Crafts Room Bundle in Stardew Valley’s Community Center

Crafts Room Bundle in Stardew Valley’s Community Center 1 -
Crafts Room Bundle in Stardew Valley’s Community Center 1 -

Crafts Room Bundle in Stardew Valley’s Community Center

Getting Started with the Crafts Room

Hey there! Are you ready to tackle the Crafts Room in Stardew Valley’s Community Center? It’s the first area you’ll unlock after you get the hang of reading Junimo text. Complete all the bundles here and guess what? You’ll fix the bridge near The Mines, opening up the Quarry. Pretty cool, huh?

Spring Foraging Bundle: What You Need

Spring’s here, and it’s time to gather some items for the Spring Foraging Bundle. You’ll need:

  • Wild Horseradish: Just look around in Spring, it’s everywhere!
  • Daffodil: Found in Spring, or grab it from Pierre at the Flower Dance on April 24th.
  • Leek: Keep an eye out during your Spring walks.
  • Dandelion: Also found in Spring, or from Pierre at the Flower Dance.

Reward for completing this? A sweet 30 Spring Seeds!

Summer Foraging Bundle: Your Checklist

Summer’s all about sunshine and foraging. Here’s what you need:

  • Grape: Summer’s the time, but you can also farm or plant these in Fall.
  • Spice Berry: Find these in Summer, or check the Farm Cave (if you chose fruit bats).
  • Sweet Pea: A summer specialty!

Complete this for a bunch of 30 Summer Seeds!

Fall Foraging Bundle: Here’s the Scoop

Fall’s got some unique finds for the Fall Foraging Bundle:

  • Common Mushroom: Look around in Fall, in the Secret Woods, Farm Cave, or tap a Mushroom Tree.
  • Wild Plum: Fall foraging or Farm Cave with fruit bats is your best bet.
  • Hazelnut: Just go for a walk in Fall.
  • Blackberry: Fall foraging or again, the Farm Cave with fruit bats.

Bag yourself 30 Fall Seeds as a reward!

Winter Foraging Bundle: Cold Weather Collection

Winter’s chill brings its own set of items for the Winter Foraging Bundle:

  • Winter Root: Tilling soil in Winter or spotting those Artifact Spots. Also, those Blue Slimes in The Mines might drop some.
  • Crystal Fruit: Winter foraging or from Dust Sprites in The Mines.
  • Snow Yam: Tilling soil in Winter or in The Mines.
  • Crocus: Just step outside in Winter, and you’ll find it.

And what’s the prize? A cool 30 Winter Seeds!

Exotic Foraging Bundle: Go the Extra Mile

The Exotic Foraging Bundle takes a bit more effort, but it’s totally worth it:

  • Coconut and Cactus Fruit: Head to the Desert and start foraging.
  • Cave Carrot: Smash boxes in The Mines or till some soil.
  • Red and Purple Mushrooms: Foraging in The Mines or Secret Woods, or by tapping a Mushroom Tree.
  • Maple Syrup, Oak Resin, and Pine Tar: Just tap the respective trees.
  • Morel: Found in the Secret Woods in Spring or in the Farm Cave.

Finish this off for a yummy reward of 5 Autumn’s Bounty.

Construction Bundle: Building Your Way

Ready to get your hands dirty with the Construction Bundle? You’ll need:

  • 99 Wood: Time to chop some trees!
  • 99 Stone: Grab that Pickaxe and start smashing.
  • 10 Hardwood: Chop down those Large Stumps and Logs, or find crates in The Mines.

Do this, and you

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