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Mortal Online 2 – Magic in Mortal Online 2 Guide 1 -
Mortal Online 2 – Magic in Mortal Online 2 Guide 1 -
This is the successor to my guide for magic in Mortal Online 1. If you would like to join MANA, ask a question, or request that I add more information… add me in discord: billbonty#6444


Getting Started

Magic is a staple of Mortal Online and this is only the beginning. 13 magic schools are planned for the game and Ecumenical magic is only the start containing the same 13 spells that were included in Mortal Online 1. Here is also a link to my original guide for the first game (much of the information is still relevant): 
This guide is a work in progress that will be updated and improved upon regularly. 
Wanted to get something out to everyone before the stress test so people know what they are doing! 

Key features of magic


  • +50% damage against monsters. (Currently excludes bandits and risars) 
  • Have to stand still to charge the spell. 
  • While mounted, you cannot turn or change speed while precasting a spell. (you will often find yourself riding away from a fight by accident) 
  • Psyche is the stat that is used to determine your defense against magic and the likelihood of resisting a spell (takes much less damage). 
  • Intelligence is the stat that governs your spell damage except for mind blast. 
  • Mind blast has a different damage calculation and is determined by your opponent’s difference between their strength and intelligence stat. (big difference in numbers = big damage) 
  • Earthquake damage is calculated based on individual psyche and not JUST the target’s psyche anymore. 
  • Your cast times while mounted are doubled. 
  • Your mana pool is your int + psyche. 
  • Pressing Q is the default cast last spell key. This is used to quickly precast the last spell used or cast the readied spell onto your target. 
  • Pressing E is the default key to cast last spell on yourself or begin precasting the last spell used. 
  • Stay under 2kg of armor weight or 4kg if you are a human with the clade gift to do so. Going over 2kg will hinder your mana regeneration capabilities or even stop them all together at extreme values!


Stats that matter


  • Psyche – Magic defense stat that also determines your mana pool and mana regeneration 
  • Intelligence – Magic offense stat that determines your damage and mana pool. 
  • Age – Determines your max stats. Higher age = more intelligence, lower age = more dexterity. Alvarins have an age balancing clade gift that makes age 45 the meta. 
  • Weight – Maximum weight gives +20 int, +20 psyche. If you are a mage you are going to want that damage buff!!!

Go to the Magic Tutor in haven before you leave and get your 30 free points in magic schools and ecumenical spells! 
The best way for a budding mage to begin their journey is to collect plants and sell them to your local vendors or even other players if the opportunity arises. You can quickly obtain a few gold just by picking up sea dew near meduli, salvia in the mountains, or the blue flowers in the woods. Alternatively, you can kill pigs or walkers in your local graveyard and butcher their carcasses which will provide about 6-12 silver per kill. Wisents and bandits are also great sources of gold and will be found east of Meduli in the plains, but the bandits are NOT easy to kill on foot. Bring friends. 

Character Builds


Dex-Fat Mage


  • Works well on foot and horseback but low hp. Max out int, psyche, and dex. rest into con. 
  • Race: Sheevra pure (Alvarin) 
  • Age: 45 
  • Attributes to max on character creation: Dexterity 
  • Height: Minimum 
  • Weight: Maximum (200% obese) 
  • Expected HP: 111 
  • Key clade gifts: Long life


Fat Mage


  • HIGH damage, mana, and hp pool. Max out con, int, and psy. 
  • Race: Huegar pure (Oghmir) 
  • Age: 62 
  • Attributes to max on character creation: Constitution 
  • Height: Minimum +1 (Gives an extra HP point. will have 11 stats left over after everything, can add more size if desired to reach a max of 217 hp) 
  • Weight: Maximum (200% obese) 
  • Expected HP: 206 (minimum height) 207 (min height +1) 217 (max you can get while still getting max int, con, psy) 
  • Key clade gifts: +2 max int, +2 max psy (will let you reach 138 int and 122 psy)


Skill Books

Books in Mortal Online can be some of the most expensive objects in the game. Later on, books will exist that are worth thousands of gold to the right buyer and contain very rare and powerful knowledge. Lucky for you, none of those are needed or available…. yet 
Magic Librarians are found in every major town including haven and contain every book you need. 
(for now…) 
A few of the librarian locations: 

  • The librarians in Tindrem are located across from the bank inside a large dome roofed building. 
  • Meduli’s magic librarian is northwest behind the bank in a small house. 
  • Fabernum’s magic librarian is located north of the town square in a house off to the left.

