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Mortal Online 2 – Character Guide Positive and Negative Traits 1 -

This guide provides an overview of how a character can gain and lose standing (reputation) with each Nation. It looks at how the task and quest system can be used to affect your standing.


This has been updated as at:
Effective: Patch Notes
Date: January 19, 2022
This guide provides an overview of how a character can gain and lose standing (reputation) with each Nation.It looks at how the task and quest system can be used to affect your standing.
This guide will be updated with future patches and as others reply sharing more information about how you can lose/gain reputation.
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The World of Nave

Mortal Online 2 exists in the world of Nave.
There are a number of continents in the world of which Myrland is the first to be in the game. As the player base grows and territory becomes more populated additional continents are added to the game.
An example of this was the continent of Sarducca being added in Mortal Online 1.
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Nations in Nave

There are 8 different nations across the world of Nave.
Each Nation and its associated race has its own characteristics and geographical region in the world. Players can earn/lose reputation with each of these and this can impact their ability to move through certain regions, access towns, interact with NPCs etc.
The continent of Myrland is the home to:
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Tindremic Provinces is based in the east and north-east of the map. They control the cities of Tindrem, Fabernum and Meduli. Tindrem is the capital and the largest city on the map.
Khurite Allied Tribes cover the largest area of the map including the majority of the centre, south and west. They control the cities of Bakti, Mohki, Morin Khur and Vadda. Morin Khur is the capital.
Other nations do have a presence on Myrland:
Republic of Nordveld is based on the continent of Nordveld to the north (not in game). Hyllspeia is the gateway city located in the extreme nort.
Anam Sith live on the remote continent of Urmothâr (not in game). The water city of Toxai in the east is the gateway city of the Anam Sith nation.

Chacter Build

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You can select your Nation during character creation. This has no impact on your starting reputation/standing or your ability to gain/lose standing with that Nation or any other Nation.
The only purpose is to affect the motif and tattoos available during character creation.
You can select your Clade during character creation. The clade you select can have very significant impact on your visual appearance, character attributes available to you and the clade gifts you can access in-game by earning clade points.
Your decision now about your clade does impact the minimum/maximum standing you can have with a nation. This doesn’t have any practical implications in the game right now.. as the only trigger is positive/negative, not how much you actually have
Some clades have clade gifts which can affect your standing with certain Nations (see more information below)
Thursar Clade
The Thursar clade has a special characteristic players should be aware of.
Mortal Online Lore: The product of the tragic union between Risar and Humans, the hybrid Thursar are the offspring of crimes committed in the wake of battle. Societal prejudice often deprives Thursar of honorable means of suvival, so many Thursar are forced to turn to violence.
As a result of this background, Thursars will gain standing with at a much slower rate than all other clades. The offset of this is that Thursars are the only clade able to gain positive standing with the Risar Nation and avoid being attacked immediately by Risars.

Reputation Overview

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Each character holds standing with the various nations. Standing can impact your ability to interact with NPCs such as guards and vendors in towns. Guards may respond differently to you (such as attacking immediately), brokers may end up charging you different tax rates etc.
Your standing can be seen on your character screen (press C in game) on the Statistics tab. You can mouse over each nation to see your current reputation as well as the minimum and maximum available for you for that nation.
Standing at character creation
You will start the game with
– a positive standing of 5 with 6 of the 7 nations.
– a negative standing with the Risar Nation (they hate everyone)
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Positive vs Negative Standing
There are three types of cities/camps in the game:
– Guarded town / city
– Lawless town / city
– Lawless camps
Each guarded city has NPC guards linked to a specific Nation. To enter these cities you must have positive standing with that Nation otherwise the guards will immediately attack you.
If you take action to lose standing (later in this guide) and you reach negative standing, it is very very difficult and time consuming to get it back. This is because you are unable to enter a city of that National to start/complete a task to gain standing.

Gaining Standing

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Tasks / Quests
A Task Vendor has been added to all Cities and some Camps. This vendor provides quest-like tasks to complete in order to gain rewards.
Parcel Delivery
Initially the tasks on offer are parcel delivery tasks to nearby Cities.
For example:
– Bakti to Moh Ki or Vadda.
– Moh Ki to Bakti or Morin Khur.
– Meduli to Vadda or Tindrem

Special Missions
There are also permanent and time-limited special missions in game.
An example of this is as follows:
A rescue mission you can accept from the Tindrem Task Vendor in Tindrem is one in which you find the lost TIndremic Officer and hand over the rescue deed. This task can reward you with up to 5 times the standing you would receive from a parcel delivery.
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Completing the Task
By completing the task you can select from a choice of rewards. One of these options is to gain standing. The Nation you will gain standing with is defined by the type of NPC you are interacting with. The name of the Nation is written under the name of the NPC. It is important to check this because the Nation of the NPC may be different to the Nation of the City you are in.
Detailed Task System Guide
There is a separate guide which goes into detail about the Task System

