Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition – Character and squad optimization Sentinel guide

Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition – Character and squad optimization Sentinel guide 1 -
Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition – Character and squad optimization Sentinel guide 1 -

Welcome to Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition – Character and squad optimization Sentinel guide.

This guide explains the character and squad optimization for Mass Effect 2’s sentinel role. The Mass Effect Legendary Edition contains it. This manual includes a Sentinel build and suggested Squad Members. It also includes a suggested quest progression to help players overcome the Insanity difficulty without encountering too many difficulty spikes.

Shepard Build Order

  • Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition - Character and squad optimization Sentinel guide - Shepard Build Order - C163F0F

    Level 30: Throw 6 (Radius and Detonate). Tech Armor 4 (Durability). Offensive Mastery 5(Force and Damage. Squad Bonus). Fitness 5 (Durability. Squad Bonus).

    Level 32: Tech Armor 5 (Energy Damage)

    Level 33: Tech Armor 6 (Durability)

    Level 34: Fortification 2

    Level 35: Fortification 3

    Level 36: Fortification 4 (Durability)

    Level 37: Fortification 5 (Energy Synergy)

    Level 38: Fortification 6 (Durability)

    Level 39: Overload 1

    Level 40: Fitness 6 (Durability)

    Level 41: Level 3: Overload

    Level 42: Overload 4 (Chain Overload)

    Level 43: Warp 1

    Level 44: Overload 5 (Neural Shock)

    Level 45: Overload 6 (Chain Overload)

    Level 46: Warp 2

    Level 47: Offensive mastery 6 (Force & Damage)

    Level 48: Warp 3.

    Level 49: Warp 4 (, Detonate)

    Level 50: Warp (Expose)

    Level 51: Lift Grenade 1

    Level 52: Warp 6 Pierce ()

    Level 53: Lift Grenade 3

    Level 54: Lift Grenade 4(Radius)

    Level 55: Cryo Blast 1

    Level 56: Lift Grenade 5 (Max Grenade)

    Level 57: Lift Grande 6 (Slam)

    Level 58: Cryo Blast 2

    Level 59: Cryo Blast 3

    Level 60: Cryoblast 4 (Radius)


  • Armor Modkit Shields +5%
  • Remains of Reaper Destroyer – Power Recharge Speed +5%
  • Advanced Biotic Implants – Power Recharge Speed +5%
  • Weapon Upgrade Kit Weapon Damage +5%
  • Intel from Battle of Arcturus – Shields: +5%
  • Volus Intelligence Archives: Health +5%
  • Intact Reaper Weapon: Weapon Damage +5%
  • Gallae’s Electronic Sign: Power Damage +5%
  • Med Bay Surgery: Health +5%
  • Shields +5% Improved Geth Resistors
  • Miniaturized Armor Capacitors: Power Recharge Speed +5%
  • Pragia Research Data: Power Recharge Speed +5%

    This build focuses on bonuses to the entire squad, executing power combinations, and maintaining durability. The Sentinel is Shepard’s only class that grants a Squad Bonus, a 30% bonus for health and shields for the entire squad. The class power “Offensive mastery” grants a 10% bonus for squad weapon damage and a 15% bonus for the force and damage of the squad powers. This build focuses on power combos that are crucial to do high damage on higher difficulties.

This build allows Shepard’s Squadmates to prime power combinations and uses the Throw ability for the execution of the combos. Evolving Throw to have a Double throw is one of the few ways to execute two combos in one player. This build is extremely durable and utilizes Tech Armor and Fortification for an increase in Damage Reduction of 90%, giving Shepard extreme survival. The Power Synergy bonuses each Talent offers increase the Force and Duration for all our powers.

This has the downside that Tech Armor and Fortification both reduce Cooldown. However, Throw, our primary power use, has a very low cooling down so this is not an issue.

This build is trying to reduce weight to avoid additional penalties to decrease cooldown. I recommend using weapons with infinite ammo. The Particle Rifle can be picked up in the beginning of the game. This weapon does more damage if it is “charged up” with continuous firing. The Magazine upgrade allows you to fire the “charged-up” version for longer. The 2nd Act of the game allows you to play the Citadel DLC, which will give you access to the M-7 Lancer, which is lighter than the Particle Rifle. To get the best value from your Tech Armor or Fortification, you should focus on boosting Shields and then Health when customizing armor.

Recommendations for Squadmates


Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition - Character and squad optimization Sentinel guide - Recommended Squadmates - 4B1D7A5

Outfit Recharge Speed +25%

Level 31: Warp 6 (Detonate. Expose. Pierce), Pure Biotic4 (Recharge Speede17Y

Level 34: Pure Biotic 5 (Durability and Force)

Level 38: Pure Biotic 6 (Singularity 2) Squad Bonus

Level 39: Singularity 3.

