Myth of Empires – Tips How to Level Up Fast in Game

Myth of Empires – Tips How to Level Up Fast in Game 1 -
Myth of Empires – Tips How to Level Up Fast in Game 1 -

Learn how to boost up your progress.

Level 01-20

Use a sickle and go to a river where lots of grass is then farm it. Also do your missions as they give lots of XP, especially the daily missions. You can do the one which gives you the most XP three times and ignore the other two.

Move to a PvP-Server as soon as possible after level 20 as you will get an XP gain penalty on PvE Servers.

Server Boost

If you hover over your level bar in your inventory you can see the current server level. When you are 4 levels below the current server level you gain an XP boost of 10% to keep up.

Expertise points

Put 5 points each into woodcutting and mining for maximum item output.

Boundary Marker Boost


Combat Skill Boost


Farming XP

Level 28-40

Farm trees, rocks, and clay with a horse wagon (level 27) but farm on foot and set the horse on follow as you get a lot less xp while farming on a horse. Then use those to craft the things below in the crafting section.

NameXP per hit
Tree level 1 (branches)XX
Tree level 2 (Hardwood)XX
Tree level 3 (Completed Wood)XX
Rock level 1 (Rubble rock)XX
Rock level 2 (Rock)XX
Rock level 3 (Completed rock)XX


Crafting XP

You have to hold “E” on the work bench and click on “use” while crafting these items to gain this XP.

Level 28-40


NameCrafting time (min.)XP
Wooden plank0:0816.15
Square brick0:1868.70
Square broad0:1868.70
Bronze axe1:37322.4
Bronze hammer1:37322.4
Bronze sickle1:37322.4
Bronze skinning knife1:37322.4

Then use the square bricks and broads to craft stone building items, but no big gates or walls as the crafting time is too long.

Bronze weapons, shields and the bronze hoe are a bad way to gain XP.

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