. Breath of Life grants a +2 bonus to AC, attack, and damage rolls for 1 round to the targeted ally each time the wielder performs a spell on that ally.
  2. An additional benefit of +4. Instead of muscle, the wielder increases damage with their intellect modifier. In addition, they add their intelligence modifier when making attack throws rather than using strength. It is unknown if intellect and muscle modifiers provide a damage bonus.
  3. Bonus for an increase of +3. This weapon scorches the adversary whenever the user strikes them with it. The enemy gets a +2 bonus to attack rolls made against it after three scorches and starts to glow. The adversary bleeds after 5 scorches, and the scorches turn foul. Each scorch deals 1d4 unholy damage to the afflicted entity.


Act 3 – Soulshear


  1. Enhances the firearm by +3 adamantine points. Furthermore, if you have the lay-on hands, fervor, and channel energy class skills, it gives you +2 more daily uses of them (applied after rest).
  2. No changes to the weapon. It stays as it is.
  3. Enhances the firearm by +3 adamantine points. Additionally, your mount receives a +3 bonus to CMD and a +3 boost to all saving throws.


Act 5 – Mask of the Facestealer – Belt and Mask


  1. When the wearer makes an attack attempt to confirm a critical hit, it always succeeds and gives them a +4 bonus to their physical attributes.
  2. In addition to giving the wearer a +4 bonus to their physical attributes, this item causes all enemies within a 30-foot radius to become staggered for 1 round when they are defeated with a single strike against an opponent who is at full health.



(Despite being a mask, this item occupies the helmet slot.)

  1. It gives the wearer a +4 boost to their mental attributes and allows them to reroll three unsuccessful attempts at saving throws against fatalities each day.
  2. When the wearer casts a 9th-level spell, all opponents within a 30-foot radius must make a will-saving attempt (DC 30), failing which prevents them from casting spells for 1 round. This increases the wearer’s mental attributes by +4.


Act 5 – Burning Brand – Bardiche, Sling Staff, and Trident

The same effects apply to all three weapons.

  1. The +5 enhancement boost and the Vicious quality are both features of this weapon. The wielder deals extra damage equal to the number of hits multiplied by three whenever they score successive hits in a full-round attack.
  2. This firearm has the flaming burst feature and a +5 enhancement boost. The target of the wielder’s first attack must succeed on a Fortitude saving throw (DC 32), or else they will be engulfed in cursed fire and unable to perform spells for 1d3 rounds.
  3. This weapon provides axiomatic properties and a +5 enhancement boost. A new adversary is labeled with “Obedience” each time the wielder damages it. At any given moment, only one target may have this mark. The target who attempts to attack the weapon’s wielder must succeed on a Will saving throw (DC 29) or experience a two-round -3 penalty to attack rolls and a -8 penalty to damage rolls.


Act 5 – Baphomet’s Fire – Gloves and Shirt


  1. The wearer’s fire spells are amplified by this clothing, dealing an extra 4d6 fire damage to the target at the cost of a -2 penalty to the wearer’s Armor Class (AC).
  2. The wearer of this robe gains a temporary +6 boost to their mental ability scores for three rounds when they use a fire spell to kill an opponent, making them immune to harm to ability scores. On successful weapon attacks for one round, all the wearer’s allies inflict an additional 3d6 fire damage.



  1. The wearer of these gauntlets can rekindle their inner flames. While active, the wearer takes 2d6 fire damage per round (which bypasses all defenses and immunities), but every melee attack deals an equivalent level of damage to the enemy. Additionally, when mounted, the wearer can use this power on their mount rather than themselves.
  2. The target of a sneak attack made by the holder of these gauntlets takes an extra 2d6 fire damage and becomes vulnerable to fire for 1 round. Additionally, the wearer experiences a -3 penalty on all saves for two rounds whenever an opponent they previously struck takes fire damage from any source.


Act 5 – Zaori’s Pin – Ring and Circlet


  1. The target develops paranoia when the wearer of this ring delivers sneak attack damage to an enemy for the first time during a fight. They take a -1 penalty on saving throws and a -2 penalty on damage rolls for each nearby ally of the affected enemy. This effect lasts for 1d4 rounds and can compound up to three times.
  2. Each effective melee strike by the wearer’s companions deals an extra 1d6 points of precision damage to the same target as the wearer. Additionally, they receive a +2 circumstance advantage when attacking this target.



  1. Both charisma and intelligence receive an improvement bonus of +6 from this circle. Additionally, all saving throws against confusion, insanity, and domination spells for the wearer’s entire group receive a +3 insight bonus.
  2. Both charisma and intelligence receive an enhancement boost of +6 from wearing this circle. Additionally, the Shield Caster, Allied Spellcaster, and Shield Wall feats affect the wearer and all friends within a 10-foot radius.


Act 5 – Voice of the Cursed Bard – Amulet and Lyre


  1. This amulet improves the wearer’s voice, enabling them to continue their raging songs and bardic performances for ten more daily rounds (if they possess the respective class abilities).
  2. The maximum hit points for power word powers are increased by 150% by this amulet, which also improves the wearer’s voice. For instance, instead of 100 HP, the power word kill would immediately kill all targets with less than 150 HP.



  1. This lyre may be used once each day by the proprietor. All enemies within a 10-foot circle of the owner must successfully complete a Will saving throw (DC 36) or they will be subject to a -5 penalty to saving throws against mind-affecting spells, a -2 penalty to saving throws against enchantment school spells, and a 5 round vulnerability to sonic damage.
  2. This lyre allows the user to use a standard action to inflict 10d10 sonic damage to a single target up to three times daily. The damage is halved if a successful Fortitude saving attempt (DC 36) is made.


Act 5 – Remains of the Colourless One – Arrows, Spectacles, and Br*ast Plate


  1. The target of this ammunition’s first hit must succeed on a Will saving throw (DC 32) or experience 2d4 ability damage to intelligence (which doesn’t affect creatures with intelligence lower than 3), confusion for three rounds, and a penalty to attack success. A day’s supply for the user is 20 units.
  2. When this ammunition strikes a target, it forces the victim to attempt a Fortitude saving throw (DC 32) or suffer a stun and three rounds of exposure to sonic harm. A day’s supply for the individual is 20 units.



  1. The Maddening Gaze power can be used three times per day while wearing these spectacles. The wearer can gaze in a specific direction as a swift action, causing all adversaries within a cone of 50 feet to make a will saving throw (DC 32) or be confused for 1d4 rounds and take 2d4 ability damage to intelligence (which doesn’t affect creatures with intelligence lower than 3).
  2. Attack rolls are penalized by -2 due to the wearer’s trouble seeing through these heavy crystal glasses. The victim must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 32), be stunned, and be exposed to sonic damage for three rounds whenever the wearer deals their first melee damage to a new foe.


Br*ast Plate:

  1. Druids can put on this armor of crystal +5. All enemies within 50 feet of the wearer must attempt a Will saving throw (DC 32) at the beginning of every fight, failing which will cause them to become confused for two rounds.
  2. Druids can put on this armor of crystal +5. The wearer is given DR 3/- and modest fortification, which leaves them susceptible to sonic harm.


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