How to Use Your NPC Using Console Commands in Starfield

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How to Use Your NPC Using Console Commands in Starfield

This guide will help you to edit your NPC’s potential via Console commands and can be your best friend for this. This guide is all about showing you the ropes.

Getting Started with Console Commands

Ready your NPC or companion with some stellar gear? Here are the console commands to get you going:

  • unequipall – Kick things off with this command. It’ll make sure your chosen NPC is free from any messy data.
  • removeallitems player – This will clean the target’s inventory and pass everything to you. Handy, huh?
  • equipitem #id – Think of this as the sibling of additem. Don’t pile on extra items if you’ve already got one; equips it straight away.
  • cf "ObjectReference.AttachModToInventoryItem" #target #id You want to attach a mod to an inventory item? This command’s got your back.

Here’s a neat trick for personal use: Create a bat file. For example:

player.placeatme 0026D8A0



amod 0028F444

Mod 000FEA49

amod 000F4557

Mod 0015DD18

This “bat” will create the weapon, select it in the consol,e and apply the quality and rarity mod.

bat "va'ruun inflictor example". What this does is it crafts the weapon, then, while in the console, selects it and decks it out with quality and rarity mods. Cool, right?

But there’s a tiny hiccup: the method can be a bit fussy when adding items directly into an inventory. Why? Because neither additem nor equipitem spill the beans on the new reference object ID. So, to tweak an item inside an inventory, use this:

player.additem 0026D8A0 “ObjectReference.AttachModToInventoryItem” 0026D8A0 0028F444 “ObjectReference.AttachModToInventoryItem” 0026D8A0 000FEA49 “ObjectReference.AttachModToInventoryItem” 0026D8A0 000F4557 “ObjectReference.AttachModToInventoryItem” 0026D8A0 0015DD18

Of course you can avoid “player.” if you first choose yourself in the consol ( the prid player or 00000014 – , or if you have chosen the npc you want to edit.


cf "ObjectReference.AttachModToInventoryItem" player #id. You can give “player” a miss if you’ve either already picked yourself in the console or if the NPC you want to jazz up is selected.

And just a quick reminder: if you’re itching for a detailed breakdown of each command, there’s a wealth of websites out there that do an amazing job at it.

Calibrated 0028F442

Refined Refined

Advanced 0028F444

For armor:

Calibrated 0011E2BC

Refined Refined

Advanced Advanced

Superior 0003AF7D

Where is it?
Create a.txt in the same location as your Starfield.exe. (Or in a custom folder if you wish).

Place the code inside the file, then in game, you can use bat without the file extension.

If you’re using a folder, run “Folder/Filename”.

Where Should the Code Go?

So you’ve got the code and you’re wondering where to put it? No worries. Here’s a simple walkthrough:

  1. First off, head to your Starfield folder.
  2. Next, whip up a .txt file. Place it right where you’ve got your Starfield.exe. You can also tuck it in a custom folder if that’s more your style.
  3. Pop the code inside the file. Easy peasy.
  4. Once you’re in-game, punch in the command bat . Leave out the file extension, alright?
  5. If you opted for a folder, then you’d use: bat "Folder/Filename".

My own “equipnpc.txt”

removeallitems player

equipitem 0026D8A0
cf "ObjectReference.AttachModToInventoryItem" 0026D8A0 0028F444
cf "ObjectReference.AttachModToInventoryItem" 0026D8A0 000FEA49
cf "ObjectReference.AttachModToInventoryItem" 0026D8A0 000F4557
cf "ObjectReference.AttachModToInventoryItem" 0026D8A0 0015DD18

additem 002B558B 100

equipitem 0001754D
cf "ObjectReference.AttachModToInventoryItem" 0001754D 0003AF7D

equipitem 0001754F
cf "ObjectReference.AttachModToInventoryItem" 0001754F 0003AF7D

equipitem 0001754E
cf "ObjectReference.AttachModToInventoryItem" 0001754E 0003AF7D

equipitem 0021C784


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