Eco – Speedrunning Minimum Mind Map

Eco – Speedrunning Minimum Mind Map 1 -
Eco – Speedrunning Minimum Mind Map 1 -

Here’s a mind-map (A map of thoughts [In this case game objects and items] or ideas that can be followed back to the original starting point.) This information was gathered off the wiki for the most part, any other holes were filled in with knowledge from the vanilla game.
Here is how it works. Click on the link at the end of the guide for the mind-map but I want to clarify how I wrote it.

All values are based on x1 crafting on the BOTTOM SIDE of the mind-map, as in the general recipe for the parent item being selected. I did not do this for the bottom because most of the stuff here is actually useful and this should be a guide, not a cooking recipe. For example you need two rebar for reinforced concrete, if you read the child recipe, it says two iron bars. Thats two iron bars PER 1 rebar, so it takes 4 total iron bars for 2 rebar.
All values ON THE TOP SIDE ARE MULTIPLIED so that you can easily figure out how much materials you need for the computer lab, which is literally just a giant grind thrown at us by the developers. You need a lot of s*** for an item that does only ONE thing in the entire game, would be awesome if we could develop super foods for post end game with it. But I digress, The materials are all multiplied so that you have the proper amount to create the parent item or object.
ALL VALUES IN EVERY CASE WERE VANILLA 1X COST. This means low to high collaboration.
If you for example want to find out how to make the substrate for the computer lab but don’t see it, use the magnifying glass and search the keyword, but more specifically lookup “(Recipe)”. I did not include the recipe every time it called for it, this has advantages for me writing this and the browser app, and your browsers who have to load it. The disadvantage is that this obviously makes it redundant for anyone looking for recipes (you do have the game though and ecopedia).
This is the minimum amount of stuff you need to complete the game, this mind-map does not deal with the fact that you need mechanical or electrical power [4 lasers need 24000 watts and the steam engine produces 1000 or gas engine 3000]. Also keep in mind the fact that many of these recipes take hours to complete, with the added horror of knowing you need a machinist for practically any route in this map.
I’m not gonna write about just this. I plan to make blueprints for a house that can be small as possible while being cost effective. I also want to make a guide for merchants who want to kick back and let the rest of the players save the world while they fill their coffers namely through the necessary upgrades that make computer labs not too horrible to make.
Please make any comments or requests about the mind-map you want me to see. – [] 
P.S you can find crushed rock in the ground and these are the required skills to beat the game
Advanced Smelting 1
Masonry 1 + Masonry 4
Mechanics 1
Smelting 1
Mining 1
Electronics 1 + Electronics 2
Carpentry 1
Glassworking 1
Oil Drilling 1
Pottery 1
Basic Engineering 1
Industry 1
Just realized I don’t have any recipes for the scrolls, I’ll add it tomorrow.



Written by zabxycwd

This is all about Eco – Speedrunning Minimum Mind Map; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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