Completing Island Field Office in Stardew Valley

Completing Island Field Office in Stardew Valley 2 -
Completing Island Field Office in Stardew Valley 2 -

Completing Island Field Office in Stardew Valley

Hey there! Ready to help Professor Snail with his super cool bone project? After you’ve saved him from that cave, he’s gonna need your help to find some awesome fossils and bones. Don’t worry, I’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to nail this adventure.

That Mysterious Big Animal

First up, let’s tackle the fossil of this huge animal in the middle of everything. Some might say it’s a bear, but honestly, it’s a big question mark – the island’s full of surprises, after all!

Finding the Fossilized Skull

For the Fossilized Skull, your mission is to crack open Golden Coconuts. But heads up, you might not find it on your first try. Once you start cracking, you’ve got a 14% shot at finding it.

Where’s the Fossilized Spine?

Next, head over to where Professor Snail was stuck – the Dig Site river. Try your luck fishing there. With a 10% chance, you just might reel in the Fossilized Spine.

On the Hunt for the Fossilized Tail

Just like the spine, the Fossilized Tail is waiting for you at the Dig Site river. This time, grab your panning equipment. There’s a 20% chance you’ll pan out this gem.

Fossilized Ribs: Double Trouble

For the Fossilized Ribs, you’ve got two options. Option one: Dig in the Artifact Spots down south on the island. You’ve got a 25% chance there. Option two: Smash Bone Nodes at the Dig Site, with a 1.35% chance of success.

Getting the Fossilized Legs

Last for the big animal, you need two Fossilized Legs. Break Bone Nodes at the Dig Site for a 10% chance to snag each leg.

The Sneaky Snake

This slithery skeleton needs three parts. Not too bad, right?

Snagging the Snake Skull

For the Snake Skull, you’ve got three methods. Dig in the Artifact Spots on the west side, or at the Dig Site, or try fishing on the west. Each way gives you a 10% chance of striking gold.

Grabbing the Snake Vertebrae

For a complete snake, you need two Snake Vertebrae. Dig around the Artifact Spots on the west for a 22.5% chance of finding each piece.

The Frog and Bat Team

Both the frog and bat skeletons are one-piece wonders.

Unveiling the Mummified Frog

For the Mummified Frog, head to the eastern jungle where Leo hangs out. Get ready to cut through some weeds and discover this cool artifact.

Discovering the Mummified Bat

Find the Mummified Bat in the Volcano Dungeon by breaking rocks. But, fair warning, it’s a tough find with just a 0.5% chance.

Wall Surveys: A Bit of Fun

Check out the wall between the Frog and Bat fossils. You’ll find two neat surveys to answer.

Survey 1: Purple Flower Count

Question: How many purple flowers are on the island? Answer: A cool 22.

Survey 2: Counting Purple Starfish

Question: How many purple starfish are there? Answer: There are 18 of these beauties.

Sweet Rewards

Finish these tasks and get ready for some awesome rewards.

For the Large Animal:

  • 6 Golden Walnuts
  • 1 Banana Sapling

For the Snake:

  • 3 Golden Walnuts
  • 1 Mango Sapling

For the Mummified Frog and Bat:

  • 1 Golden Walnut for each</

Completing Island Field Office in Stardew Valley 1 -
Completing Island Field Office in Stardew Valley 1 –

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