Not Tonight 2 – Walkthrough & Full Map Guide

Not Tonight 2 – Walkthrough & Full Map Guide 1 -
Not Tonight 2 – Walkthrough & Full Map Guide 1 -

Hello everyone! This is my first ever guide I’ve ever even thought about throwing up on Steam, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to offer help for all those enjoying this game who need a little guidance in hunting down those pesky MapO missions. While many of the missions can be figured out just by the hint name alone, this is for those of us who need something a little more obvious
This is a work in progress and will be updated as I spend more time playing. Enjoy!

Roadtrip A – Kevin

Stop #1 – Montana
‘Cute and Warm’ – When first arriving in Montana on the first day tell the man you meet that you’re American, he’ll give you a Varmint Hat.
‘Pou-teen’ – During the second night allow the teen you met just before your shift into the club while making sure not to mess up his pouteen order.
‘Mr Jorge’ – During your conversation with the teen mentioned above after your first shift, when he asks who you’re looking for be sure to pick the correct name ‘Jorge Suarez’
Stop #2 – New Camelot
‘Perfect knights’ – Nice and simple, just earn your second bonus on BOTH nights
‘One shall pass’ – During your first shift allow Joe the Mage into the club.
‘Wizard?’ – When first arriving in New Camelot you will meet Joe. When prompted be sure to click ‘Mage‘ and address him as his proper title
Stop #3 – Chicago
‘None shall pass’ – Also pretty simple. Just make sure no one with a mask is allowed past.
‘Fess up’ – Just after your first shift you’ll have a few words with Auntie. Fess up and tell her about Jorge and his plans
‘Mask nicely’ – Before you start exploring Chicago on the first day be sure to wear a mask the entire time and keep it on during your shift until you leave
Stop #4 – Detroit
‘Minor Incident’ – I have yet to determine what constitutes an ‘incident’ in this scenario, but so long as you don’t make too many mistakes over your two days there’s no way you can’t get this. Perhaps be particularly vigilant about sick patrons.
‘Funk-Mastered’ – Allow Funk Master Dave into the club
‘Da doo Ron-Ron’ – Across both days in Detroit, take every opportunity to crack a joke while talking to Ron. There should be three of these in total
Stop #5 – NYC
‘Perfect Notes’ – Like New Camelot, you’re wanting to earn your second bonus on BOTH nights
‘100% Proof’ – When infiltrating the black market deal you will have to provide certain items from your bag as proof that you’re Jorge. These items in order are ‘Jorge’s BouncR ID‘ (Not your own!), ‘Jorge’s Dirty Mask‘, and ‘Jorge’s Trader card
‘Cone head’ – When infiltrating the black market deal as mentioned above be sure to wear the cone hat Dave gives you. Going to the meeting without will get you kicked out, and although you return, you will not earn the challenge for getting in the second time
Stop #6 – DC
‘Guest listed’ – During the second night when you have a guestlist make sure to earn the guestlist bonus for letting people in. Incredibly easy.
‘Alarmed’ – When going in to steal the Declaration of Independence you cannot raise a single alarm. While the game tells you a very specific website link where you can find the answers in order to get through, you’re not here to dig for answers. First, Dress as a janitor and go around the back, secondly the password is Valley Forge, When leaving, Hide inside the gift shop and lastly…
‘Self Declare’ – As the last part of the heist and apart of ‘Alarmed’, pick the duplicate Declaration of Independance which starts“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”

Roadtrip B – Malik *WIP*

Stop #1 – San Fran
‘Fine. No Fine.’ – Easy peasy. Just work both shifts here without incurring a fine for letting too many wrong people in.
‘Help out Uncle Terry’ – Literally cannot get any more obvious. During Night 2 let Uncle Terry into the club. For the purposes of ‘Fine. No fine’ be warned he will count as a wrongful entry.
‘Get the family tree ASAP’ – During your first day you’ll go to the Data center to get the family tree. First offer Terry’s ID, and when asked for a code number enter 1276. After your second shift you will return to collect the info. When asked for the country Eduardos country of birth answer America. Rather that go away and await another 24 hours hit the button to go back to the menu, and then answer Seattle

Written by Cascade_Failure

This is all about Not Tonight 2 – Walkthrough & Full Map Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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