Losing Standing

Criminal activity
A criminal activity includes attacking a blue player or pet, or stealing an item from a loot bag. When you perform a criminal activity you will go grey and an icon will appear with a countdown timer.
If you are in a guarded town or approach a guarded town, the guards will attack you when you are flagged as a criminal. When guards start attacking you, you lose standing with the nation the guards are associated with (ie: the Nation of that City).
It is the action of performing the criminal act which triggers the loss of standing, not the outcome of the act. You do not need to kill a player in or near a city to lose standing, and the guards do not need to have killed you for you to lose standing.
If you perform a criminal act it triggers a 5 minute timer. If you perform another criminal act within that 5 minutes, you will not lose any more reputation during this countdown.
If you die however, the 5 minute timer immediately resets. Performing a further criminal act will result in you losing standing again.
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When you lose standing due to criminal activity, you lose 1 standing point. This means a new character can only afford to perform 6 criminal acts near a guarded to before they are prevented from entering towns from that nation.
Murder Count
If you kill another player, they can give you a Murder Count. This can occur any where in the world, not just in a town/city. If this occurs you will lose standing. The standing loss occurs in the nation where the victim resurrects. So if the murder occurs in Gaul Kor and the victim home priests to Fabernum. They will resurrect at a Tindremic Priest and thus the murderer will lose Tindremic Provinces standing.
Star Vault has indicated a plan to shift away from Murder Count impacting standing. A revised Bounty system will instead be linked to murder counts. This would mean the murder count may only impact negatively on standing if it occurs close to cities/camps.

Clade Gift Bonuses

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Clade Gifts Experience
There are actions a player can perform in the game in return for Clade Gifts Experience.
The most common of these actions are killing Walking Dead in the Graveyard or killing Bandits and a Bandit Camp. You are able to receive partial Clade Gifts Experience if you contribute to killing the NPC.
Clade Gift Points
As you obtain Clade Gift Experience you will reach certain levels. Each level reward you with one Clade Gift Point.
As you progress, the amount of Clade Gift Experience you require for each level and each Clade Gift Point increases.
Clade Gifts
You can exchange your Clade Gift Points for a Clade Gift.
The gifts are specific to your characters clade and can provide advantages for knowledge, gathering, magic, combat etc.
The gifts are available in a hierarchy structure and you need to progress through them. There are three base options offering three trees in the hierarchy.
You cannot reset or change your Clade Gifts once you have selected them, There are 30 available Clade Gifts per character and you can only access a maximum of 20 of them.
The following is an example:
– Kill 20 Walking Dead at 5 Clade Gift Experience each
– Reach 100 Clade Gift Experience at which point you receive 1 Clade Gift Point
– Select the Clade Gift to receive for your 1 Clade Gift Point.
Clade Gifts affect Standing with Nations
There are some clades that can access Clade Gifts which affect the standing with Nations. These are detailed here:
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Clade – Alvarian
Clade – Oghmir
Clade – Human
Diplomatic – Increase the minimum amount of standing you can have with each nation
Opportunistic – Your chance to gain standing with any nation is doubled
Clade – Thursar
Risar Known – You are known by the Risar Horde and can increase your standings with the Risar Horde to a point where you are no longer attacked on sight by all Risars.

Reality check… does any of this matter?

Mortal Online 2 - Character Guide Positive and Negative Traits - Reality check... does any of this matter? - D231EAB
Does any of this matter and have I waste my time by reading this?
Yes but also, no…
What is the important part ?
There is one important part of this guide that you need to take into the game and its this… if you get negative standing with a Nation you cannot enter guarded towns within that Nation.
You can screw this up within the first 30 minutes of the game. If you choose to go around and start attacking other players in a town, even if you don’t kill them you will lose standing. You start with 5 standing so the moment you do it 6 times, you are negative. That negative standing could prevent you from entering up to 4 towns across half the world and cut you off from another town..
Tindremic Provinces – Fabernum, Tindrem, Meduli
Khurite Allied Tribes – Bakti, Mohki, Morin Khur, Vadda (and blocks access to Toxai)
Republic of Nordveld – Hyllspeia
Anam Sith – Toxai
The major game mechanic issue right now… In order to get that standing back with that Nation you need to complete a task. 90% of the tasks start and end in one of those Nations towns so they are not accessible to you. There may be as few as 1-4 parcel delivery tasks you can actually perform in the game to get that standing back to a positive standing so you can enter a town. In order to complete these tasks, you may need to walk 2+ hours across the map to collect it, then another 2+ hours to delivery it assuming you stay alive. On a horse it maybe drops to 30-60 minutes if you know your way well and can survive.
There are going to be more options added to the game to allow you gain standing if you are negative. However these are not in game during the beta. They may be added at launch.
Is that it…. ?
At the time of writing, at the end of beta and a few days out from release, yes that’s the only key message about standing. However it is obviously a major factor which would likely force you to re-roll your character and you lose all the effort, materials and skill you’ve earned.
Does this ruin PvP
No. The loss of standing for attacking another player only applies within close proximity to a guarded town. Think of it as in eye sight of the guards so this could be as little as 100m

Thank you…

Thanks in advance to those who contribute knowing more about reputation and sharing that knowledge.
This guide is also available on the Mortal Online 2 forums.
Photo credits for scenery and those characters in armour/uniform goes to ATC Forgiven on the Mortal Online 2 Discord server.
Biggest shout out to those who go to the effort to Like and tag this guide. It shows that people are using it, appreciate it and therefore makes it worthwhile for me to spend the time updaing the guide with each patch.
If you are in-game in Bakti, come and say hello…
Mortal Online 1 – started playing in July 2010
Mortal Online 2 – over 3,000+ in-game hours
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This is all about Mortal Online 2 – Character Guide Positive and Negative Traits; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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