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If you’ve been playing through the game and are finding the funds required for the endgame houses difficult to obtain, try this. This nets you €10,527.30 per use, with total time (not including loading screens), as fast as 2.5 minutes. (This can help you get the Millionaire achievement, but it will take you a while.)


This guide requires you to have the Apocalypse DLC.

You also need to have done at least garage 🙂 from Max Jonson in the base game from the list of jobs before you can see it.

The Job

This job covers 4 rooms, involves cleaning dirt, glass/cockroaches, removes trash, mounts 3 devices, and purchasing several items.

Inhabitable bunker

This is the first of the DLC jobs, and the first orange email in your archive. This nets you €10,527.30 per use, with total time (not including loading screens), as fast as 2 minutes. Keep in mind, you can hit <Esc> to skip the ‘final showing’ at the end to increase your completion rate.

You’re going to be passing back and forth along the length of the bunker several times to reduce time between tool-switching actions and backtracking.

Enter the house through the front door, and directly to your left (hidden by the now-open door) is the entrance to the garage. There’s a bunker entrance at the nose end of the car. Go down it and remove the trash in this room as you’re going down the ladder.


Proceed through the door and pickup as much trash in the main room as you can.

TIP: Selecting the middle-most point of several nearby trash items will remove the most possible at once. You can shave several seconds this way.

Things that need to be disposed:

  • All chairs
  • The wooden crates
  • Cardboard boxes

There are also a few items that can be missed on your first pass.

House Flipper - End Game + Apocalypse DLC - The Job - 831DB91

These newspapers

House Flipper - End Game + Apocalypse DLC - The Job - D1A526D

This chair

House Flipper - End Game + Apocalypse DLC - The Job - 7F6147B

These bottles, which are hidden under cardboard

Skip the bathroom for now (right door), as there is no trash in that room. Go through the left hand door. There’s one pile of scattered trash in this room. Once you’ve picked that up, switch to your mop.


There are 4 spots of dirt in this room, and a cobweb in the next room we’ll get just before we pass through the door.

House Flipper - End Game + Apocalypse DLC - The Job - A93F1F3

Come out of the end room and turn left to stand in front of the bathroom door. You can get the dirt inside the bathroom without going in, and pointing your mop at the corner on the top left will let you get the cobweb in front of you as well as the one through the wall.

In the main room, you’ll have several spots of dirt to clean up, as well as a pile of glass/cockroaches, which we’ll get to in a bit.

Progress through the room, cleaning as you go until you reach the far door. Ignore the cockroaches/glass. Standing with your nose to the edge of the door will let you get the dirt in the room and the cobwebs in both corners.

The easiest things to miss in this step are the cobwebs and one dirty jar.

This is a PITA because it’s so hard to notice on your first pass. It’s not dirt on the walls or floor, it’s actually on a pink jar on the middle shelf of the middle set of shelving units.

House Flipper - End Game + Apocalypse DLC - The Job - 4435294

House Flipper - End Game + Apocalypse DLC - The Job - 1D7E7D9

Once you’ve cleaned that, turn around and head for the glass/cockroaches on the floor. The thing that will trip you up the most is the thin edge under the gas can and food. I recommend switching this to glass in the options menu because it makes it much easier to see the defined edges of the pile.

House Flipper - End Game + Apocalypse DLC - The Job - CCBD6AB

House Flipper - End Game + Apocalypse DLC - The Job - ECC1B26

Bathroom fixtures

After you’ve picked up all the glass, head to the bathroom. When you get there, unscrew the sink or the shower caps (order doesn’t matter) on the right hand wall.

After you’ve unscrewed one, there will be a moment you can’t move while the camera realigns itself. Use this time to hit tab and open your purchase screen. Select either sink or shower, and purchase either Old Fashioned Sink or Mountable Shower Kors and install it.

House Flipper - End Game + Apocalypse DLC - The Job - 8F78EED

Repeat this process for the other fixture.

If you’ve left a puddle under the sink, ignore it; the game will register completion once you purchase and place all the furniture in the next room.

TIP: When assembling the sink, you can avoid more camera movements (and thus waiting), by clicking on the non highlighted attachments first. The camera will only progress to the next unfinished task when the blue item has been installed. This does require the first item (a water line) to be installed first. You can even do things that are barely on camera.

House Flipper - End Game + Apocalypse DLC - The Job - 9116F1D

House Flipper - End Game + Apocalypse DLC - The Job - F981945

These two are the fastest to install and the cheapest you can get without sacrificing too much time or money (remember, on jobs you don’t have a budget, so whatever you spend is what you spend.)

The toilet doesn’t have a plug, so go straight into your tablet and purchase the Compact WC Kamo. This piece requires only two clicks to install.


Step out of the bathroom until you can see the edge of the hall behind you (about 3-4 steps.) We’re going to be purchasing the items as they progress in the list, so starting with the generator, place it in the hallway behind you.

Both sinks can go in front of that.

The hanging shelf goes on the wall behind them.

The bunkbed goes in the space to the right of you.

For the next bit, do NOT move your mouse, only click.

Place the hob down.

Place the table down.

If you didn’t move your mouse, these should nest neatly inside each other.

Move your mouse to the left and place the chairs at the end of the table.

The job should register as 100% completed (despite the water still being there.)

Congrats, you’re €10,527.30 richer.

Written by Tex

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about House Flipper – End Game + Apocalypse DLC; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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