Generation Zero® – Ammunition Reference Guide

Generation Zero® – Ammunition Reference Guide 1 -
Generation Zero® – Ammunition Reference Guide 1 -
This is a quick ammunition reference list to help new and current players identify what ammo is used by each weapon.


Ammunition Reference List

FMJ = Full Metal Jacket: +component damage 
HP = Hollow Point: mushroom effect + particle damage 
SP = Soft Point: less expansion + deeper penetration 
AP = Armor Piercing: armor damage 
ACP = Automatic Colt Pistol 
SMG = Sub-machine Gun 
BMG = Browning Machine Gun 
32 ACP – Hollow Point (HP, FMJ) 
Moller PP Pistol 
44 Magnum loads – (HP, FMJ) 
44 Magnus revolver 
9mm (FMJ, AP) 
N9 Pistol 
Klaucke Pistol 
9mm (SMG) 
M/46 “Kpist” 
5.56mm loads (FMJ, AP) 
Automatgevär 5 (AG5) Assault Rifle 
Kvm 89 Squad Automatic – light machine gun 
N16 Assault Rifle 
7.62mm loads 
Automatgevär 4 
AI-76 Assault Rifle 
Kvm 59 Machine Gun – light machine gun 
N60 Machine Gun 
Experimental AG 
243 loads (SP & HP) 
Meusser Hunting Rifle 
270 loads 
Winchester Hunting Rifle (SP, FMJ) 
Älgstudstäre hunting rifle 
50 Anti-Tank Rifle (BMG FMJ, AP) 
12 Gauge Bird shot, Buck shot, or Slugs 
12 Guage Shotgun pump-action & semi-auto 
Sjöqvist Semi-Auto 
High-Explosive Dual-Purpose (HEDP) – EMP, Smoke) 
Highly-Corrosive Dual-Purpose (HCDP) – Corrosive
Granatgevär M/49 (Recoiless Rifle – Rocket Launcher) 
RLG-7V HE Round 
Recoilless Rifle 

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