Desynced – Scout & Collect Squad

Desynced – Scout & Collect Squad 7 -
Desynced – Scout & Collect Squad 7 -

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This guide is all about early game bot automation.



Scout & Collect Squad

Finding new resource nodes, and exploring the map will be much easier with an automated scout. There are many dangers in the area, so it is important to learn how to do it safely. Here is my first contribution: the Scout & Collect Squad.

Desynced - Scout & Collect Squad - Early Game Bot Automation (Being Reworked) - F0316DA

This allows you to use the three scouts that you started with as one unit. They can search and collect the area as well as defend against basic threats. They also store their own energy. Dash bots can be used to replace the two supporting units, but they will not be as protected from any potential threats.

Desynced - Scout & Collect Squad - Early Game Bot Automation (Being Reworked) - 5AC2CBC

The Scout Leader unit is the core of this squad. Once you have both the Behaviours technology and Power Transference technology researched, this can be used fairly early in the game.

As for the behaviour-control programming, I have kept it as simple and straightforward as possible.


Desynced - Scout & Collect Squad - Early Game Bot Automation (Being Reworked) - 4FA74DE

It checks first if there are any damages. If not, it will then check the immediate area to see if any items have been dropped. If there are none, it will “scout” that area. This is a move command that the game provides to help you search the map. If it finds a dropped item that is not located in a blight zone, it will check to see if it can hold it. If not, the unit will return to the location recorded in its “Signal Register”.

Desynced - Scout & Collect Squad - Early Game Bot Automation (Being Reworked) - 27D4CC0

Click and drag the slot here to the destination where you want your scouts to drop off their resources. In this case, my Command Centre is the drop-off location. The reason I didn’t set up the “Store” and “Goto” registers was because it would cause the bot to bounce around constantly, which is not ideal. The drop-off target will be stored in the bot’s memory so that we can access it at any time.

Notice that I have a small storage and a shield generator. If you don’t have these items, replace the shield generator with a repair kit and the small storage with an extra firepower turret. You now have a scout commander! You can run it without a turret, but it will be unable to power itself or defend itself. Here’s where the other bots come into play!

Desynced - Scout & Collect Squad - Early Game Bot Automation (Being Reworked) - CC2B9A9

The Scout Support Bot is your main way to power your scouting team without having to return to the main power grid for recharging. You can generate all the power needed for your scouting activities with a solar cell and portable power field. All you have to do now is set up the “Goto’ register to be the bot for the Scout Leader.

Desynced - Scout & Collect Squad - Early Game Bot Automation (Being Reworked) - 042B2C0

The Scout Guard bot can be used in situations where your Scout Leader doesn’t have a turret, or if you want to have more firepower when you are frantically retreating for your life. The small turret and repair kit, as well as the portable shield generator, are highly recommended to equip the guard in order to maximize uptime against any external threats.

Potential problems:

  • The Scout Leader can become stuck if other units crowd around it. To fix this, move the units manually out of the way and then have them follow the leader again once the leader is unsticked. This space will be updated with any new developments.


We’ve enjoyed assisting you with the Desynced – Scout & Collect Squad and hope you found it useful. If you see any mistakes or have suggestions for how we can improve this post, do let us know in the comments. Best wishes for a lovely day, and thanks for your time and effort! Thanks to creator and writer RemTM for motivating this post’s creation. If you liked this post, you should check back regularly because we publish new information every day.

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