How to Prestige in Phasmophobia

How to Prestige in Phasmophobia 1 -
How to Prestige in Phasmophobia 1 -

How to Prestige in Phasmophobia

So, you’ve been diving deep into Phasmophobia and heard about this whole prestiging thing, right? It’s kind of like the game’s own version of a badge of honor. Let me walk you through it so you know exactly what’s up!

How to Kickstart Your Prestige Journey in Phasmophobia

Alright, first things first. To get the ball rolling, you need to climb the levels. All the way up until you hit the magic number: level 100. Boom! That’s your ticket to the world of prestige. But here’s the catch – it’s a double-edged sword. Decide to take the plunge into prestige, and you’ll be hitting a big ol’ reset button on a few things:

  1. Player Level: Yep, you’re back to square one. Time to climb up that ladder again!
  2. Player Money: Remember all that cash you saved? Poof! Gone. But hey, every challenge is a new opportunity, right?
  3. Unlocked Equipment Items: This one’s a bit of a sting. You’ll need to unlock all those gadgets and gizmos again. But if you’ve done it once, you can do it again!

Now, it’s not all give and no take. Dive into prestige and the game gifts you a shiny new Investigator ID card. It’s not just any card – this one’s got a special background that you can switch up to show off your prestige swag!

How to Race Up Those Levels in Phasmophobia

Want a fast pass to level 100? I’ve got you! A secret sauce to level up quickly is knocking out those side objectives. They’re not just fun, but they also come loaded with experience points. And don’t forget about the daily and weekly challenges. They’re like the game’s way of giving you a little extra push up the level ladder.

Reaching for the Stars: What’s the Ultimate Level in Phasmophobia?

So, you’ve hit level 100 and you’re thinking, “Is this it?” Nope! The ceiling’s way higher – all the way up at a jaw-dropping 999. But here’s the trick: to break past level 100 and aim for that ultimate 999, you’ve got to take the prestige plunge and start afresh.

Armed with all this knowledge, you’re set to master the prestige system in Phasmophobia. Go on and conquer those haunted grounds, and remember – every reset is just a new beginning on your epic journey!

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