Mortal Online 2 – How to Play PVP

Mortal Online 2 – How to Play PVP 1 -
Mortal Online 2 – How to Play PVP 1 -

Explains how to Grey Bait people to avoid getting Murder Count and Rep Loss

In Short

Go out of Guard Range, Turn Crim actions on
Steal a blue bag or hit a friend (must be not a guild member)
Friend has to heal the crim to become crim
Wait until people attack you first or Grey Block (walk in their attack)
Kill them


The Art of Grey Baiting

Are you tired of spawning 30 minutes away from a fight without a town and bank nearby?
Are you tired of farming reputation to enter cities?
I wasn’t going to share this originally but then I decided there is not enough PvP in the game with the current state of affairs so here is a viable punishment free way to PvP.
It is called GREY BAITING
Here’s how you do it:
1. You wanna enable criminal mode. Make sure you are not in range of Guards because they will murder you in a heartbeat.
Warning!!! It won’t work on guildies, hitting guildies won’t make you criminal!!!
2.a Go to a place like a graveyard and find a blue bag of player loot. Loot something out of it, even if it is a player’s head or torso (if it is a torso butcher it to get rid of it because stolen items can’t be dropped, if it is a head you can eat it). You will now turn grey for 4 minutes.
2.b Bring a friend to a place like graveyard and hit them for 0 damage without charging the attack. That way you also turn grey and become criminal for 4 minutes. If the person is your friend they won’t attack you and make sure that they don’t accidentally report you for killing them when they die. You can even take turns doing this. And the more people you bring the more people can take part in the fun.
For example 5 friends can come. They can hit Friend A resulting in 4 people going crim. Then you can rotate.
3. In order for the friend who let you hit him to turn grey to participate, the friendeven if he is a pure melee fighter needs to buy a spell book and learn basic ecumenical magic skill(just basic without putting actual points in it, just from the basic boost from int stat) and cast lesser heal at a friend who is already a criminal. Becausehealing a criminal will turn you grey too(you will become a criminal).
4. After you become a criminal do not attack people first. You need to show them yourself to bait them into hitting you first because you are grey. I would choose a lone person on a side of graveyard if you want 1 v 1 because if you make it known and seen everyone will flock to kill you.
Wait for the person to take a swing at you(you can even parry it to take 0 dmg) and then they will turn grey and you can kill them, loot them and they won’t be able to report to the guard so you won’t get Murder Count and Rep loss.
5. Another viable tactic is to Grey Block someone. I.e. someone is fighting a zombie but doesn’t see you are a crim and he is all by his lonesome? Get in the line of their attack, the attack will land on you and you are free to kill the person.


Of course,
Grey Baiting can be dangerous.
First of all you do need the person to attack you first and if they are not attacking you, you can’t really kill them unless you want MC and Rep Loss.
You can’t do it with guards nearby and you may get ganged up by a whole group of blue players if they see you.
It doesn’t work on your guildies because you can hit them always and it doesn’t make you crim.
They will also take all your stuff and you can’t MC and Rep Loss them for it.
But I hope this will bring more spice and PvP in the game.
Even if you Grey Bait with friends, they can’t attack the people who attack you because those people first need to attack them. Or they get MC/REP loss.
I hope you enjoyed learning of this and hope you will get to fight a lot of players using these tactics because I know the game can become a bit less focused on PvP sometimes.
But most importantly I hope youhave FUN with this! Good Luck you to you fellow PvP fiends!

Invitation to Grey Bait in Meduli Main Graveyard

I invite everybody to Grey Bait in Meduli Graveyard Main Server as it is the shortest walk distance from Town and Blue Priest in game.
If you die grey baiting you can always spawn at blue priest. Just don’t attack anyone before they attack you.
See you there folks! Let’s PvP!

Written by ZER0 %K

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Mortal Online 2 – How to Play PVP; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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