Generation Zero® – Beginners Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Generation Zero® – Beginners Gameplay Tips & Tricks 1 -
Generation Zero® – Beginners Gameplay Tips & Tricks 1 -

This is a guide I made to give you guys some important info for the start of the game at the parts which I struggled and had issues with.
#1. When you start the game and get the first two weapons of the game (if you don’t have the DLC) then make sure to use the pistol because the melee weapons in this game isn’t as good as the guns at the beginning of the game.
#2. Make sure to know your ammo types for the weapons. It isn’t too important in comparison to the other tips on this list but it is very useful.
#3. When playing the game you will find a lot of random items like radios and explosive tanks. I would recommend to use everything you find and make sure not to horde things.
#4. Make sure to explore a lot and don’t be afraid to face the robots early game. Once you know the weak spots you can easily destroy them. The best weapons early game are a*sault rifles and snipers because you can potentially one-shot robots with he sniper if you hit the weak spots i mentioned before (the fuel tanks are one of those weak spots)
#5. When you look at the skill tree you will find a wide selection of skills. The level cap is 31 so make sure to use them wisely. I would recommend getting the carry capacity and the lock-picking skill. The inquisitive mind skill can give you increased exp but unless you want to unlock other skills I wouldn’t recommend because something like damage or reload speed is much more useful in the long run!
So these were the tips. I am sorry if it is a bit much but I hope this guide will help you in the future!

The robot weak spots

The runner has a weak spot which is the fuel tank. After shooting it with a weapon like a sniper it will explode and kill the robot. The hunter robot can be dealt with if you destroy the right parts like the gun and the fuel tank.
Generation Zero® - Beginners Gameplay Tips & Tricks - The robot weak spots - AB111C9
Generation Zero® - Beginners Gameplay Tips & Tricks - The robot weak spots - 4677D5F

Written by Draconix DG

This is all about Generation Zero® – Beginners Gameplay Tips & Tricks; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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