Insurgency: Sandstorm – Small Guide to configuring ISS gore

Insurgency: Sandstorm – Small Guide to configuring ISS gore 3 -
Insurgency: Sandstorm – Small Guide to configuring ISS gore 3 -
A guide to help you mess around with the dismemberment commands



ISS gore system is great, although the dismemberment doesn’t happen as often as i and other people would want to. Thankfully i have found a way to change that.

Before we start:
You might want to use Notepad++, its free and will help you see if you’re messing with the config files the right way or nah

The Commands

The gore commands i have found


A multiplier for weapons and explosion damage, setting these to higher values will make limbs more easily dismembered.

0No dismemberment, might as well turn it off.
1Normal dismemberment.
1.5-2No noticeable changes although any value pass this point will cause explosions to insta gib.
5Rifles will be able to take off limbs in 2-4 shoots, Pistols will dismember in 2-5 shoots.
10Rifles will take off any limb with 2 shoots, Pistols will dismember in 1-4 bullets.
15Any weapon (except melee) will be able to dismember in 1-3 shoots.
20+1 hit gib


The amount of physical “push” that will be applied on the ragdoll, the higher the value, the more “push” will be applyed on the ragdoll from the direction it got hit before dying.

0Normal weak push, nothing from explosions.
1Almost unoticeable push.
5Ragdolls will respond to bullets and fall back more frequently, ragdolls will fly from explosions.
10mildly hard pushes even by the smaller callibers, ragdolls will catapult in the air from explosions
50+5 metters plus from the smaller callibers, to the moon we go


Not sure, but it seems to dictate how easily limbs will dismember with physical damage, like falling or getting tossed around.

Any value change seems to break it making ragdolls limbs insta gib if they touch the ground


No clue honestly


Doesn’t seem to change anything


No idea

I would recommend messing around with these commands ingame first, you can simply change its value and kill somebody to see what the command does
There are some more that you can access via the console ingame wich i dont think are important (mainly cuz i honestly did not bother with testing what they did) they all start with “r.Dismemberment” in case you want to see them for yourself.

The config file

After deciding wich configurations seem fit for you, its time to put them in your config folder

Fistly, find the directory of your iss config files, it should be at

Then look for the file named “Engine.ini” and open it

Look for a category named “[SystemSettings]”, if you dont find it, simply write it down
it should look like this:
Insurgency: Sandstorm - Small Guide to configuring ISS gore

Then simply add your commands with the values you want like “command=value”
Insurgency: Sandstorm - Small Guide to configuring ISS gore


There we go!

Sadly i dont know what most commands do, but even then it didnt show any diference with values so it hopefully wont be a big missout, if anyone knows what they do, just tell me and ill update this guide.

Written by Fantasiado

This is all about Insurgency: Sandstorm – Small Guide to configuring ISS gore; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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