Level 40: Singularity 4 (Radius)

Level 41: Stasis 1.

Level 43: Singularity 5 (Fast Recharge Speed)

Level 55: Singularity 6(Expand); Stasis 5(Duration, Recharge speed)

Level 57: Stasis 6 Bubble ()

Liara is our primary method for crowd control and sets up powerful combinations of biotic power. Singularity can be used on unarmored enemies to disable and set them up for biotic destruction. Warp can also set off detonations against protected enemies. Equip her with N7 Hurricane and modify the weapon to increase power damage. Power combos do more damage to Insanity (x3.375 than normal), so it’s important to have higher difficulties. Her alternative outfit and passive skills can reduce Liara’s power recharge time. This allows the two characters to collaborate to create frequent biotic explosions.


Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition - Character and squad optimization Sentinel guide - Recommended Squadmates - 7D07C84

Outfit Damage +25%

Level 36: Overload 2, Armor Piercing Ammo 6, Squad Bonus, Headshots. Pierce). (Weapon Damage. Assault Rifles.).

Level 37: Overload 3.

Level 38: Overload 4 (Chain Overload)

Level 41: Overload 5 (Neural Shock)

Level 44: Overload 6 (Chain Overload)

Level 55: Proximity Mine 6 (Radius Damage Taken, Recharge Speed -)

Level 58: Turian Rebel 6 (Squad Bonus)

Level 59: Concussive Shot 2

Level 60: Concussive Shot 3

Garrus is the primary source of weapon damage. Popular “Godhood” build uses the N7 Typhoon, Armor-piercing Ammo and his passive Turian Rebel to increase his weapon damage for all squadmates. He can also set up Tech Bursts using Overload and his Proximity Mine Attack to apply a debuff to enemies that increases their damage for 8 seconds. Squad bonuses from Armor Piercing Ammo are particularly useful since squadmates often shoot at enemies from cover.


Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition - Character and squad optimization Sentinel guide - Recommended Squadmates - FE2722C

Outfit Recharge Speed +25%

Level 60: Energy drain 6 (Radius) Damage); Sabotage 6(Duration, Explosive hack, Tech Vulnerability,); Defense Drone 3 Quarian Machinist 6(Detonate); Shock, Chain Lightning,); Defense Drone 3 Quarian Machinist 6(Recharge Speed Tech Upgrade, Squad Bonus,)

Because of her unique powers, Tali can replace Laira when you face the Geth. Sabotage is extremely useful against Geth Primes because it temporarily causes them to attack their colleagues. The level 6 upgrade “Tech Vulnerability”, which increases Tech Bursts’ damage by 100%, allows you to evolve Sabotage and disable enemies while also increasing your DPS. It can also trigger Tech Bursts when used with Shepard’s Overload power. Energy Drain is extremely useful. Equip her with the Crusader Shotgun, and then swap to an alternate outfit to reduce her power recharge time to enable more frequent Tech Bursts.


Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition - Character and squad optimization Sentinel guide - Recommended Squadmates - 4B90F1C

Outfit Damage +25%

Level 31: Disruptor Ammo 6 (Squad Bonus, Headshots, Stun), Marksman 4 (Firing Rate)

Level 32: Alliance Officer 1

Level 33: Alliance Officer 2.

Level 34: Alliance Officer 3.

Level 60: Inferno Grenade 6(Radius. Max Grenades. Radius. Radius. Radius. Radius. Radius. Radius. Radius. Radius. Shrapnel.) Concussive shot 3. Marksman 6(Duration. Accuracy. Firing Rate.). Alliance Officer 6(Weapon Damage. Power Damage. Assault Rifles.).

Because Ashley has Disruptor Ammo, Garrus is no longer our primary source for weapon damage. Disruptor Ammo can be applied to the entire squad, allowing gunfire to have a chance to stun Geth and prime them for Tech Bursts. These secondary effects of gunfire can be triggered more often by increasing her fire rate with her Marksman talent. Despite her outfit bonus to Weapon damage, and Garrus’s N7 Typhoon use, her raw DPS is not as high as Garrus’s, but her extra utility makes her a good partner for Tali on Rannoch Missions.

