Infinitode 2 – How to Get Bit Dust + Unlock Rewards Guide

Infinitode 2 – How to Get Bit Dust + Unlock Rewards Guide 1 -
Infinitode 2 – How to Get Bit Dust + Unlock Rewards Guide 1 -

getting some juicy bd rewards after unlocking endless

The Beginning

After you finally finished the story levels, it is time to go into endless mode and get OP tower upgrades……wait a sec, what are those yellow thingy and why does every research need it?
Infinitode 2 - How to Get Bit Dust + Unlock Rewards Guide - The Beginning - 3D9B32A

What are bit dusts, and how to get them?

Firstly, bit dust(AKA bd) is an item exclusive to endless mode. Every endless research will be needing it, so it will be important to acquire them to progress faster in endless mode.
Currently there are 3 ways of getting bd in this game:

  • Playing in endless mode and enemies will drop bit dusts occasionally
  • Completing quests in endless mode
  • Secret codes


How do I get more bit dusts?

There are some research which will help with bd gaining, there are:

  • Bit Dust Drop Rate (AKA bddr): It boosts the bd amount gained by enemies looting or quests
  • Loot Frequency & Loot Rarity: Bit dusts dropped by enemies are counted as loots, so they are affected by loot buffs
  • Endless Mode Difficulty: Looting is affected by portal difficulty, so playing with higher difficulty yields more bd


Pre 6.3

At this point, we are pretty much having normal researches(or lower). We will need to make preparations until we can afford to farm in 6.3, the most popular bd farming map.
There are some researches which should be prioritized here:


Because, why not? I heavily recommend all those who have research tickets stocked up to dump their tickets into here. When maxed it provides +500% which is 6 times of bd from all sources.

2. Tower Stats

The difficulty increase in endless mode makes the enemies harder to beat, we will need better towers to survive it. Global upgrades sure are nice, but don’t forget to level up specific tower researches, as it is cheaper when you are doing them together. Damage and attack speed generally matters the most.
Flamethrower and Tesla has nice upgrade priority as they are early game towers which will carry you whenever you are doing quests, or mining in endless.
Make sure to max out wave interval too.

3. Loot Frequency/Loot Rarity

They require prestiging to unlock, but they give nice bd boost later on.
Quest reset is quite simple if you have time to grind for it, 25% two times is enough for it.
Map selling might take some time since you will need lots of tiles for selling. Go and youtube some 200% custom map selling videos for maximum efficiency.

4. Mining speed researches

Aside from bit dust, resources are still a requirement for endless research. You should try and mine in every single run so that your resources will pile up.
Avoid upgrading every individual miners unless you are going for 6.3. Researching mining speed modifier is better since it is compatible with every miner.
You can keep grinding in different story maps and trying out different strategies. There isn’t any strict rule for which map you should be grinding for or which tower you should main.


When should you start farming this map:

  • Having higher than 350% endless difficulty
  • Decent Splash/Tesla tower research
  • Decent mining speed researches
  • Almost maxed BDDR
  • Some starting money/money over time

these are not hard requirements, it just makes farming more efficient on this map.

Low score farming technique

In 1.8.5 patch, bd drops in 6.3 are no longer affected by enemy amount. Doing excess mining and overloading is not necessary to get more bd.
As the rarity goes up with time(until 100% cyan), it is better to wait as long as you can before you spawn enemies and get the loots.
Step 1: Put on the highest endless difficulty you have
Infinitode 2 - How to Get Bit Dust + Unlock Rewards Guide - 6.3 - CA5720D Don’t worry if you cannot beat it, with the following setups we can make it easier.
Infinitode 2 - How to Get Bit Dust + Unlock Rewards Guide - 6.3 - 7FC540D
Step 2: Remove all the miners
Mining too much will cause the hp scaling goes up, making it harder to manage(if you have low tower researches). Even if difficulty doesn’t matter, the rarity of loots will be significantly increased.
Step 3: Block the shortcuts
AA(antiair) is best because of its lowest price. You can also put dps down first to prevent stakey walking over it.
Infinitode 2 - How to Get Bit Dust + Unlock Rewards Guide - 6.3 - C5045E8
Step 4: Start the wave and wait
You just need to sit and wait for the time to pass. Enemy speed -5% is recommended to get early as it makes a run longer.
Step 5: Reap the loots
You can install the miner when stakey is about to reach your base(second rotation speed platform as indicator). Max out your dps tower and kill anything that spawns. You can even unlock dmg buff in the core to increase your survive rate.

Custom Map with high difficulty

After farming 6.3 for a while, we will notice that: we can play something much difficult for more bd!
Infinitode 2 - How to Get Bit Dust + Unlock Rewards Guide - Custom Map with high difficulty - 42F09C9Max portal difficulty in 6.3 is 2520%, while the max portal difficulty in custom map is 4500%.

Requirements for efficient custom map farming


  • A nice base with decent dmg, atk speed and range. It can be EWOP(enemy walking on platform) but don’t ever pick any base with disabled research.
  • A high difficulty portal(above 400%) with specific enemy types.

Infinitode 2 - How to Get Bit Dust + Unlock Rewards Guide - Custom Map with high difficulty - 1A44F6B
Infinitode 2 - How to Get Bit Dust + Unlock Rewards Guide - Custom Map with high difficulty - AA25826
This is an example of portal I am using, 4 of the spawning enemy types are weak to minigun, in which I can solo the portal with only minigun as dps. This means I will only need to heavily research one tower.

Make a map that is advantageous

Long path, crusher spot and nice sight on dps tower makes the enemies easier to kill. The map design might vary depends on the tower used and how the person make it.
This is an example of my map, I am using minigun as dps and crusher as support. Notice how a single crusher can grab enemies from different places of the path.
This layout works on tower with long range, like minigun and sniper. Missile sucks in this version so I don’t recommend using it.
Infinitode 2 - How to Get Bit Dust + Unlock Rewards Guide - Custom Map with high difficulty - 9C5B0CE
edit: I realized i need nearby road tiles for crusher to use its disorientation, so i moved the platforms a bit. Besides, I added some range tiles to place freezes for their evaporation bonus.

Then, just play it

Make sure you don’t enable auto wave calls as it decreases the bd gain in a run. (Loot rarity scales with time elapsed)

Splash Farm

[work in progress]

The End

Well, that is what I have known since 1.8.5 update. Since I am still at the phase of custom map farming, there is nothing further than it that I can do a guide. If you have any good strategies for bit dust farming too, please share it with us so we can discuss and find out the most efficient method to grind this game 🙂
And the last please enjoy the game as well!!

Written by ItsInfnity

This is all about Infinitode 2 – How to Get Bit Dust + Unlock Rewards Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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