Pantry Community Center Bundles in Stardew Valley

Pantry Community Center Bundles in Stardew Valley 1 -
Pantry Community Center Bundles in Stardew Valley 1 -

Pantry Community Center Bundles in Stardew Valley

Hey there! Want to unlock the Pantry in Stardew Valley? Just complete one bundle, and it’s yours. Finishing all the Pantry bundles is super cool because you get to fix up the Greenhouse on your farm. This means you can grow crops and fruit trees all year round!

Spring Crops Bundle

Here’s what you need for spring:
Parsnip: Ready in just 4 days.
Green Bean: Takes a bit longer, 12 days.
Cauliflower: Ready in 10 days.
Potato: Only 6 days to grow.
And guess what? You’ll get 20 Speed-Gro as a reward!

Summer Crops Bundle

Summer’s here, and here’s your list:
Tomato: Takes 11 days to grow.
Hot Pepper: Quick and easy, 5 days!
Blueberry: Needs 13 days.
Melon: Also 12 days.
Your reward? A cool Quality Sprinkler!

Fall Crops Bundle

Fall’s got some great stuff:
Corn: Takes 14 days (can grow in Summer too!).
Eggplant: Just 5 days.
Pumpkin: Needs 13 days.
Yam: Ready in 10 days.
You’ll earn a Bee House for this one!

Quality Crops Bundle

Go for gold with these crops:
5 Gold Parsnips: From Spring.
5 Gold Melons: Summer’s best.
5 Gold Pumpkins: Fall favorites.
5 Gold Corn: Great for Summer or Fall.
And your prize? A handy Preserves Jar!

Animal Bundle

Got animals? Here’s what you need:
Large Milk: Straight from your cows.
Large Egg & Large Brown Egg: Thank your chickens.
Large Goat Milk: From those friendly goats.
Wool: Sheep or rabbits, either works.
Duck Egg: Don’t forget the ducks!
You’ll get a Cheese Press as a reward.

Artisan Bundle

Ready to craft?
Truffle Oil: Made with Truffles in an Oil Maker.
Cloth: Wool in a loom or recycle that Soggy Newspaper.
Goat Cheese: Goat milk + Cheese Press = Yum!
Cheese: Regular milk works too.
Honey: Courtesy of your Bee House.
Jelly: Fruit or veggies in a Preserves Jar.
Fruit Trees: Apples, Apricots, Oranges, Peaches, Pomegranates, Cherries. Grown on trees or found in The Farm Cave.
Your reward for all this? A fabulous Keg!

Quick Tips

– Remember, you don’t need everything on the list for some bundles.
– Using fertilizers boosts your chances of getting Gold Quality Crops.

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