Shopping list: 

  • Reading – 10s

Magic Librarian 
Shopping list: 

  • Ecumenical Spells – 10s 
  • Mental Training – 10s 
  • Mental Focus – 2g 50s 
  • Concentration and Focus 3 – 30s 
  • Mental Offense – 50s 
  • Vitalism – 50s

Total cost: 4g 10s (includes the reading book) 
Animist Librarian (optional) 
Location: Jungle Camp 
Shopping list: 

  • Dominate 1 – 50s

The Magic Schools book isn’t in this list because you should have gotten it to 30 already in haven at the Magic Tutor. If not, it is an extra 10s at the Magic Librarian. The dominate book will allow you to max out Ecumenical spells VERY easily and can be deleted afterwards if it is not wanted. 
Order of reading: 
1. Reading – read fully 
2. Ecumenical Spells – read fully (unless you get the Dominate 1 book) 
2.a Dominate 1 – read fully if you decide to get this and drop the Ecumenical Spells book around 50 
3. Vitalism – start reading and stop at the first skill increase 
4. Mental Training – start reading and stop at the first skill increase 
5. Mental Offense – read fully 
6. Mental Focus – read fully 
7. Concentration and Focus 3 – read fully 

Fat Mage

For most fat mages, being on foot isn’t really a great option for you. You’re slow and can’t outrun most mobs or players. You will need a few additional books read before you go out taming and riding your own horses. (Horses are not currently trade-able) 
Shopping list: 

  • Domestication – 10s 
  • Taming – 2g 50s 
  • Creature Control – 2g 50s

Read these books after you are done with your magic books, they are much more important. 


All spells require reagents of some kind, and almost all of them drop on death (spiritism magic will have some exceptions to this). Knowing where to find them and how many to bring to the fight is very important. 
Magic Vendors carry most of the reagents you need as well, including your basic spellbook which costs 1g. 
The reagents that the vendor doesn’t carry are cuprum, coal, pyrite, and water

  • Cuprum can be found from extracting saburra in a crusher and refining the malachite it produces in a furnace. Can also be found within granum by extracting it in the crusher and putting the Amarantum you get in the furnace. 
  • Coal can be obtained in large amounts by crushing calx. 
  • Pyrite can also be found from saburra but in small quantities, never carry more than a couple with you at a time… you probably won’t even need it! If you put saburra into the attractor, it produces the most pyrite, but nothing else. 
  • Water is of course obtained from nearly any body of water by just holding R on the surface.


Maxing out

Once you have built your desired character, aquired your basic spellbook, read your skill books, and have a decent amount of reagents… You might still be feeling a little weak. 
Mental offense and your Intelligence stat govern your ability to deal damage… But each successful spell cast only gives 9 exp towards leveling up. 
The ideal way to max out your skills is to cast spurt on yourself repeatedly (pressing E) and rest or use lesser healing to regain health. 
What this levels up: 

  • Mental Focus 
  • Mental Offense 
  • Mana regeneration 
  • Meditation (if you rest) 
  • Concentration 
  • Intelligence stat 
  • Psyche stat

Once you have maxed out your skills you may notice that you may be TRAINED to 90 or so, but EFFECTIVE lvl 100 in many of your skills. Your bonus points associated with int and psy with each skill will allow you to save primary points. Use these in other skills you may have passed up such as taming, defensive stance, and creature control. Later on you will need these points for ether portals, spiritism, necromancy, elementalism, and many of the other options magic has to offer… but for now, let’s enjoy taming our own mounts and living the mage life. 
If you are interested in joining MANA (the only mage’s guild in-game) and mastering the arcane arts, have questions, or more information I might have missed, pm billbonty#6444 in discord. 
Get out there adventurer! 

Written by billbonty

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Mortal Online 2 – Magic in Mortal Online 2 Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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