Order Recommended Quest

Prologue: Earth


Citadel I

Exodus Cluster

– Intel: Remains from the Reaper Destroyer

– Eden Prime

– Resistance Movement

Sigurd’s Cradle

– N7: Cerberus Lab

– Alien Medi-Gel Formula (part 1 –

Apien Crest

Banner of the First Regiment (part 1)

– Palavan


– Alien Medi-Gel Formula (part 2 –

Aria: Blood Pack

– Aria: Blue Suns (part 1) –

– Aria: Eclipse

Banner of the First Regiment (part 2)

– Barla Von (part 1 –

– Hanar Diplomat

– Leviathan I

– Prototype components (part 1)

Ismar Frontier

– Prototype components (part 2) –

Petra Nebula

– Grissom Academy

– Biotic Amp Interface (part 1)

Kite’s Nest

– Aria’ Blue Suns (part 2 –

Pillars of Strength (part 1) –

– Intel: Weapons Enhancement Kit

Shrike Abyssal

– Prothean Obelisk (part 1) –

Caleston Rift

Garneau – Find Garneau


– Aria: Blue Suns Part 3 –

Biotic Amp Interfaces (part 2)

– Leviathan II

Pillars of Strength (part 2)

– Prototype components (part 3).

– Prothean Obelisk Part 2 –

Pylos Nebula

– Find Ann Bryson


– Leviathan III

Sigurd’s Cradle

– Leviathan


– Aria T’Loak


– The Invasion of Omega

Annos Basin

– Sur’Kesh

Ninmah Cluster

– Krogan Team

– Krogan Dying Message (part 1)

Arcturus Stream

– Intel: Intel from Battle of Arcturus

– Cerberus Abductions

– Evidence (part 1) –

Krogan DMZ

– Turian Platoon


– Cerberus Automated Turret Schematics (part 1 –

– Cerberus Attack

– Improved Power Grid (part 1)

– Barla Von (part 2 –


– Barla Von (part 3 –

– Evidence (part 2) –

GX12 Thermal Pipe

– Improved Power Grid (part 2)

– Krogan Dying Message Part 2 –

Krogan DMZ

– Tuchanka

Horsehead Nebula

– Cerberus Fighter Base

– Heating Unit Stabilizers (part 1 –

Aethon Cluster

– Intel: Volus Intelligence Archives

Book of Plenix (part 1) –

Citadel II

– Batarian Codes

Book of Plenix (part 2) –

– Cerberus automated Turret Schematics (part 2 –

– Cerberus Retribution

– Heating Unit Stabilizers (part 2 –

Inspirational Stories

Medi-Gel Sabotage

– Wounded Batarian

Far Rim

– Perseus Veil

Valhalla Threshold

– Prothean Data Drives (part 1) –

Minos Wasteland

– Ex-Cerberus Scientists

– Cerberus Turian Poison (part 1 –

Athena Nebula

– Hesperia Period Statue (part 1)

Nimbus Cluster

– Intel: Intact Reaper Weapon

Library of Asha (part 1) –

– Ardat-Yakshi Monastery

– Intel: Gallae Electronic Signature

– Asari Widow (part 1) –


Part 2: Asari Widow

– Cerberus Turian Poison (part 2 –

– Hesperia Period Statue (part 2)

– LIbrary Of Asha (part 2) –

– Medical Supplies

– Prothean Data Drives Part 2 –

– Volus Ambassador

– Shore Leave

– Geth Challenge

– Spin Zone Challenge

– Reaper Solo Challenge

Thermal Clip Challenge

– Charity Reaper Challenge

– Prothean Challenge

– Medi-Gel Challenge

– Cerberus Challenge

Unusual Scores

Perseus Veil

– Geth Dreadnought

– Geth Fighter Squadron

– Reaper Code Fragment (part 1 –

– Intel: Improved Geth Resistors

– Intel: Miniaturized Armor Capacitors

Admiral Koris

Target Jamming Technology (part 1)

Argos Rho

– Kakliosaur Fossil (part 1 –


– Kakliosaur Fossil (Part 2 –

– Reaper Code Fragment (part 2 –

Target Jamming Technology (part 2)

Perseus Veil


Hades Nexus

– Obelisks in Karza (part 1)

– Prothean Spher (part 1) –

Silean Nebula

-N7: Fuel Reactors

-Chemical Treatment (part 1) –

– Code of the Ancients (part 1) –

– Rings of Alune (part 1) –


– Citadel III

– Chemical Treatment (part 2) –

– Code of the Ancients (part 2) –

– Elcor Extraction (part 1 –

– Obelisks of Karza (part 2) –

– Prothean Sphere Part 2 –

– Rings of Alune (part 2) –

Silean Nebula

– Elcor Extraction (part 2 –

Athena Nebula

– Thessia

Nubian Expanse

– Intel: Research Data From Pragia

Kepler Verge

Communication Hub

– Cerberus Ciphers (part 1 –


– Cerberus Cipher (part 2 –

– Elcor Extraction (part 3 –

– Party

Cereberus Headquarters


Gameplay Showcase


Written by PhilosophusRex

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition – Character and squad optimization Sentinel guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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