Generation Zero® – how to get exper guns

Generation Zero® – how to get exper guns 1 -
Generation Zero® – how to get exper guns 1 -
this is how i got my first few exper guns and i wanted to share it


preview before the battle

so before i go on i would like to say there is a guide on how to kill a reaper. and i am not telling you on how to kill it. but i am telling you what you could get from it and how to spawn/get ready for what your in for 

the spawning of the reaper

now to spawn a reaper to what i know is that you will have to get a area up to lvl 21 to get a chance of them spawning in. and if you have heard lvl 4 rivals can give you guns then your right but you have to be lvl 21 not the area and to me thats a bit harder. so just try not to kill rivals cuz once you turn lvl 21 and a rival is at lvl 4 you could get the gun. but my guide is temp thing to do until that also make sure the area score is up too 

the horror/loot

the loot has to what i have seen a 70% chance on giving a exp gun i may be wrong but out of the 4 reapers i killed only one didn’t drop a gun. make sure you can carry the stuff tho cuz most the time i am done killing one i can’t run cuz the loot is too heavy. now it’s hard to get a reaper to spawn so what i do is go to mp servers and if there is a reaper i ask if i can kill it and most of the time there is 2 others doing it too. now go to the guide on how to kill a reaper read it and thank the person who made it for all the stuff they had to make sure that is right. good day to comrade 

a quick note

make sure you have almost 1000+ ammo to fight the reaper and have field radios and have tons of medkits so that should be all now good day comrades 

Written by E R R O R

This is all about Generation Zero® – how to get exper guns; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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  1. Thats the worst guide I ever read. So much false inforamtion.
    You need to be level 25 not 21 to be able to loot Experimental weapons from Rivals.
    1000+ ammunition is a huge underestimate. You gonna need like 7K+ and at least 3 different guns (a gun with precision and range to destroy the shield generators), a gun for destroying components (weapons, legs, gas tank) and something that can deal alto of damage in short time to destroy the Reaper before he does the self-destruct or else you will get a crappy loot.

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