Infinitode 2 – Get all secret codes

Infinitode 2 – Get all secret codes 1 -
Infinitode 2 – Get all secret codes 1 -

Hello and welcome, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Infinitode 2 – Get all secret codes Follow this guide each steps.

In this manual, all current secret codes will be written P.S. According to the author that there will no longer be codes as they are not balanced in the game.

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How do I enter codes?

To use the codes, you will need:


Eliminate the game

1.Go to settings.

2.Guide to the section “Special”

3.Click on “secret code”

Enter the code:


e6k6fq dust 10 bit, 5 keys purple, 10 accelerators, 1 blue box, 5K papers green

1px5sy, 3 roulette tokens with 10 bit dust, 1 red box, 1 purple box, 5K green paper

zm5xp8 2 roulette tokens,1 research token, shard x2 benefits


7r3snt – 5 Roulette Tokens and 10 Bit Dust

pade3i 7 roulette tokens

ijsoa 1 roulette token, 420K green papers, 69 accelerators, loot token

JNKG4U 20 bit dust, rarity token, 6 roulette tokens, 25 BLUE Keys, 6 Random Tiles(Legendary Rare) Quality 100%, Loot token 6 Random Tiles(Epic Rare) Quality 75 percent, 25 accelerators, 6 Random Tiles(Rare) Quality 50%, 2 Random Teleports(Rare) It is generally a useful code

The rewards offered by Standwithukraine are different.

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